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Oblivious Enemies

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Oblivious Enemies (Now With Guardians!) 19d
  • Addition Guardians now included!
  • Improvement Also in BCML format!

Make enemies friendly! (Or oblivious. It's up for interpretation)

This dandy little mod makes it so that most enemies in the game will ignore Link even when he's right in front of them! Try hitting them, they won't find you. Sneak attack to your heart's content!

This mod works with almost all enemies in the game, although some exceptions are...
  • Bosses (Not including Overworld Bosses)
  • Spawners (Enemies that attack as soon as they spawn such as Yiga Assassins, Chuchus, and Stal-Enemies)
  • Campers (Mostly Lizalfos that attack when Link walks over a certain point)
  • Guardians (They are now included in the mod!)

In the future it is possible we may expand the mod to include more AI such as Animals, Guardians, Insects, and even NPC possibly. For now, I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out and plan on using it for Youtube videos in the future.

For more questions and comments on the mod, where I got sound effects and music for the video, or suggestions, feel free to post in the comments section below, or email me at . I'm open to either.



check_box_outline_blank Make Insects Oblivious. check_box_outline_blank Make Camping Lizalfos Oblivious. check_box_outline_blank Make Animals Oblivious.


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    Very nicely done with this mod! As someone who just likes to get things done without getting too crazy with combat almost every time, I really appreciate this. However, there is one thing I would like to change. Would it be possible to make it so only smaller enemies in the Trial of the Sword are affected by the mod? It's only that particular part. The reason being that when I was in the Final Trials trying to fight the Fire Talus, it didn't react to my presence. Keep up the good work, and happy modding!
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  • I know the zip is outdated but how do i install it?
    You're Beautiful
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  • access_time 19d
    I've used this for a while now, nice to see this updated! It's great to use for just cruising the world, seeing if any mods are working without getting a beat down, recording, etc! I love it!
    Dost thou even hoist, bro?
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  • Robz Shishigami avatar
    Robz Shishigami Joined 2y ago
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    There was a mod I used like waaay back that some dude made codes for, he made a trainer type like app to connect to your wii u to input these codes.

    It included codes like always full rate 3 stealth, and other goodies.

    Now there's similar codes on cemu, that a few guys already made graphics packs for(Which is just a notepad with codes on it).
    But they are a different format of code.

    Now I dunno if this will help you, but here's the Pastebin for it.

    https:// /GhVJX4ZY
    (Delete the spaces)

    Also great trailer for this Mod!
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  • Araraura avatar
    Araraura Joined 2y ago
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    This trailer is great.
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    The Bread Pirate Joined 8mo ago
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    I'm here for an education.
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Development Info

I used Powershell for most of the converting, Notepad++ for some editing and a lot of resources found on the Discord.
Seriously, just go there.

I plan on using this mod for video editing as that was my inspiration in the first place.


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