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Hi! I'm back with another mod, one that adds and restores a boatload of content to SADX PC.
This is more of a misc. mod that doesn't add levels, but instead adds features. Here is the full list:

-Adds the unused Jackle card to the Nights pinball table, bringing the total amount of cards up to 10. It's fully functional.
-Fixes the ring that is meant to encircle the purple drop target objects on the pinball tables so that it actually does.
-There is a model fix for the unused egg nightopian object for the Nights pinball table. You should only use this if you're using Dreamcast Conversion.
-There's a UV fix for the unused rank crystal object for the Nights pinball table to make it appear correctly when it lands on a F rank.
-There's a model fix for the unused Lost World switch meant for when you're using Dreamcast conversion, but currently it's still WIP.
-There's a model fix for the unused Lost World beam of light object.
-There's a model fix for the unused orange awning for Speed Highway, however you don't need to use this one if you're using the Autodemo Speed Highway mod.
-You can enable the beta leaf effect for Windy Valley, as seen in the Autodemo Windy Valley mod, but for the final version of the level! (This is compatible with the AD Windy Valley mod, don't worry. It won't crash if you have this and that mod enabled at the same time.)
-There's several coding fixes for the Windy Valley tornado (both the final's and the beta's) to make it properly suck up each color of leaf, as well as sometimes suck up a rhino tank enemy! These features were intended to be seen in gameplay, but they will never show up normally because of how the rest of the tornado is programmed. (This is also compatible with the AD Windy Valley mod, but you won't see a different in the leaves.)
-There's a fix for two cutscenes in the game: when Sonic encounters the Egg Viper, he will now stand in the correct spot, and a fix for Chaos 2 for when Knuckles first encounters him so that he's not stuck in the floor a little bit.
-You can make Big's beta hotel puzzle part of his main story campaign. The text associated with the puzzle has been translated to all languages, and he'll now even speak an unused line when he picks up one of the keys.
-A draw distance improvement for a couple objects in Sky Deck that are normally too far away to load in, and even if they do, getting them to is suicidal.
-You can make it so characters that have unused "Victory pose -> Idle" animations use them when they clear a stage. This will also fix Sonic's cutscene in Red Mountain when he's supposed to jump onto the tornado.
-You can add the unused star jump panel back into the game, appearing at the end of every jump panel sequence.
-You can allow access to the TGS Mode from any of the main menus. There's more instructions on additional functionality in the included ReadMe.
-You can add back in some minor detail to that water bridge just before the whale chase sequence in Emerald Coast Act 1. It's a small metal bolt model that was meant to hold all the pieces of the bridge together.
-You can add back in the unique plants that were seen in the very first version of the Chaos 0 boss fight. There's plants and trees.
-You can add back in the patrol helicopters to the Egg Carrier map while it's still airborne, although their behavior is purely hypothetical as their coding was completely wiped. They're still placed on the map in-game, though, but they just don't show up due to a lack of coding.
-You can restore the beta lightning effect, or something similar at least, to the Egg Carrier while it's still airborne, and untransformed.
-You can add an unused hologram sign that says "Good!" to the E G G M A N machine that grants access to the Egg Carrier Chao Garden Warp Room.
-You can make some unused dialogue meant for the start of Final Egg Act 1 as Sonic play.
-You can make some unused Eggman taunt lines play when Amy picks the wrong color door in her Final Egg.
-You can make some unused dialogue meant for Sky Deck Act 1 as Sonic play.
-You make make some unused altitude warning dialogue play in Sky Deck Act 2.
-You can make an unused line of dialogue play that was meant for when the ship tilts 90 degrees in Sky Deck Act 3 as Sonic.
-You can make Gamma speak some unused dialogue at the start of his rematch with Beta.
-You can add in a conversation between Tikal and Super Sonic at the start of the Perfect Chaos fight, consisting of unused lines.
-You can restore Big's failed fishing music, and add in unused dialogue for when Big snaps his line.
-You can add in some unused water sound effects: a very quiet underwater ambient sound that plays when you go underwater, and two variants of exiting water: by jumping out and by walking out.
-You can make it so an unused sound effect plays when Sonic charges a light-speed dash/attack.
-You can add in the unused sound effect for when you get hit while you have a shield, although it's very quiet.
-You can add back in an unused sound effect for whenever Tails is flying, but it's very quiet. This sound effect is from Sonic Jam.
-You can add in unused dialogue meant for most characters that remain silent for when they get hit with 0 rings.
-You can add unused lines for when Amy and Knuckles take damage.
-You can add unused lines for when characters other than Gamma get certain items. Example: Amy gets Speed Shoes, "Here I come!".
-You can add in unused sound effects meant for the boat and the raft that take you to and from the Egg carrier.
-You can add in the unused lines for when you play Sky Chase Act 2 as Sonic; a different variant of the conversation between him and Tails will play when the tornado transforms.
-The mod will fix a problem with the textures for the cards for the Nights pinball table, allowing the unused set of card graphics to be used as intended. (That's what the PVM files included with the mod are for.)
-The mod will fix Sonic's idle line for Chaos 4, which can be easily heard using the Idle Chatter mod.
-The text for the unused Chao card item will be translated to all languages.

-Finally, there's an in-game animation/action viewer that I coded for fun. It lets you see all of the animations of the character you're playing as. More details and controls are included in the ReadMe.

Whew! That's a lot, and hopefully there's more to come in future updates. When using this mod, please load it AFTER the Dreamcast Conversion and BEFORE any Autodemo mods.


  • Overall, this is cool. I love these little minor additions that just make the game have a little more polish. But I do have a couple gripes. Firstly, make the quiet sound effects louder if possible, because the background music drowns the sounds out anyways. Secondly, the added new conversation between Sonic and Tails in Sky Chase Act 2 is cool, but missing the original sound effects. Thirdly, the "fix" for the Red Mountain cutscene doesn't really fix it, Sonic walks to the edge, but he doesn't homing attack off the cliff, he just jumps in place and it looks very awkward. Lastly, the conversation between Super Sonic and Tikal is full of awkward pauses and the voices are a little on the loud side. Other than these small nitpicks, I think this is a great addition to my mods list.
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    I always freak out whenever a new mod like this gets released. We hardly see them anymore. BTW, I noticed in early beta screenshots that Station Square had a lot more NPCs that performed a lot more actions (e.g. looking in shop windows) and there was a ladder leading up to the elevator in the hotel lobby. Not sure if any of those could be found, restored, or even just recreated.
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  • WOW, that's a lot of cool stuff. Great work :D 
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