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GoldSrc Monitor

A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6


Version 2.1 13d
  • Improvement Added automatic configuration file loading
  • Addition Created default configuration file gsm_config.cfg & readme.txt
  • Addition Updated "Using" description part text
Version 2.0 27d Addition Adjustment Optimization Version 1.9 2mo Improvement2 BugFix Addition4 Adjustment Version 1.8 2mo Adjustment Addition Version 1.7 4mo BugFix2
GoldSrc Monitor - small and simple utility for mapping/scripting or researching games based on GoldSrc engine (such as CS 1.6, HL, HL:OF, HL:BS, and other HL-mods).

WARNING: This tool untested on VAC-secured servers, and therefore there is a risk to get VAC-ban while using this tool in multiplayer on VAC-secured servers.


Supports to display most important information about local player in different display modes, also it makes able to get information about entity you aiming at (check tool display modes for more info).
Besides, supports time scaling feature - console command with which you can speed up or slow down in-game time, but due engine internal mechanics, works properly only in singleplayer or listen server.

Tool display modes:

1. Full report mode (gsm_mode 0)
In this mode you will see text with some information about local player in right-top screen corner.
Just an technical note: all these values obtained from playermove_t structure (don't worry if you not understand what it is :D)
  • Velocity
  • Origin
  • View angles
  • Base velocity (changes when staying on conveyor)
  • Punch angle
  • View offset
  • Gravity
  • Friction
  • Max speed
  • Current FPS (shows valid value in slowed time unlike engine value)
  • Frame time (in milliseconds)

2. Speedometer mode (gsm_mode 1)
You will see only value of player velocity near center of screen. This may be useful for training in surf/bhop.

3. Entity report mode (gsm_mode 2)
Shows information about entity which you are aiming at:
  • Entity index
  • Origin
  • Angles
  • Distance (from camera to entity)
  • File path to entity model (may be useful to find models from map)
  • Animation frame
  • Animation sequence number
  • Model current bodygroup number
  • Model curent skin number

Measurement mode (gsm_mode 3)
Allows to measure object/map sizes and distances. This may be useful when you need to obtain sizes of some room or, for example, window pane sizes to recreate these on your own map.
The main idea is you can manyally set points A and B to arbitrary map place, and see some information about line that goes through points A and B:
  • Origin of point A
  • Origin of point B
  • Distance between points (length of a line formed from these points)
  • Elevation angle (between line direction and horizontal plane)

So, this mode has special key assignments:
Left Mouse Button - sets point A to a place you are looking at
Right Mouse Button - sets point B to a place you are looking at
Mouse Wheel Button - sets both points in direction that perpendicular to a surface you are looking at (clicking on room floor will make first point at ceiling and second point at floor, so this you can easily measure room height)
Key V - changes current snap mode (see below)
Snap mode allows to move points only along specified axis rather than moving entire point as in free mode. Using snap mode allows to set points more precise and suitable. Also, you can see current snap mode on screen.

Console commands & variables:

  • gsm_timescale - adjust time speed (valid any value greater 0.0)
  • gsm_color_r      - red component of text color
  • gsm_color_g     - green component of text color
  • gsm_color_b     - blue component of text color
  • gsm_mode        - current tool working mode


  1. Unpack all from archive to any folder
  2. Start game 
  3. Run gsm-loader.exe
  4. Follow instuctions from tool console

Also, you can use (but not necessary) a configuration file gsm_config.cfg located in archive. Just place gsm_config.cfg file in Half-Life/valve directory for using config as common for all games. Or place config in Half-Life/GAMEDIR (for example Half-Life/cstrike) directory for using config for particular game.
NOTE: If config not specified for particular game, then will be used common config from Half-Life/valve folder.

Default gsm_config.cfg has script for switching display modes using keys Page Up & Page Down. If you don't want to use it, just comment all script lines in configuration file.


Full report mode

Entity report mode

Speedometer mode

Tool will work with most of mods and engine builds, but on some builds or mods this may not work.
If you find that tool don't work on some mod/engine build - please, report about it (link below).


Errors reporting page
Source code on GitHub


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    It would be great if gsm_mode 2 could show not solid entities as well, but it's still an amazing work.
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    Looks great. Thanks for writing a detailed blurb too.
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