MvM Hyper Upgrades

A Mod for Team Fortress 2


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  • Addition Added "Sentry Gun Damage" upgrade

In testing this upgrade appeared on all of the Engineer's weapons when written under "item upgrades." My temporary workaround for this is to have it under "player upgrades" but now it appears for all classes. For the moment, I'm not sure how to correct this.

1.0.2 10d
  • Addition Kaizo Mission: Added a Soldier & Fast Tank phase at the beginning
  • Tweak Kaizo Mission: All spies during the Spy phase are now 0.1 scale with 1hp, labeled as "Swarm Spy"
  • Improvement Kaizo Mission: Merged some class icons to ensure all remaining bots are displayed correctly
  • BugFix Kaizo Mission: Fixed support spies being incorrectly named "Sniper"
  • Removal Kaizo Mission: Removed Sniper from the pool of support bots
1.0.1 11d

Need bigger guns? Look no further.

There are ways of playing Mann Vs Machine by yourself, but sv_cheats is so old-school. So, here's a new approach. This is a custom upgrades menu that, when used offline or on your own server, gives access to stats that are ridiculously overpowered. 

For example:
  • 90% Resistance to all damage (Except melee)
  • 100% Resistance to crits
  • 2000% Damage increase
  • 20 Disposable sentries for the Engineer
  • Fastest possible melee speed
  • +9000% Max ammo
  • Overheal teammates to the thousands with extremely slow decay
  • Throwables recharge almost instantly
  • And more!

All upgrades are free. Rain hell from the sky as Soldier, create hazardous minefields as Demoman, launch an army of sentries as Engineer, or even discover new strategies as any normally obsolete class. Additionally, try the included modified version of Caliginous Caper for Ghost Town.

This menu will have no effect when used on any other server, but will still be displayed to you. You may not be able to utilize the default upgrades properly and should move the vpk out of your tf/custom folder before trying to do so.
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