(WiiU-Switch) First Person View

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

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Version 1.0 23d
  • Overhaul Removed almost all Third Person cameras.
  • Adjustment Changed the Controls to be way smoother.

Ever wanted to play Breath of the Wild in First Person? Well, it's now time for that to happen!


- Taking breaks when playing in VR mode can reduce the chances of feeling sick. We are not responsible for any health issues that might occur during gameplay -

This version of the First Person View mod includes 3 different versions that you can choose depending on your likings.

  • DefaultFOV is the regular and recommended FOV for both VR and PC users.
  • WiderFOV allows to see more around you. It feels really good in VR but it tends to make objects in the distance more pixellated than the other options.
  • NarrowerFOV allows to see less around you. It allows the game to be less pixelated in VR, but can sometimes feel weird. It works best for PC users.

Known bugs:

  • The Camera Rune App and the Slate View won't zoom for some reason.
  • You will be inside Link's face during some cutscenes. It's creepy!

A huge thanks to SilentVerge for helping out finding the values needed to achieve this mod!
Thanks to SushiiZ as well for testing the mod on the Switch!

Screenshots by NicoTap!


  • breathofthewild_firstpersonview_ver_2de63.zip 23d Version 1.0 Release!
  • I dont think this mod can be used on the swithc not unless there was a update that change the switched title ids to the same as the wii u
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  • Torbreg avatar
    Torbreg Joined 6d ago
    Please, help me! How can I change the view  - from third to first person and back again? I play on CEMU 
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  • Dbdhdjdbfb avatar
    Dbdhdjdbfb Joined 15d ago
    How is this mod installed? 
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  • Rachter avatar
    Rachter Joined 15d ago
    Hello, first I wanna leave a big thank you for this mod. 
    I have just one suggestion, can you release an alternative version where the weapons/shields/bows are visible in FP and Link is still invisible?
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  • MinSonic avatar
    MinSonic Joined 18d ago
    Will there be coming bobbing? (The camera goes up and down when walking) I like realistic mod or no mod, so at this point i won't get this (know it's beta/alpha) would love to see that coming sience I was looking for a first person mod a long time ago. btw GJ looks great for beta/alpha.
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  • archelon avatar
    archelon Joined 19d ago
    19d 19d
    Hey all,

      This was asked but it wasn't clear. I have a switch with SXOS on it. How exactly do I install this mod? I see no instructions or video. And can it be done on a non hacked or modded switch as well?
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  • Hello,

    Do you think one day convert this patch to play in FPS mode from his console without CEMU? With SXOS or Atmosphere?

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  • Nintynuts avatar
    Nintynuts Joined 20d ago

    Suggestion: Toggle to Show Link's Weapons/Arms in First Person View

    The videos I've seen look great, and I don't know what exactly has been done to hide Link's body in the first place (I would guess it was deliberately hidden, or it is naturally occluded by the near clipping plane), but it would be cool if you could choose to show his weapons/shield, or even his arms (basically just hide his head so you can't see the inside of it, improving cut-scenes too). I know this sort of thing can be done with tools like 3Dmigoto, but I'm not sure how good the tools are for Cemu to do something similar. 

    Basically once VR headsets are supported, I'd like to be able to hold my Oculus touch in front of me and see the shield in-game (even if it doesn't exactly match the position). Maybe in future, if VR motion controller support is added to Cemu, the weapon model positions could be corrected to match the controller positions and have it look even more accurate (although I would never expect the game to accurately process my swings like Skyward Sword or Red Steel 2).

    Great work so far!
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  • How do you install this on the switch? I'm running custom firmware already, just need to know where to put the files cheers
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  • This is going to make playing the game in VR SO. MUCH. BETTER! Thanks! 
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