Set Bonus Sanity

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 'Endgame Rebalance', 'Better Fully Upgraded Armor', OR SIMILAR MODS THAT REVAMP ARMOR STATS! (Most other armor mods are unaffected, but check to see if they modify the Actor/ActorInfo.product.sbyml file if you want to be sure.)

This mod makes the 'green tunic' amiibo armor sets and the 'of the Wild' armor set interchangeable for determining the "Master Sword Beam Up" set bonus. Additionally, Sheik's Mask counts as a Stealth Mask for determining the "Night Speed Up" set bonus.

Technical stuff for modders: This works by editing the ActorInfo.product.sbyml file (which contains data for all armor) to change all the 'seriesArmorSeriesType' values to "Korok" (for the Beam Up) or "Sheikah" (for the Night Speed). Additionally, 'seriesArmorEnableCompBonus' has to be set to true for IDs 222, 223, 224. These changes are then mirrored in the embedded 'bgparamlist' files within their respective 'Actor/Pack/Armor_*.sbactorpack' files. 

If you wish to include these changes in your mod, go ahead. Don't ask me or credit me, I really don't care.

Post bugs or suggestions below.
Don't ask for compatibility patches.

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    This will be so useful.  I was wondering if you could add the Hylian Tunic, Hylian Pants, and Champion's Tunic for the Master Sword Beam Up set bonus.  My preferred Green Link Setup is Dyed green Hylian Tunic, Cap of the Wild, and Hylian Pants.  Sometimes I also like to use the modded green Champion's Tunic.  With all of those added in, I think everyone's preference of green tunic link will be covered.  Thanks for such a great mod!
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  • Nice! Sounds like a base for some really useful mods in the future. For a future update maybe add in the boots, jewlery, and dlc armors for set bonuses?
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  • so it only modifies the tunic sets and sheik mask but doesn't work with the other armor mods?
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No license, do what you want with it. You can even claim you did this yourself and that I stole your hard work, go nuts.


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