Dual Wield Moonlight Scimitar

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Always a fan of Dual Wielding, I wanted this, at least in appearance, in BOTW.
Well, here it is finally! Dual Wielding the Moonlight Scimitar!

The offhand weapon is still a shield in functionality, animation, etc. It just looks cool to be holding it and all ;)
I made several changes to both weapons:

The Main Hand Scimitar:
-Replaces the Moonlight Scimitar
-Infinite Electrical Shock (like the Thunderblade, but no glow)
-Base Attack the same, but Blue and Yellow Modifiers could make it up to 42 or 60, respectively.
-Durability x4
-Scale increased: Length 150%, width and thickness are stock

The Off Hand Scimitar:
-Replaces the Knight's Shield
-Base defense is the same as Knight's Shield, but Blue and Yellow Modifiers could make it up to 70 or 100, respectively.
-Durability x4
-Mirrors Guardian Beams, but will break after about 50 mirrored strikes
-Shield surf friction turned way down, means faster and capable on gentle slopes
-Shield surf damage taken to minimum
-Scale decreased to make it proportional to the Main hand.
-Inventory screen shows Moonlight Scimitar graphic instead of the Knight's Shield graphic, although the description remains the same (I didn't want to modify files that may impact other mod compatibility)

This is a CEMU graphics pack, and the two weapons can be enabled separately so you can pick and choose one or both.


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    Wow you also did the flameblade resized, I love it! Thank you once again for all the hard work. The mods are awesome and I appreciate it very much!
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