Fixed Super Form Physics (& Knuckles)

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Game fileParentSubmitterStats
  • Optimization Fixed underwater jump height for both downloads.
New Update 4.0 (CURRENT DOWNLOADS) 18d
  • Optimization NEW 19.01.08 - Optimized accelerations.
  • Adjustment 18.11.07 - Fixed Super Knuckles not having an even high enough jump.
  • Optimization 18.10.18 - Fixed Super form speeds for different characters not matching each other.
New Update 3.0 4mo

NOTE: Do not use these with certain mods, as they already have physics changes to them. Check their Data > Objects > Static for a folder called "36D61A3DE508B500AE0ECF8D33F32943.bin" in them to see.

In the original Sonic Mania Plus, Super forms and Speed Shoes physics were not quite as much as I suspected. The Super form speeds appeared to be actually SLOWER than the Speed Shoes counterpart (I think most of the game was based of Sonic 3's engine). I didn't think that the Super forms would be of any issue to because in the early 1990's, this was the case (it came in two types): In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Super Sonic with Speed Shoes would speed up, and in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, it would slow you down. The way they implemented him in-game was to feel more Genesis-y, I guess...

I hated it.

Therefore, I made this mod. The aim for this mod is to fix Super form speeds so that they just as fast as the Speed Shoes on land and underwater, and that being Super with Speed Shoes doesn't speed you up, but remains at the same speed, as it was in Sonic 3 Complete. The updated version fixes the incorrect stats of Mighty and Ray, and nerfs the stats of the previous build so the physics are no longer faster than the Speed Shoes, but just AS fast. There is also an optional Knuckles download where he has increased jump height like the other four characters. 

Only versions 1.0 and 4.0 were officially released by me. Version 2.0 was a mess to take care of, so I started from scratch when I was making Version 4.0, along with the new cover art piece above. It's on the internet, just not here on GameBanana. Go find 2.0 with the unreleased art.

As for the stats, I REMOVED THEM. I was simply too lazy to list them all so let me put this in a way you can understand:

Enhanced Super Form Physics
  • Normal and water physics are left untouched
  • Super form/Super-underwater speed physics have been altered for all 5 characters to match the Speed Shoes physics (for both on land and underwater, respectively)
Enhanced Super Form Physics & Knuckles (optional)
  • Has the beneficial upgrades above and a higher Super jump

That's it. That's all there is. Now download the mod.
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  • Anonymous
    For most people, the speed shoes and super sonic are completely fine. At least 90%.

    You're the 10%. The first person I ever met to complain about speed in a classic sonic game.
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  • Araraura avatar
    Araraura Joined 1y ago
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    I actually noticed that when Super Sonic picks up speed shoes, his acceleration slows down.
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    Showin username pic Joined 4y ago
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    I wouldn't really say removing the speed shoes effect "enhances" things very much.

    Might be a bit more like the classics but was that really your goal here? Isn't his top speed less like the classics now due to the higher speed?
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Key Authors
Me (carlrevolution - The modder)
Modder and "artiste" (say it like that)
SEGA, Christian Whitehead
"Knuckles in Flying Battery" art
Original Authors
Headcannon, PagodaWest Games, HYPERKINETIC
Programming in Sonic Mania Plus
Mania Hex
The tool used to make this mod


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