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Added Dual Wield Windcleavers from Soldier's Set 15hr
  • Addition Added 1 handed Windcleaver and Windcleaver Shield replacing the Soldier's Broadsword and Soldier's Shield
  • Adjustment Traveler's set individual .zip removed. They are in the master .zip
This is a reworked version of my Dual Wield Windcleavers made from the Soldier's set. Mostly I made the set consistent with the Vanilla, OP, and Unbreakable standards I set in the beginning of this post's description.
Why Soldier's set? To give you cool looking and usable dual wield swords in the early part of your journey! The vanilla versions change no stats compared to the soldier's set. It is for looks only. The OP version adds more durability, box breaking, beam mirroring and better shield surfing, as outlined previously.
I don't know if you'll ever get these to pop with yellow modifiers, because the game starts automatically replacing them with the Knight's set, then the Royal set. But if they do, the max yellow modifier is increased.
Added Dual Wield Master Sword 2d Addition Added Dual Wield Traveler's Swords 2d Addition Dual Flameblades Updated 2d Addition2 Adjustment BugFix
I will be updating this post here and there with my dual wield progress.
This initial post is for the Flameblade ;) I combined a person's request with my desire for more dual wield weapons!

The next phase will be to create all these same edits, but using the base of the Lizal Tri Boomerang, and Lizal Steel Shield, for easily obtainable later game variants with higher base attacks/defenses.

This gives you the Flameblade in two larger sizes, and an offhand Flameblade shield replacing the Reinforced Lizal Shield. You don't have to use the sword shield if you don't want to. The main hand blade has cool options all by itself.

I will add to this post as I update my previous dual wield weapons and make more.

Quick definitions:
No stats changed, just appearance, usually size, model and sheath removed. Inventory icon changed if the base model changed.

OP means Vanilla plus:
Weak metal box breaking
Higher max yellow modifier for attack
Durability and throw modifiers disabled
Shields mirror guard beams
Shields Surf faster and take no surf damage

OP Unbreakable= everything OP plus infinite durability
OP Infinite Energy= everything OP plus elemental weapons don't lose power

Note about modifiers: some chests dictate what the modifiers could be. My mods don't overide chests. They only apply to weapons that could have modifiers previously and were spawned in the open map, Hyrule Castle, or dropped by monsters with modifiers allowed, or picked up off Hinox necklaces.

Note about durability: Durability is determined when you acquire your weapon and saved to your savegame file. Whatever mod you were running when you acquired the weapon permanently set that individual weapon's durability unless you modify it in the savegame file. Infinite durability always works tho because it stops the weapon from taking further damage.

These files are ready to go for CEMU users. You will find the Graphics packs are nested under the sword or shield they replace, and the files themselves are individual folders each with their own rules.txt and content/Actor/Pack structure. If you're not interested in a particular variety of sword you can safely delete the folder that contains the sword and the others will still work properly.

The file structure is ready to go for WiiU users, but you will need to decide what sword or shield you want for each replacement and load into your WiiU only one for each. For example, you would only choose one of the folders beginning with "Flameblade", and/or one of the folders starting with "Flameblade from Reinforced Lizal Shield"



Update and add my Windcleaver Dual Wield set Update and add my Moonlight Scimitar Dual Wield set Fix removal of non-attack modifiers on the Flameblade


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