M4NI4 - An OP Smash Bros Mod

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)


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  • Addition Added Wii Fit Trainer
  • Addition Added Mario
  • Addition Added Meta Knight
  • Removal Removed Marth's Instakill Grab Attack

Sorry for the fairly long hiatus compared to the rest of the updates, but it's here! This mod isn't dead yet, and I have ideas a-plenty. The next characters will probably be Ness, Lucario and Villager so stay tuned for that. Also, as usual, full list of changes can be seen here: 


Version 1.2.5 6d
  • BugFix Charizard's Down Throw No Longer Crashes, still crashes in 1.1.0.
  • Addition Added Jigglypuff
  • Addition Added Samus
  • Adjustment Nerfed Fox

So... Charizard's Down-throw crashes in 1.1.0's version. Oops. Fixed it for the 1.1.7B build, but not 1.1.0 yet. Will fix that soon. Anyways...

All changes can be seen here:


Version 1.1.7B 14d

A Smash 4 Mod By Kerrmunism

Hey, welcome to my first mod!

This is M4NI4, a mod similar to TR4SH and CH4OS, where the characters are made overpowered. It's somewhere in between TR4SH and CH4OS in terms of how OP the character is.

After the 1.2.5 update, 16/58 characters are done (about 28%). These characters are Falcon, Marth, Bowser, Fox, Kirby, Dedede, Charizard, Ike, DK, Luigi, Game And Watch, Jigglypuff, Samus, Mario, Meta knight and Wii Fit Trainer.

One of the points of this mod is to give each character a different playstyle. Some are combo heavy, some are extremely mobile, and others are just very strong.

Because I believe in things such as beta builds and test versions, and hate forced updates, I will put every update of this mod ever made into the download link. I hope you enjoy. 


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Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Game file

  1. An SD Card with a way to boot SDCafiine


  • thisisrealm4ni4_06f4f.zip Contains everything you need, download instructions and every update of the mod. 6d old 5 DLs 160 mb

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Making the SmashCommand Dictionary


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Development Info

So... my first real mod! We started at around 400 views by the time 1.1.0 came out, to nearly 600 when 1.1.7B came out, and now to nearly 800 as 1.2.5 prepares to be released. Thanks so much for everyone that got me there! 

Also, the first update is out! It's been a lot of fun working on this. One of the problems I have is that I often set out with lofty goals and then don't deliver, over-ambition. However, because this mod is such a blast to work on, that shouldn't happen nearly as bad. And the views and downloads this gets give me further inspiration to work my hardest on the newest versions.

That being said though, development might slow down a bit. Because of school, I no longer have time to work on this all day like I did at the start. I'll try to get updates out every one or two weeks. Each update will have 3-5 characters (depending on how hyped I am and how much free time I have), some misc. balances changes based on feedback from people who play the mod (as well as further testing on my end), and bug fixes if any are found.

Can I just put here how much I hate SmashCommand? For some reason, I don't know why, but every move that has a goto loop has the goto at the bottom copied, even if there's one already there. So if I forget to get rid of the goto command at the bottom for every move I'm editing the game will crash.

EDIT: 12/2/2018

So I found out about FITX, and knowing a bit about batch, automized it so you don't have to type in path directories and also so it automatically drops moves into their respective types (Smashes put in a smashes folder, taunts in a taunts folder, etc.) This should speed up development a lot. Also, I'm working on Wii Fit Trainer, who's going to take some of the best moves of each type in the game and incorporate them into her arsenal (except sword characters because they're weird.) Thanks for all the support this mod has gained!


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Anybody is fine to play this or use parts of it, as long as you credit me.

So basically CC BY-SA


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