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Character Expansion

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Update #10 9d
  • Overhaul Updated for version 8.0.0
  • Addition Added download options for multiple CSS variants
  • Addition Readded separated Popo & Nana
  • Adjustment Changed Squirtle's Boxing Ring title to "The Shelled Snapper"
Update #9 5mo Overhaul Improvement Update #8 8mo Adjustment Removal Update #7 10mo Adjustment Tweak Update #6 11mo Removal Adjustment
This mod in total adds six fighters to the character selection screen who cannot be played as under normal circumstances. They are as follows:
  • Giga Bowser
  • Separated Squirtle
  • Separated Ivysaur
  • Separated Charizard
  • Solo Popo
  • Solo Nana

Multiple downloads are included with this mod to account for the people who would prefer to have certain fighters added to the character selection screen over others. The download file names should help assume what ZIP file contains what.

The Fighting Mii Team, while working fighters, were not added to the character selection screen for the sole purpose of crashing outside of Mob Smash. If this issue is lifted in the future, they will be added to the roster.

Giga Bowser is the only Wi-Fi safe fighter to use with vanilla players. If you want to use the separate Pokémon online, make sure those you play with also have this mod installed. Solo Popo and Nana's online status are currently unknown at this time, however they will likely disconnect. Use this mod online at your own discretion.

This mod is decompressed and is supported properly on 8.0.0. This mod requires an Ultimate Mod Manager build of semi-recency to write to the file table as this mod surpasses the decompressed size.



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  • Valine3 avatar
    Valine3 Joined 2d ago
    access_time 2d edit 2d
    Can you name all the characters that aren't in this mod? Including the ones that crash the game, useless, and not including the normal characters? I know the Fighting Mii Team is one of them.
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  • Joxy avatar
    Joxy Joined 4y ago
    899 points Ranked 41972nd
    access_time 4d
    Why is it constantly crashing when the game is over?

    It is just me who have this problem?

    Giga Bowser and all others crash when the battle is ended?

    Maybe another mode is doing something?

    URL to post:
  • Hello TNN. I really, really love this mod, probably one of the best ones out there,  but one thing about it makes me a little upset. That is:

    The 1 Giga Bowser Limit. :\

    In the past, you were able to have up to 8 Giga Bowsers at once, but now you can only have 1, which is a little disappointing when I first got the chance to play with this mod on 7.0.0. By any chance, could you bring back the 8 Giga Bowser limit, or at least put a download option (That has Giga, Separate Pokemon, and Solo Ice Climbers)  that allows 8?

    Bye for now :)
    URL to post:
  • xKKx3 avatar
    xKKx3 Joined 6mo ago
    access_time 8d
    Do you know why when I install this mod in UMM it says "writing file table" without letting me start smash? I have to go to the home menu, start smash ultimate and then all I get is a black screen. This has been happening with this mod and a few other mods as well. Any idea why it works for others but not me?
    URL to post:
  • Jack. avatar
    Jack. Joined 15d ago
    access_time 8d
    the Separate ice climbers weren't necessary but its still cool good work
    URL to post:
  • Updated yet??? Its tomorrow now.
    URL to post:
  • Jack. avatar
    Jack. Joined 15d ago
    access_time 10d
    this mod is perfect thank you. when will the update come out so min min can be used with this mod?
    URL to post:
  • CosmicDeity avatar
    CosmicDeity Joined 2y ago
    804 points Ranked 42657th
    6 medals 1 rare
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
    • Returned 100 times Medal icon
    • One month a member Medal icon
    • 6 months a member Medal icon
    • 1 year a member Medal icon
    • 1 post awarded Exemplary Feedback Medal icon
    access_time 11d
    Quick question. Is this mod going to be updated to work with the latest update of Smash Ultimate? Whenever I install it Min Min is missing in the character select screen. When I uninstall the mod she's there. 
    URL to post:
  • Please update this for 8.0.0 when the time comes and by any chance could you re-add solo ice climbers, and by a slim chance the mob smash mii fighters? I want my CSS to be as large as possible XD

    Also please update Extra Stages too when the time comes. Thx :D
    URL to post:
  • V1RTU3 avatar
    V1RTU3 Joined 2mo ago
    access_time 2mo
    How exactly do i download this?

    URL to post:


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