Legacy of Solaris

A Mod for Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

This modification requires a PC with adequate hardware to run Xenia emulator or a modified Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 system.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - Legacy of Solaris
 is a project that was started in late 2017 by Jotaro Powered before I entered the scene. We wanted to bring the community together to improve and fix the dreaded Sonic '06 with us and we hope that, with the changes we have made to the game, we can change your opinion on it and join us along the way to making a better and more fun experience for Sonic '06. We are open for people to contribute to the project and the work that has been put into this has been a collection of members from the community bringing their ideas and designs forth.

So, what's new?
- Characters have been tweaked to control more akin to Sonic Adventure titles.
- Sonic's Action Gauge has been fixed.
- Other characters now have their own stories.
- An all new Extra mode which sets the player off to reach a new destination in a stage.
- Enhanced visual effects that were previously removed from the game.†
- Stages have improved layouts in the main stories.
- Kingdom Valley has a facelift and is more appealing, showing off visuals seen only at E3.
- Stages that used Iblis monsters now use Eggman's robots as replacements.
- User Interface design changes.
- New cubemap rendered for Kingdom Valley for better water reflections.†
- New controller layouts available for non-standard controllers.*
- Modified caches available for optimising the game to work with Xenia.**
- And much more!

Additional Information
- You may require a controller to use Xenia. If you do not have one, a control sheet will be provided in the archive for pre-programmed keyboard controls.**
- If you're using a DualShock 4 controller with software such as DS4Windows or InputMapper, you may run into an issue where the game will detect your controller as Player 2. To fix this, use DS4Windows or InputMapper with their respective 'Exclusive Mode' (DS4Windows just has 'Hide DS4 Controller' as the option). If the issue still persists, restart your computer.**
- Xenia currently cannot render real-time shadows in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (2006).**
- When playing as E-123 Omega in Xenia 1.05-MLBS, certain screen elements like the HUD and User Interface will become blurry. This is a Xenia rendering issue and is not part of the mod.**
- The public build of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - Legacy of Solaris can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CE_b7fEgtr...
- Non-standard controller layouts can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15aB2LQEdh-H7Z4E9...

 - Optional for Xenia, but can be used on console if necessary.
** - Xenia exclusively.
† - Results may vary with Xenia emulation.
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Key Authors
Jotaro Powered
Lead Developer, Graphics Designer and Additional Content
Lead Graphics Designer, Software Engineer and Trailer Editor
Shadow LAG
Tool Developer and Hardware Engineer
уυкι тαкєуα
PlayStation 3 Compatibility
Graphics Designer and Logo Illustrator
Control Tweaking and Action Gauge Replenishment
Toru 🦊
E3 Loading Screen Assets and Kingdom Valley Cubemap
Fate for Windows
Iblis Tweaks, Vehicle Health Meter Restoration and Action Gauge Restoration
Graphics Designer and E3 HUD Creator
Tails Flying Tweaks and Darker Sonic Textures
MrMrMANGOMILK Joined 10mo ago
189 points Ranked 20979th
Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) Voice Mod
Graphics Designer and Loading Screen Designer
Special Thanks
Tool Developer
The Cutting Room Floor
Beta Archiving and Information
Mod Publishing
Co-writer and Development Assistant for Lost Legacy Helper
Code Optimisation for Lost Legacy Helper
Volunteering to repair Legacy of Solaris Setup


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HyperPolygon64 Joined 1mo ago
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