Chao Gameplay

A Mod for Sonic Adventure DX (2004)

Take chao out of their gardens!


This is the first version of this mod, it allows you to take chao out of their gardens. If you leave the chao in an adventure field, it will be sent back to its garden. However, if you leave a stage without a chao in your hands, it will be brought back to you in the adventure field.

Chao weren't made to swim in water collisions, so a fix was made. It works for almost all water surfaces, but not dynamic ones. Compatible with any level mod. A better fix (that will work with dynamic water) will be made.

This mod does not save your chao data once you leave Chao Garden, but you should make a backup just to be sure.

How To Install

  1. Install SADX Mod Loader
  2. Download this mod and put it in the mods/ folder
    You can use the 1-click install if you hit 'Install URL Handler' in 'Options'
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  • Leowind avatar
    Leowind Joined 7mo ago
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    Could you make it so you can give the animals in the robots to your chao? I think that would be really cool

    Also i found 2 things that makes the game crash
    1: if you get into a level in mission mode
    2: if you pick the secret eggs from the hub with your chao in it

    Honestly this mod is like a dream come true!
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  • You know, this would be a good way to raise a Chao's stats.
    Could you make it so that a Chao gains stats depending on what it did in the stage? (e.g swimming a lot increases the chao's swimming stat)

    Anyway, this is a great mod! Keep up the good work!


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  • It's really good! I've always wanted a mod that's like this. c:

    I found a bug in Emerald Coast (I'm not sure if it occurs in other stages too), where if you carry your chao to advance to the other part of Emerald Coast, you'll stop holding the chao and the chao floats down to half of the ground. Unfortunately, I can't pick my chao up unless I complete or exit the stage.
    Will that be fixed?


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  • ElectroNuke avatar
    ElectroNuke Joined 1y ago
    175 points Ranked 56721st
    I just gave this mod a try and it's pure magic. Use it with character select multiplayer and it's one of the funnest little mods for this game, hands down. Nice job on this one!

    P.S. Any possibility this could get updated so you can pet them outside the gardens?
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Key Authors
Wrote the bad code
He knows chao


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