The Better Things (beta 0514)

A Mod for Sonic Mania

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Beta 0514 10d
  • Addition Added a new custom level select for both XB1 and PS4 users.
  • Tweak Fixed icons, buttons, and summaries.
  • Tweak Fixed the S3K level select's char. numbers so they're yellow instead of white, just like in S3K.
The latest update is a test build of what I can accomplish in my other mods. (Keep in mind that this mod's still not at its final state. More will come soon...)
Beta 0513 11d Refactor Tweak3 Feature Adjustment

NOTE: Will be seen in "Sonic Mania Complete".

A mod which fixes various menu stages. (Keep in mind that this mod is not at its final state. I think I'll put the final one in another mod.)

List of changes:
  • Stretches the level select and game summaries (to suit Mania Plus' resolution), and makes the D.A. Garden more descriptive. 
  • Added 9 more songs to D.A. Garden that should have been there, and making level select sounds more consistent to version 1.05, as well as aligning the "SOUND TEST" text. 
  • The level select has been overhauled to look like the respective Sonic 1 2013 level select. The 31st Blue Sphere bonus stage (the secret, unused 8th special stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 3) now has its S3 globe palette (light blue and dark blue) rather than its SK palette (green and blue), and the horizon made lighter to match the one in S3 to contrast SK's darker horizon palette. 
  • The drowning jingle is now replaced by the S2HD, v2.0 jingle. 
  • The credits now play "Time Trials" and "Checkpoint" instead of the intros and repeating Save Select tracks. 
  • The level select has been given an overhaul, such as proper straightening, outlines, and buttons next to the characters, as well as an option to switch to the S3K-styled level select.



Make Sonic 3D Blast (S3D)-styled level select.


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Key Authors
Me (carlrevolution - The modder)
I did almost all. It took hours.
Background creator
Original Authors
Maniac Editor - Positivity
Application used for this mod
RSDK Animation Editor
Sprite editing program


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