Extra Spirit Orbs

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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12 More Spirit Orbs

Replace the contents of chests within 12 different "Blessing" Shrines to grant Spirit Orbs instead of weapons that you'd just end up breaking anyway.

The following Shrines have been altered:
  • Suma Sahma - Moonlight Scimitar
  • Gorae Torr - Great Frostblade
  • Raqa Zunzo - Radiant Shield
  • Tho Kayu - Golden Bow
  • Korsh O'hu - Flamespear
  • Tawa Jinn - Great Thunderblade
  • Lakna Rokee - Edge of Duality
  • Shae Katha - Thunderspear
  • Rona Kachta - Great Flameblade
  • Shai Yota - Great Flameblade
  • Jitan Sa'mi - Frostspear
  • To Quomo - Royal Claymore

This mod is intended to be used with the [Community Patch] Max Hearts and Stamina mod.

If you have already collected an item from one of these chests, then the chest will remain open and you will not be able to collect a Spirit Orb from that chest. My recommendation is to use a save editor or memory editor to add the number of orbs you'd be missing out on, or restart the game.


  • breathofthewild_extraspiritorbs.7z 21d Extract into Cemu/graphicPacks folder
  • Kahil avatar
    Kahil Joined 8d ago
    Somehow it doesn't work for me. I'm in the Gorae Torr shrine and I still get the Great Frostblade. I thought it was a priority problem, so I changed the priority of the mod to 100, but no dice.
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  • Sven Cakemann avatar
    Sven Cakemann Joined 7y ago
    Catch you later
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    Did you use all of the available "blessing" shrines or are there any left? This mod is a great idea but I don't want to have to pick between it and the Springs of the Wild mod. 

    I'd suggest the chests that the __ of the Wild set would normally be in. I'm not sure what would be "fair" to be in the 3rd, honestly, as a end-game reward. 
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  • ceil avatar
    ceil Joined 6mo ago
    I for one prefer not having to do the overly complicated glitch. Thanks! 
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  • OkamiTakahashi avatar
    OkamiTakahashi Joined 8y ago
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    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
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    A nice gesture but largely unnecessary as BOTW has a glitch in Hateno involving the evil statue and the shrine in town which allows you to trick the game into duplicating hearts you stored previously. It's a bit tricky to do.
    TF2 player
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