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Dual Wield Project

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

Obsolescence Notice

This mod is lacking a BNP, due to the age, might also be made for another version of BOTW.


Final Version? 1y
  • Addition Added Moonlight Scimitar Sets
  • Addition Added more Windcleavers
  • BugFix Fixed Yellow Modifiers on Flameblade
  • Tweak Renamed some of the folders and changed the path in some of the rules.txt files
Because of the changes I made to folder names and rules.txt files, I recommend deleting any previous versions of my project you have lingering around! Otherwise you'd have some duplicates, some of which are slightly broken.

This should be the conclusion of everything I wanted to add to the Dual Wield Project.
Included Dual Wield sets are:
Master Sword
Moonlight Scimitar
Traveler's Sword

The Windcleaver and Moonlight Scimitar are offered from 3 different base swords to allow scaling as you progress in the game.
The Shocking Moonlight Scimitar is only offered in the original Moonlight Scimitar base because I thought it was too OP to let it scale up to a Royal Guard's Sword level of power.

The biggest complaint you may have? SO MANY FOLDERS! omg! I did this so CEMU users will have a lot of control over what options they choose. The folders lead to nested options in the graphics packs window. If you don't like it, delete the entire folder for versions you have no interest in.
You can even put everything you like in one folder (content/Actor/Pack and content/UI/Stockitem) as long as you carefully choose only one sbactorpack for each unique sword and shield.

What's next? I plan to make a Vanilla only set of offhand swords for every shield in the game. No alternate options, just offhand weapons for everything matching the sword the shield was intended for.
Added Dual Wield Windcleavers from Soldier's Set 1y Addition Adjustment Added Dual Wield Master Sword 1y Addition Added Dual Wield Traveler's Swords 1y Addition Dual Flameblades Updated 1y Addition2 Adjustment BugFix
I will be updating this post here and there with my dual wield progress.
This initial post is for the Flameblade ;) I combined a person's request with my desire for more dual wield weapons!

The next phase will be to create all these same edits, but using the base of the Lizal Tri Boomerang, and Lizal Steel Shield, for easily obtainable later game variants with higher base attacks/defenses.

This gives you the Flameblade in two larger sizes, and an offhand Flameblade shield replacing the Reinforced Lizal Shield. You don't have to use the sword shield if you don't want to. The main hand blade has cool options all by itself.

I will add to this post as I update my previous dual wield weapons and make more.

Quick definitions:
No stats changed, just appearance, usually size, model and sheath removed. Inventory icon changed if the base model changed.

OP means Vanilla plus:
Weak metal box breaking
Higher max yellow modifier for attack
Durability and throw modifiers disabled
Shields mirror guard beams
Shields Surf faster and take no surf damage

OP Unbreakable= everything OP plus infinite durability
OP Infinite Energy= everything OP plus elemental weapons don't lose power

Note about modifiers: some chests dictate what the modifiers could be. My mods don't overide chests. They only apply to weapons that could have modifiers previously and were spawned in the open map, Hyrule Castle, or dropped by monsters with modifiers allowed, or picked up off Hinox necklaces.

Note about durability: Durability is determined when you acquire your weapon and saved to your savegame file. Whatever mod you were running when you acquired the weapon permanently set that individual weapon's durability unless you modify it in the savegame file. Infinite durability always works tho because it stops the weapon from taking further damage.

These files are ready to go for CEMU users. You will find the Graphics packs are nested under the sword or shield they replace, and the files themselves are individual folders each with their own rules.txt and content/Actor/Pack structure. If you're not interested in a particular variety of sword you can safely delete the folder that contains the sword and the others will still work properly.

The file structure is ready to go for WiiU users, but you will need to decide what sword or shield you want for each replacement and load into your WiiU only one for each. For example, you would only choose one of the folders beginning with "Flameblade", and/or one of the folders starting with "Flameblade from Reinforced Lizal Shield"


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  • MCRM avatar
    MCRM Joined 6mo ago
    16 points Ranked 69,008th
    For context, here.

    The mod I have linked above me has added custom items that don't overwrite any previously existing ones.  Is there any way you could make custom off hands with the swords, instead of replacing shields to do it because I enjoy using shields and swords, and while having double swords would be nice, I'd still like to use the shields as well.
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  • Anikong99 avatar
    Anikong99 Joined 2y ago
    260 points Ranked 54,302nd
    5 medals 1 rare
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    any possibility of porting this mod to switch this would be amazing 
    URL to post:
  • SankEater avatar
    SankEater Joined 11mo ago
    208 points Ranked 57,605th
    11mo 11mo
    This does not work in my game. The sword icon appears on the shield and on the other swords, but when I take it out what I have is the shield, not double sword. And the katana is still one hand. I do not know that I was able to install badly or what is happening.
    I generated these swords and shields quickly with the editor of save in order to try it, since I started a new game and I don't have access to these weapons in the game world, In spite of that, the icon of the royal shield and the royal sword changes and becomes the icon of the katana, but when they unwind the weapon, they remain a royal shield and a royal sword, I don't know what the mistake will be.
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