Multi Mod - Sprint, Energy Regen, Time, Unfreeze

A Mod for Graveyard Keeper

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This mod makes some improvements to the game as described in the Features section.
Currently a new sprint function entirely replaces the dash function, this works as you would normally expect out of sprint in any standard game.
The player also regenerates a small amount of energy while standing still, not tired and not doing anything. This does not make you stop needing to eat food, it simply gives you a little extra to work with if you wait for a little while and compliments the sprint function nicely.
These features have been carefully balanced to feel like they belong in the game without making it feel like you are cheating.

UMF Troubleshooting Guide
UMF Discord

  • Sprint while holding down the dash key. (With configurable energy cost)
  • Player regenerates some energy while standing still. (Default: 0.25 per sec)
  • Days last longer. (Default: 50% Longer)
  • Pause game when opening chests and GUIs.
  • The player loses some energy while sprinting. (Default: 1 per sec)
  • The player loses some energy while walking. (Disabled by default)
  • The player's walk speed can be configured.
  • The player's walk speed when out of energy can be configured.
  • The player can sleep with full energy.
  • A key to fast-forward time (Default key Pause/Break)
  • Ability to edit save files in any text editor.
  • Console commands for health/energy.
  • Console command to unfreeze frozen NPCs.
  • All features are configurable and can be disabled individually.

Install Instructions:
--- uMod Framework (UMF) ---
1. Download UMF
2. Extract the contents of the UMF zip file into game folder;
\steamapps\common\Graveyard Keeper\ Examples: Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Graveyard Keeper\ Linux: /home//Steam/steamapps/common/Graveyard Keeper/ Mac: /Users//Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Graveyard Keeper/
3. Run uModFramework.Setup.exe and choose to install.
For Linux & Mac: See the included readme that comes with UMF.

--- Graveyard Keeper Multi Mod ---
1. Drop the mod zip file straight into the Mods folder;
\steamapps\common\Graveyard Keeper\uModFramework\Mods\ Examples: Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Graveyard Keeper\uModFramework\Mods\ Linux: /home//Steam/steamapps/common/Graveyard Keeper/uModFramework/Mods/ Mac: /Users//Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Graveyard Keeper/uModFramework/Mods/
2. Play the game and enjoy the mod.

The mod can safely be installed and uninstalled at any time on existing save games.
*It will continue working with game updates, as long as there are no major changes to the features this mod relies on.
You may need to reinstall UMF with game updates that upgrades the Unity Engine version.

UMF Troubleshooting Guide
UMF Discord

Uninstall Instructions:
--- uMod Framework (UMF) ---
1. Run uModFramework.Setup.exe and choose to uninstall.
2. Delete the uModFramework folder.

--- Graveyard Keeper Multi Mod ---
1. Delete GKMultiMod.dll from the Mods folder.

Hold Dash Key (Default Left Shift) = Sprint Press LeftShift+F10 to edit the mod settings. Press LeftShift+` to open the console. (Type help for commands) Press and hold Pause/Break to fast-forward time.

Mod Version: v0.50
Requires UMF Version: 0.45+
Compiled for Game Version: 1.037
Works through game updates.*

Subscribe to the discussion for mod updates and news.
The mod will automatically update it self for future versions unless disabled.

>>> Download uMod Framework

Currently broken after the Halloween patch. Will be updated again once they are done fixing everything they broke with the ridiculous daily patches.

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