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What if Link was made balanced in tier B? I experimented and made these changes:

Alert: this will HEAVILY buff link to make him move tier from D to B (or possibly A), he still as slow and punishable as before but he deal lots of damage and possibly KO enemy in medium percent with his F-Smash Attack (70% if lucky, 90% usual)

Full Change List:
1. First jab frame start at 3 instead of 6

2. Third Jab does 7 damage and 1 shield damage

3. First Forward Smash (tip) does 20 damage instead of 17, plus 4 shield damage

4. Second Forward Smash does 20 damage instead of 14 plus 4 shield damage, considered due it's bad chaining unlike cloud's forward smash or falcon F-smash 20 damage which quick and doesn't have that ending lag and chain risk

both 20 damage move should be used as a finishing blow, it hits hard like falcon F-Smash while having high knockback, able to kill start from 70% if lucky, which in 80-90% kill almost everyone

5. Forward Air does 2 shield damage each, first forward air at frame 11 instead of 13

6. D-Air damage increase with shield damage, 15 to 18 plus 2 shield damage, spike damage from 15 to 20 plus 8 shield damage, second D-Air retains the shield damage, but the damage of the second D-air will be still default 15

7. Dash attack damage increase from 12-14 to 15 plus 1 shield damage

8. Down smash get 2 shield damage each

9. Grab attack damage increase from 2.1 to 3

10. Up tilt get 1 shield damage

11. Up special in ground get a damage buff up to 18 damage (from 14) plus corresponding shield damage bonus, considering punishment of the ending lag



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