Field of View camera mod (FOV)

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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  • Added Close, Classic and Far views with the vanilla bow view. These have all the new tweaks and additions as the over the shoulder views. This is most likely THE final version of this mod as I think I have ironed out every and any bug that was left. ENJOY!!!
Added vanilla bow Close, Classic and Far Views. 2d
  • Added Classic and further views with NEW updated fixes and over all polish. (This should be the final draft of the mod) for over the shoulder bow views.
Added NEW Classic and Further view points. 2d

Field of View Mod

This mod changes the field of view (FOV) for breath of the wild so you can see much more on your screen. It also changes the bow zoom function to zoom the camera in towards Link rather than zoom the FOV in and have a very narrow zoom view. Enjoy!
This mod is for the Wii U version only. For now.

*Added an optional over the shoulder view for bows. 

*When crouching with the bow out it will zoom in a bit. I figured if your crouching you would have better aim so I added that in for a little something extra. Also, it makes up for the loss of zoom from the vanilla bow zoom.

Switch version COMING SOON!
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Add switch compatability.


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