Frost Helper

A Mod for Celeste

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Version 1.3.1 11d
  • Removal Removed the "Color" setting for Custom Zip Movers. It was a relict of the past, and doesn't need to be here anymore. Don't worry, all previously placed zip movers still work with this update. (though they may not render correctly in ahorn)
  • Tweak Moved the blue zip mover texture to objects/FrostHelper/redcog/cold, as I removed the hardcoding that made the old layout work for the Core setting.
Version 1.3 28d Addition2 Improvement Version 1.2 1mo BugFix Addition Version 1.1 1mo
A code mod for Celeste, which adds:

- Ice Keys: They'll shatter when you dash!

- Ice Kevin Blocks: They are so cold that they don't move as fast as their regular counterparts.

- Colored Zip Movers! You can control their color, but also the speed they move at! Coloring scheme is up to the map maker. Want to make Core levels more interesting? You can make them use diffrent graphics (also changes their speed) depending on the core mode!

- Skateboards! Skate through the world at a pretty fast pace, slide off cliffs and the such. Pretty fun.

- Custom Crystal Spinners - The thing everyone was waiting for. You can tint them with your hex color of choice or even give them your own graphics! Great for new enviroments where vanilla colors don't quite fit.

For map makers:
If you wish to use the things from here, add a dependency like this to your everest.yaml file:
    - Name: Everest
      Version: 1.803.0
    - Name: FrostHelper
      Version: 1.3.0
From there, once you are in ahorn, go to entity mode and search for "Frost" You should see all the new stuff from there.
Custom Zip Mover info:
"Percentage" is the percent of the regular zip mover speed that the zipper will move in. Values lower than 100 are below regular zippers.
If isCore setting is on, the "percentage" is the speed when the level is in Hot Mode. When in Cold Mode, that percentage gets divided by 4. So, a percentage of 200 becomes 50 in Cold Mode

Cold Line Color, Cold Light Line Color don't work unless you check Is Core. They indicate the color of the line when the room is in Cold Mode.

Directory is where the graphic files for your zipper are stored at. If you use the "Is Core" setting, you'll also need a "cold" folder inside that directory to store the graphics used when the room is in cold mode.

Custom Crystal Spinners: Placing and changing the properties of hundreds if not thousands of spinners can take a very, very long time. If you want to save yourself some time, unzip FrostHelper, go to the Ahorn/entities folder inside the mod, and open spinnerice.jl with your text editor of choice. You'll see something like this: 
"Custom Spinner (Frost Helper)" => Ahorn.EntityPlacement(
Dict{String, Any}(),
function(entity)["attachToSolid"] = false["directory"] = "danger/FrostHelper/icecrystal"["destroyColor"] = "b0eaff"["tint"] = "2a2a2a" 
Change the "Custom Spinner (Frost Helper)" to anything you want (the "" are necessary) and then modify the values at the end of lines starting with to whatever you want. destroyColor and tint are in hex RRGGBB format. Relaunch Ahorn, and you'll see your new preset in the entities tab. This way you can place spinners that are already configured exactly the way you need them to be for your map. If you don't want to use tinting, set the tint to "ffffff"

Remember to tell the players that they need to download this if you use it in your map.



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