Complete Armor Overhaul + Cloud Mod Patch Option

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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  • Fixed issue where Female Gerudo outfit no longer worked to enter Gerudo town
  • Fixed bug where Gerudo armor showed incorrect abilities
  • Added above changes to the new cloud mod option
Update 1.1.1: Gerudo Armor Fix 8d
  • Added a download option of YamGaming's Cloud mod that works with Complete Armor Overhaul.

Thanks to YamGaming for the cloud mod. Hope everyone enjoys the first update! Let me know if anyone else wants patches I'm happy to do them.

Update 1.1: Now with Cloud Mod Compatibility Patch 9d

Changes almost every piece of Link's armor in BoTW

This mod changes all of Link's armor pieces. I designed this mod to be used with Cemu 1.15.2 and up using the graphics pack method. (Although should theoretically work with most versions of Cemu) 
The ABOVE PICTURES ARE NOT ALL OF THE ARMORS EDITED, just a few to show the variety of this mod. The Zora armor is to show how the armor will change as it levels up. Any ability that is not at level 3 means that it will only go to that certain level (like heat/cold resist at lvl. 2 or lightning guard at lvl. 1) This mod should work with Wii u but I don't know how to get that to work personally. If anyone wants a Wii u port though, comment below. I hope you guys enjoy the mod!

This mod should also work with any mod that changes the physical look of the armor, as long as the other mod doesn't change the .sbactorpack or actorinfo.sbyml files. If you are having issues, look at the mod's rules.txt and change it's fspriority. My mod will show if the fspriority is HIGHER than the other mod, while if you put the fspriority of another mod over mine, it's possible this mod will not work properly. PM if you need more help too.

Here are the overall changes: (organized by set bonus; ability shown is when the armor is at it's max level - 4 stars or for DLC armor no stars - anything without an ability next to it means it still has it's unique ability):

Master sword beam-up set:
Hylian Head - Stealth up x3
Hylian chest - Attack up x3
Hylian legs - Climb Speed x3
Wild head - Heat resist x2
Wild chest - shock resist x3
Wild legs - cold resist x2
Champion's Tunic
OoT head - shock resist x3
OoT chest - attack up x3
OoT legs - climb speed x
Wind head - swim speed up x3
Wind chest - attack up x3
Wind legs - climb speed x3
Twilight head - stealth up x3
Twilight chest - attack up x3
Twilight legs - climb speed x3
Sky head - unfreezable
Sky chest - attack up x3
Sky legs - climb speed x3
Hero head - guardian resist x3
Hero chest - attack up x3
Hero legs - climb speed x3

Swim-speed stamina set (all pieces at every level give waterfall climb and swim spin attack):
Zora Head - Swim Speed x3
Zora Chest - Attack up x3
Zora Legs - Climb Speed x3
Opal earrings - Swim speed x3

Unfreezable set:
Snowquill Head - climb speed x3
Snowquill Chest - Cold Resistance
Snowquill Legs - snow speed up
Ruby circlet - resist cold x2
Warm doublet - cold resist x2 (Defense 3)
Snow boots - snow speed up

Charge atk. stamina up set (Barbarian):
Barbarian Head - Lightning guard
Barbarian Chest - Attack Up x3
Barbarian Legs - Climb speed x3
Phantom ganon head - heat resist x2 (Defense 20)
Phantom ganon chest - attack up x3 (Defense 20)
Phantom ganon legs - stealth up x3 (Defense 20)
Radiant head - unfreezable
Radiant chest - attack up x3
Radiant legs - stealth up x3
Bokoblin mask (Defense 5)
Moblin mask (Defense 5)
Lizalfos mask (Defense 5)
Lynel mask (Defense 5)

Charge atk. stamina up set (Royal Guard):
Royal guard head - attack up x3 (Defense 20)
Royal guard chest - guardian resist x3 (Defense 20)
Royal guard legs - cold resist x2 (Defense 20)
Fierce Deity Head - Attack Up x3
Fierce Deity Chest - Lightning guard
Fierce Deity Legs - Climb speed x3
Majora's mask (Defense 20)
Dark Link Head - Attack x3 (Defense 20)
Dark Link Chest - Stealth x3 (Defense 20)
Dark Link Legs - Climb speed x3 (Defense 20)
Soldier head - attack up x3
Soldier chest - guardian resist x3
Soldier legs - flame guard x2
Amber earrings - attack up x3

Climb-jump stamina up:
Climber head - lightning guard
Climber chest - climb speed x3
Climber legs - shock resist x3
Tingle head - stealth up x3 (Defense 20)
Tingle chest - climb speed x3 (Defense 20)
Tingle legs - resist shock x3 (Defense 20)
Island lobster shirt - heat resist x2 (Defense 20)
Salvager head - lightning guard (Defense 20)
Salvager chest - climb speed x3 (Defense 20)
Salvager legs - stealth up x3 (Defense 20)

Shock resist set:
Desert Voe Head - Flame Guard x2
Desert Voe Armor - Heat resistance x2
Desert Voe Legs - Sand speed up
Sapphire circlet - heat resist x2
Sand boots - sand speed up
Thunder helm - lightning (Defense 20)

Ancient proficiency set:
Ancient Head - resist shock x3
Ancient Armor - guardian resist x3
Ancient Legs - climb speed x3
Diamond circlet - guardian resist x3
Phantom head - attack up x3 (Defense 28)
Phantom chest - guardian resist x3 (Defense 28)
Phantom legs - climb speed x3 (Defense 28)
Midna's helmet - guardian resist x3 (Defense 20)
Zant's helm - guardian resist x3 (Defense 20)
Medoh helm - Unfreezable
Naboris helm - Lightning proof
Rudania helm - Fire proof x2
Ruta helm - Swim Speed x3 (Climb waterfall and swim spin attack too)

Fireproof set:
Flamebreaker head - shock resist x3
Flamebreaker chest - flame guard x2
Flamebreaker legs - heat rests x2

Unshockable set:
Rubber head - shock resist x3
Rubber chest - lightning guard
Rubber legs - climb speed x3
Topaz earrings - shock resist x3

Night speed up set:
Stealth head - stealth up x3
Stealth chest - snow speed up
Stealth legs - sand speed up
Sheik's mask - stealth up x3
Korok mask (Defense 20)
Ravio's hood - stealth up x3 (Defense 20)

Gerudo (Female):
Gerudo veil - Stealth up x1 (Defense 8)
Gerudo chest - climb speed x1 (Defense 8)
Gerudo Sirwal - sand speed up (Defense 8)

Switch shirt (Defense 3)



  • 8d Updated with Gerudo armor fix
  • 3d Cloud mod that is now edited to be used WITH complete armor overhaul
  • 8d Updated readme with every armor piece change shown.


Add compatibility patch with HylainZ's Better Armors mod
  • xfritos avatar
    xfritos Joined 9d ago
    I've been using this mod and found that I cannot enter Gerudo Town with the Gerudo armor.  Had to disable it to get in :/
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  • HylianZ avatar
    HylianZ Joined 1y ago
    263 points Ranked 51398th
    Nice work. I bet this took forever and a day. I thought about doing the same thing, with the tiers, but damn if I'm not just the laziest SOB on the planet. 
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    The One True Hylian
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