Lost Parents

A Mod for A Hat In Time

PLEASE NOTE: mod levels containing new content tend to take a little while to load on its first boot. It may take several minutes!


This map is co-op compatible!

If there's something you don't like, please let me know! Feedback with votes is very helpful!



* Camera: for a better experience in the last area, set "Top Down Camera" to "None" under Game Settings. This enables a wider range of motion on gamepads for both players

* Polaroids behind stained glass may render incorrectly at extraordinary distance

* On some machines, when changing the graphics settings during the game, there appears to be issues processing mipmaps on the cloth covering jars. The cause and ties to specific game versions or hardware is unknown. If it happens to you, please post your specifications

* There has been one known instance of a crash, though this only occurred once through the "test mod" option in the modding tools after cooking. In particular, this took place on the second challenge floor while making a sharp turn on the scooter near stained glass. If you encounter any freezes or crashes, please let me know.


* Dark/uncolored areas: this is not a bug. It is similar to the color of an unwrapped surface using the default material, but this is an intentional effect using proper implementation

* Storybook: between having a playable level for the contest and completing the storybook, I instead chose to get my entry in before finalizing the storybook drafts and details. As the prime for this level has long passed, I've instead chosen to develop a new chapter based off the planned storybook contents. Keep an eye out!


Thank you for playing!
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