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BOTW Soundtrack Overhaul

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

Obsolescence Notice

This mod is lacking a BNP, due to the age, might also be made for another version of BOTW.


Switch Version 1.0 1y
  • Addition Added link to Switch port
Update 1.1 1y Addition Adjustment Update 1.0 1y Refactor Update 0.6 1y Adjustment Removal Update 0.5 1y Addition3 Adjustment
This overhaul aims to add some variety to the music found in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Full accreditation has been included int he bottom of the description. 

- - Switch Port  - -

Up on youtube is a clip of the new Hetano Village theme. It's a beautiful cover of Outset island from Windwaker composed by Sam Griffin which I find matches the aesthetics of the town perfectly. A link to his video can be found in the description of the Youtube video.

The mod makes use of Jazz inspired tracks for general daytime/overworld, using covers from previous installments of the series, as well as pieces from other games. Nightime and dungeons will have ambient music reminiscent of series such as Metroid, which will aim to capture a similar atmosphere and tone. Combat music will take pieces and inspiration from games like Terraria, Metroid, and Castlevania, which will help to create a more intense atmosphere.

As of right now only a handful of tracks have been altered, but a master list will be uploaded shortly and suggestions are 100% welcome and encouraged. Mod is available as a graphics pack mod for Cemu and as as a regular mod for the Wii U system. Switch implementation is function but somewhat sketchy.

(Proper accreditation can be found under the ownership tab of the page)

-Korok Forest-


Author: Unknown

-Hateno Village-

Outside island acoustic cover

Author: Sam Griffin

-Zora's Domain-

Cover by Amy Turk

Author: Amy Turk

-Hyrule Castle-


Author: Freddy Cely

-Kass Theme-

Castlevania-Bloody Tears


-Gaurdian Fight (Overworld)-

Terraria - Boss 1 Orchestra

Athor: Blake Robinson

-Save Select Sound Effect-

Chron Trigger "Mystery" Sound Effect

Author: Yasunori Mitsuda

-Stable (Umayado)-

Song of Healing Bossa Cover

Author: The Consouls

- House Theme -

OoT House Orchestral Remix

Author: Rebeccae Tripp

- Horse Day/Night Themes -

Zelda Cafe Music Cover

Cafe Music BGM Channel

- Hinox Battle -

Resistance and Extermination - Gravity Rush

Author: Kohei Tanaka

- Talus Battle -

The Last Battle - Baldur's Gate

Author: Michael Hoenig

- Goron City -

Goron City Jazz Cover

Author: KQMusiQ

- Great Fairy Fountain -

Great Fairy Fountain Alto Saxophone Cover

Author: Music by Pedro

- Kakariko Village -

Kakariko Village Link to the Past Big Band Cover

Author: The Consouls

- Shrine Battle -

Chrono Trigger - Battle Theme (Surf rock cover)

Author: 130Grit Sound Studio


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Game file

  1. Cemu >1.15


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  • Minos avatar
    Minos Joined 2y ago
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    This is an awesome music mod and I wanted to thank you, you must have worked so hard, I'm so grateful! This is absolutely beautiful!
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  • Killy728 avatar
    Killy728 Joined 1y ago
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    Playing on Cemu, the Guardian_main music track is incredibly loud in relation to the other tracks. Other than that, this has been a wonderfully nostalgic music pack.  
    URL to post:
  • Can you add song of storms for when it rains or when ravila is near <3
    URL to post:
  • Karin Miku avatar
    Karin Miku Joined 2y ago
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    Nintendo switch Botw has his own section:

    Most of the switch users dont look at this place so... u should re-post again the whole thread there :)
    Freedom ~
    URL to post:
  • CuhCuhCobra avatar
    CuhCuhCobra Joined 1y ago
    1y 1y
    Love it! A lost woods/saria's song remix for the lost woods would be great, as would using gerudo valley for the area around gerudo city... or bolero of fire around death mountain. I think I speak for most in saying OOT had the best soundtrack. Check out insaneintherain on youtube for some inspiration, I'm sure he'd love to contribute!
    PS the new Kakariko track needs to be about 1.3x louder, it's really quiet. Goron City sounds great!
    URL to post:
  • Tulacot avatar
    Tulacot Joined 1y ago
    1y 1y
    I love this mod! It's clear that you put a lot of thought into choosing each track so that the game would feel much more like Zelda without clashing against the calm clarity of Breath of the Wild.

    If I had to give any recommendations, I'd say to find a way to incorporate the Hyrule Field theme from Ocarina of Time. I'd say that it would work perfectly for riding your horse in the day, and would recommend this cover

    Another thing I'd like to mention is that I think it's a bad idea to use any tracks from other series. Although the songs may fit the setting, they may sound a bit familiar and take the player out of the experience.

    Kass' Theme is certainly one of favorite song in the vanilla game. personally, I'd say to change it back to the original or to a cover of the original, and to change the Stable Theme to his whenever he is present.

    The Stable Theme is also pretty good, and it might be a good idea to either change it back to the original, or work out a system that will randomly choose between the two.

    The vanilla themes for the Hinox and Talus battles are already very well suited. The Hinox Theme has loud, low, clumsy horns that work perfectly when fighting a fat, lumbering ogre, and the Talus Theme has constant beats and clashes that sound like miners picking away at stone with haste. I'd say to look at similar bosses who have appeared in the Zelda series and find covers that suit them.
    Weiner Enthusiast
    URL to post:
  • Anonymous
    Unless I've missed something, this is still version 3. None of the new additions or changes mentioned for version 4 are included. Is there a file I'm not seeing that I'm supposed to download here? Has version 4 actually been uploaded or is the internet fuckin with me rn
    URL to post:
  • Xela007 avatar
    Xela007 Joined 3y ago
    300 points Ranked 52,389th
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    did the update fix the wierd kinda metal banjo kazooie BGM for the castle? it scared the crap out of me first time i had to delete it from the files x)
    URL to post:
  • k287 avatar
    k287 Joined 2y ago
    Bro, congratz 4 your job :)
    Can you take a look in this one for Gerudo Valley, please?

    URL to post:
  • Just started with this pack, great choices, can't wait for more updates!
    URL to post:


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Key Authos
Original Authors
Sam Griffin
Composer of "Outset island cover"
Amy Turk
Composer of "Zora's Domain Cover"
Freddy Cely
Composer of "Hyrule Castle Cover"
Mr. Accordion
Composer of "Castlevania-Bloody Tears"
Naoko Mitome Chika Sekigawa Yasuhisa Baba
Composer of "Champion of Destruction"
Yasunori Mitsuda
Composer of "Myster" Sound effect
The Consouls
Song of Healing Bossa Cover
Rebecae Tripp
OoT House Orchestral Remix
Cafe Music BGM Channel
Zelda Cafe Music Cover
Kohei Tanaka
Composer of Resistance and Extermination
Michael Hoenig
Composer of The Last Battle
Composer of Goron City Cover
Music by Pedro
Composer of Great Fairy Fountain Saxophone Cover
The Consouls
Kakariko Village Cover
130Grit Sound Studio
Shrine Battle Cover


R3DM3TAL avatar
R3DM3TAL Joined 2y ago
1,238 points Ranked 23,302nd
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