Baldi's Basics: OP Items! [V1.3]

A Mod for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

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V1.3 (Baldi's Normalizer Update) 23d
  • Removal Soul Stone has been removed!
  • Addition Soul Stone Replaced with Baldi's Normalizer
  • Overhaul Ruler.. has been changed back to Principal's Keys
  • Tweak Quarter is replaced with Penny
  • Tweak "Place Lore Here" Chalkboard added back in the game
  • Tweak "Was To Lazy To Add More Subjects" Chalkboard replaced with a callback to removed items
  • Feature When deleting a character, they won't come back unless you use Baldi's Normalizer
  • Feature POTT gives you detention for banning people
  • Feature POTT gives you detention for placing down the Chair o' Sittin'
  • Adjustment You can ban Gotta Sweep and A&C now
  • Tweak Baldi is mad when using his ruler
  • Tweak Playtime's rope is black
  • Tweak Doors and swingdoors have noise added to them
  • Adjustment "Principal's Rules" poster has changed
V1.2 (Chair o' Sittin') 25d Addition Removal Adjustment Tweak V1.1 (Version 2) 27d Improvement3 BugFix2 Tweak Overhaul Addition2
I know I've been updating this a lot but I like doing this, and it's fun to make new updates and items. I'm pretty sure this will be the last update for awhile

This mod replaces most of the items with incredibly OP items like Ban Hammers, and many weird looking buttons. It also adds minor changes to things around the school.

List of Changes
-Yellow Door Lock: Chair o' Sittin' Down (Adds a chair that blocks any characters path and can trap people)
-Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape: Bad Bar (If eaten, it makes you sick and removes your stamina)
-BSODA: Baldi's Normalizer (Brings all characters back from deletion)
-Safety Scissors: Ban Hammer (Gets rid of Playtime and 1st Prize)
-Alarm Clock: Character Delete Button (Gets rid of all characters)
-WD-NoSquee (Door Type): Messer-Upper (Removes characters, turns everything blue, flips everything upside down)
-Lockers are blue
-Posters have different colors
-All wood is dark oak
-Carpet is green
-YCTP is replaced with a notebook
-There are no Number buttons
-There is different codes
-BSODA Machine replaced with Bad Bar Machine
-Character portraits have different backgrounds
-Notebooks have different colors
-Gotta Sweep and It's a Bully have different color schemes
-Baldi is super mad at your wrong answers
-BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! that I can't list at the moment



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