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Changes 1 16d
  • Adjustment Nerfing up special initial from 18 to 16
  • Adjustment Buffing D-air spike shield damage to 20
What if Link was made balanced in tier B? I experimented and made these changes:

Alert: this will HEAVILY buff link to make him move tier from D to B (or possibly A), he still as slow and punishable as before but he deal lots of damage and possibly KO enemy in medium percent with his F-Smash Attack (70% if lucky, 90% usual)

Full Change List:
1. First jab frame start at 3 instead of 6

2. Third Jab does 7 damage and 1 shield damage

3. First Forward Smash (tip) does 20 damage instead of 17, plus 4 shield damage

4. Second Forward Smash does 20 damage instead of 14, plus 4 shield damage, considered due it's bad chaining unlike cloud's forward smash or falcon F-smash 20 damage which quick and doesn't have that ending lag and chain risk, should be used as a finishing blow

5. Forward Air does 2 shield damage each, first forward air at frame 11 instead of 13

6. D-Air damage increase with shield damage, base 15 to 18 plus 8 shield damage. Second D-Air retains only 2 shield damage but the damage of the second D-air will be still default 15. And the best part, Spike damage from 15 to 20 plus 20 shield damage!

this because Link's down air does very punishing (recovery 50 frame) so spike deal massive shield damage for compensation

7. Dash attack damage increase from 12-14 to 15 plus 1 shield damage

8. Down smash get 2 shield damage each (I wonder why almost all basegame character get 2 shield damage on D-Smash, but Link doesn't)

9. Grab attack damage increase from 2.1 to 3. ZSS, Samus, has better ranged zair. Link's throw also hard to combo after 50% damage, unlike zss or many other char. So to compensate (and theoritically, a hit from sword handle does slightly better damage than fist) buffed a bit

10. Up tilt get 1 shield damage

11. Up special in ground get a damage buff up to 16 damage uncharged plus corresponding shield damage bonus, considering punishment of the ending lag .

(after first rotation, Link's tornado slash damage fall very fast, this mod make the degrade of power moves slowly and only goes fast when link started to slow down on last rotation and get ending lag)

it's make sense because the purpose of the move is cover front and back at the same time, though it's very easy to punish if it miss, a ranged grab for example, or a charged attack with the ending lag

instead of

14 (1st front) > 10 (1st back)> 8 (2nd) > 6 (3rd) > end


16 (1st front) +4 > 16 (1st back) +4 > 12 (2nd) +2 > 8 (3rd) +1 > end

What is shield damage?

Shield damage is a extra damage that only applied if the other character are shielding, and only apply as a damage to his/her shield. So while it break the shield fast, the effect won't apply when the move hits the user instead.


Some moves get extra shield damage, marth for example, his neutral special does massive shield damage, donkey kong's headbutt, and most character get shield damage...

But... link has no shield damage, even his move seems more brutal, other character get better shield draining.

So i added shield damage bonus to link as theory his sword should have sliced the shield by a bit depends on his impact power.

For example, a thrusting move (Third jab) will do slightly better (1) to shield than Link's down tilt (0)

Also for risk/reward (like Luigi's up special and Little Mac's KO punch) i decided if Link decide to do a low jump then straight D-Air, If he land a spike but enemy shields it, it will deal massive 20 damage to enemy shield (20+20), because he is punished afterward if the enemy shield still tanking or enemy dodged it, so it adds a mindgame to the mixture.

I experimented that this kind of ground spike is hard to perform, but when it does, it break bowser shield from 100% and create shieldstun
remember: spike, non spike deal 18 damage (even first sec) and wont break the shield

Recommended playstyle: Cautious, Mix-Up, Tactical



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