Meta Knightmare Basics (Remake)

A Mod for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning


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  • Addition Added An Assembly Pack With Mod Menu And Without The Mod Menu
  • And More.

Well I Forgot To Add An Assembly Pack So I did now, Please Enjoy The Meta Knightmare Basics mod! See You In The Next Mod!

3rd And Very Short Update. 6d
  • Addition Added a New Secret Room, Can You Find It?
  • Addition Added A New Warning Screen
  • Addition Added A New Meta Knight Thinking Pad
  • Improvement Improved The Title Screen And Win Screen
  • Addition Added A Plot To the Mod.
  • Removal Removed The Old Attention Poster.
  • Adjustment Adjusted The Chance For The Secret Death screen to make it Appear More Often Like In Roblox Basics
  • Improvement Improved The Secret Wall In the Secret Ending

Thats Right! The Remake's Second Update Has Now Arrived And Its A Baldi's Basics 1.4.1 Mod! I Hope You'll Enjoy The Update!

Second Update! 10d
Woah! Another Meta Knightmare basics 1 Mod?! Yes.. Its A Remake
Like I said in the Original Meta Knightmare basics. The Screen shots you see Are NOT Part Of this Remake. Now I'll tell you the characters as usual
(Please Note They Stay the Same)
Baldi - Meta Knight
Playtime - Karen
Principal of The Thing - Sword Knight
Arts & Crafters - Blade Knight
1st Prize - Javelin Knight
Gotta Sweep - Sweep Knight
Its A Bully - Dark Meta Knight

The Software('s) I used are Gimp Unity Asset Bundle Extractor And Audacity
Achievements Time (Please Note They Stay The Same Like In the Original And You Have to Comment If you Got One of the Achievements.)

(What did you Expect?)   ( Tip : "Find The Secret Death Screen")
(All Books Champion)    (Tip : "Complete Story Mode")
(A Dark Discovery.)    (Tip :"Get The Secret Ending")
(Breaking Down.)   (Tip : "Make Javelin Knight Spin")
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  • 1.4.1 Download 10d old 36 DLs 81 mb
  • Assembly Pack For Meta Knightmare basics 1.4.1 6d old 7 DLs 298 kb
  • 1.3.2 Download Executable 3mo old 158 DLs 72 mb

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Realkylegamer19 Joined 4mo ago
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