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Wearable Lantern, Brighter Lights & Darker Nights

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Added darker nights 24d
  • - All in one file now for lantern BL & DN
Merged wearable lantern and brighter lights. 1mo Addition Brighter lantern and torch light radius! 1mo BCML stand alone version added. 2mo Addition Stand Alone Lantern version. 2mo Overhaul

SURVIVAL OF THE WILD is the new version of this mod. It includes Wearable Lantern and Brighter Lights mods as well as darker nights now! get it at...

Presents: Wearable Lantern, Brighter Lights & Darker Nights.

This mod adds a functioning, equipable, and wearable lantern. Also, adds all lights in the game to be brighter and nights to be darker for a more atmospheric experience.

* Is always lit except when in water or raining and extreme weather.

* Is a functioning light source with a brighter light radius than vanilla.

* Stays lit when sheathed on links belt.

      The Lantern is it's own item, it does not replace the torch or anything in the game, it does no fire damage, it is a light source only. Can be bought from Beedle's shop in the following locations...

* Kara Kara Bazaar

* Lakeside Stable

* South Akkala Stable

* Rito Stable

Project Scope:

This mod is a small part of the Survival of the Wild project. A mod project focused around turning BOTW into a hardcore survival game. Darker nights, more dangerous weather,  a hunger system, no fast travel, revamped save system, a storage chest etc etc...


MelonSpeedruns for the icon & Polarbunny for the UI edits! NiceneNerd, Zeikken and CEObrainz for help with the stand alone version. Thanks guys!



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    access_time 2d
    Was wondering what files I need to extract and replace in the Boot and TG .pack files (or any im unaware of) to make compatible with the linkle mod. Ive used BCML, but kinda perfer how I've been doing things up to this point, please let me know thank you.
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  • access_time 7d
    curious is it possible to make a flashlight mod or something if i remember correctly that the zero cycle has such lights for it
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  • TNephilim avatar
    TNephilim Joined 13d ago
    access_time 13d
    I really like this mod. But whats up with the distant blurriness? Like things in the distance, such as hyrule castle. death mountain, divine beasts, everything at a distance is all blurry. i disable the mod and go back to vanilla and its fine. I wouldnt have a problem if things were slightly blurry, but not this blurry
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  • access_time 14d
    Can you upload a BCML version with just brighter lights + lantern please? That would be awesome! my current BOTW setup could benefit from that, DN makes my game almost pitch black at night :O
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  • Chev2 avatar
    Chev2 Joined 4y ago
    access_time 18d
    There seems to be a weird graphical bug when attempting to use runes at night with this mod.

    The 'highlight' usually seen around objects (like metal objects using magnesis, or bodies of water with cryonis) are completely gone during nighttime. They show up fine during the day, though.

    This issue started happening to me after brighter lights/darker nights was merged with this mod. Is there a workaround?
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  • rodrigo.fs95 avatar
    rodrigo.fs95 Joined 1mo ago
    access_time 19d
    It's possible to buy the lantern in one stable next to the Great Plateau? Like one in the Central Hyrule, or Highland Stable?
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  • kiss7938 avatar
    kiss7938 Joined 20d ago
    access_time 20d edit 20d
    I like this mod. but it can't work with Linkle mod :( 
    If you use BCML. you will see Linkle have Link's head....
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  • access_time 23d edit 23d
    ignore this message
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  • rilo avatar
    rilo Joined 23d ago
    access_time 23d
    Is it possible to get this mod to work with the Linkle mod?  Every time I approach a stable where the lanterns are sold, the game crashes if I have Linkle mod on.
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  • access_time 24d edit 24d
    it works but not all the way  the nights are not darker do i need to disable clarity or something?
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Survival of the Wild
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