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More Weapon Slots

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

Obsolescence Notice

This mod is lacking a BNP, due to the age, might also be made for another version of BOTW.


No Upgrade version added. 1y
  • - Added a version of the mod that unlocks all of the slots when installed.

Important: Do not pull out the Master Sword if your melee weapon slots are full, you need at least one empty slot!

Doing so will make the Master Sword permanently unobtainable from my testing(unless you use a save editor/trainer.)
Hotfix 1y

EDIT: Apparently BotW has a hard cap of 420 total slots which are shared between all types of items(weapons, armors, materials etc...)
So if you can't pick up any more weapons(or any other item) that means you have reached that amount of carried items, meaning you will have to drop some to pick up new ones.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to increase that cap.

Increases the number of total slots you can have per weapon type to 100, (94 for bows because the arrows have a reserved slot each.)
Hestu has been updated to increase the number of slots he upgrades per upgrade tier(number of seeds per upgrade is unchanged.)

Important Notes:


This will not add the slots of upgrades you have done before installing this mod.
The quick-select menu will only display the original game's maximum amount of slots, so if you want to switch to a weapon in one of the new slots, you will have to use the inventory menu.
When upgrading with Hestu, the animation that plays of the slot appearing in the inventory screen will be wrong, however, the upgrade will still function.
From the second page of slots up to the last, it will always display all slots as available, even if you haven't unlocked them(you won't be able to store weapons on them, though).
Arrows will not be displayed on the inventory screen after you unlock page 2(you can still check how many you have by using the quick-select menu.)
More slot pages will only show up when you have your first page full.
Remember to ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR SAVE FILE in case something happens.

If someone wants to port this for Switch, feel free to do so, as long as credit is given.

Hestu info:

Melee Weapons:
1st upgrade: 1 slot;
2nd upgrade: 2 slots;
3rd upgrade: 3 slots;
4th upgrade: 5 slots;
5th upgrade: 7 slots;
6th through 8th upgrade: 10 slots;
9th upgrade: 15 slots;
10th upgrade: 18 slots;
11th upgrade: Last 10 slots;
Total upgradable slots: 91 + starting 8 + Master Sword = 100

1st & 2nd upgrades: 5 slots each;
3rd & 4th upgrades: 10 slots each;
5th, 6th & 7th upgrade: 15 slots each;
8th upgrade: Last 14 slots;
Total upgradable slots: 89 + starting 5 + 6 arrow-reserved slots = 100

1st through 5th upgrades: 2 slots each;
6th through 11th upgrades: 6 slots each;
12th through 16th upgrades: 10 slots each;
Total upgradable slots: 96 + starting 4 = 100

Edited files, for anyone wanting to make a compatibility patch:
Last but not least, enjoy!


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  • mbyte avatar
    mbyte Joined 11mo ago
    access_time 2mo
    I want to make a mod with 1 weapon slot, the exact opposite of what you've made. What do I have to edit exactly to achieve this? I looked at the files and there is a .pack and a .srsizetable
    URL to post:
  • Dukedy avatar
    Dukedy Joined 3mo ago
    access_time 3mo
    Can this be ported over to switch??
    URL to post:
  • Astvats avatar
    Astvats Joined 3mo ago
    access_time 3mo
    Is there the way to add just seven slots to armor?
    URL to post:
  • Jjjexorcist avatar
    Jjjexorcist Joined 9mo ago
    access_time 8mo
    Anyone please help convert to switch,thank you.
    URL to post:
  • Plumyrabbit avatar
    Plumyrabbit Joined 9y ago
    access_time 9mo
    Can you update this mod for works with MasterMode ? It works in NormalMode but not in MasterMode.

    Best Regards,
    URL to post:
  • access_time 9mo edit 9mo
    Shouldn't the Master Sword come with it's own weapon slot? It seems like you accounted for it. How does this work and and what goes wrong when your weapon inventory is full? 

    I hope I'm not coming off as rude. I'm considering making a BotW mod and messing with inventory slots is something I'm very interested in.
    URL to post:
  • jarjarchungus avatar
    jarjarchungus Joined 11mo ago
    access_time 11mo
    Such an awesome mod deserves double likes :)

    PS: it'd be great if you could make the modifiers stick on other pages also
    URL to post:
  • Ideal Logic avatar
    Ideal Logic Joined 1y ago
    access_time 1y edit 1y
    For those wondering whether or note the 420 cap will be enough for you to hold at least 1 of everything, it won't.

    I just did the math/counting and there are a total of 476 items in the game out of weapons, bows, shields, armor, materials and key items. So that's not even including meals and potions that can be cooked.

    That said it also includes temporary items and items that get replaced, such as Hetsu's Maracas and base champion powers and their upgraded versions.
    It also includes all DLC and Amiibo items.
    URL to post:
  • beastman22459 avatar
    beastman22459 Joined 1y ago
    253 points Ranked 54148th
    access_time 1y edit 1y
    Works great on Cemu 1.15.6c (May 10th) build BOTW USA v208 DLC v80 on Win7 Pro x64. Excellent work.

    This mod is awesome. Thankyou so much. Excellent work and works perfectly :-) 

    Also, when combined with a mod for increased/infinite durability, for someone whose completed it legit twice on switch, for this 3rd time on cemu, I can build an ultimate collection of cool stuff instead of using and destroying items unrealistically quickly throughout the whole game.

    Thankyou for making this possible. You are a legend :-)

    UPDATE: With this setup, mod works up until the end of weapon page 1, then wont upgrade and create the next page. It just keeps re-unlocking the final 3 slots of page 1. Great work. If you ever updated this id be very interested to continue using it. Thanks again modder :-)
    URL to post:
  • SoulSolis avatar
    SoulSolis Joined 2y ago
    59 points Ranked 69715th
    access_time 1y
    Can someone be able to port this on switch ?
    URL to post:


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