High Quality FMVs Project

A Mod for Sonic CD (1996)


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  • Overhaul Merged both submissions into one.
  • Addition Added slighly better resolution Pencil Test.

Working on Good Ending now, expect it in a few days. Then the American versions of all videos after that.

Version 2.0 8d
Replaces the old, low rez and badly compressed PC videos with new high quality ones sourced from the 2009 Sonic CD DVD Project.

Currently done:

1. High quality opening with the original Japanese/European audio restored!

2. Japanese Bad Ending; comes in two flavours:
Mega CD - Recreation of the original Mega CD version. Mostly recreated from scratch using multiple assets. Includes the credits.
Full Video - Full screen video version, but lacks the credits sequence.
Of course, only use the one!

Also included, which is totally optional btw, is my attempt at restoring the Japanese Mega CD bad ending epilogue, complete with Eggman/Robotnik laugh and original text. Up to you if you want to use it or not.

3. Pencil Test - Not a massive improvement, but still slightly better than the original low(er) res version.

Note: Doing the Japanese/Euro versions first, then the American soundtrack versions after.

Shoutout to Korama for advice on the required codecs to get the new intro working with the game, and for hosting the Sonic CD DVD Project for which I sourced the video from.

To install, simply backup the original in Game install directory/Title/AVI and replace it with this one. Should work out the box.
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Key Authors
Information on the game's codec requirements and hosting the Sonic CD DVD Project, which is where I ripped the opening from.
Original author of the Sonic DVD Project, from which I sourced the video from. Most of this is his work, I merely edited it in VirtualDub.
Editing in VirtualDub.


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Development Info

Updated and merged videos into one submission. Also managed to do the Pencil Test.

Will work on the Good Ending next, then the American versions of each video (should be easy to do).


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