Meta Knightmare Basics 2 (Secrets Within' Meta)

A Mod for Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning


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  • Improvement The Walls Ceiling And Etc Look more Abandoned.
  • Improvement Corrupted Meta Knight Glitches When He Moves.
  • Improvement Title Screen Looking More Glitched.
  • And More!

Well. The Remake Is almost done. So This means This Mod Will Not Get updates Anymore. So I'll Tell you What Will Appear in The Mod. but Do not Worry. This Mod will Still exist

Final Update 3d
  • Addition Added Achievements
  • Overhaul I'm Doing A Overhaul On the Title Screen.
  • Overhaul I'm Also Doing An Overhaul On Corrupted Meta Knight's "Slapping" Animation to Make him look More Scary & Corrupted
  • Overhaul Doing A VERY HUGE Overhaul On The Schoolhouse itself To almost look Garfelf's Guide and the secret's Within's Wall texture and ect.

Well What Can i Say? This Mod Din't Get downloads in Weeks now! I am not Letting The Mod Down! So i Made this (Small) Update To Make More Downloads. Also To Get The Achievements. You need to have the mod. And Play The Mod And Good Luck Trying to Find the Achievements! Just Also to tell you. I'm Trying Not To Rip Off The Garfelf's Guide Series. That is All I have to say..! See You in The Next update!

1.1 Jammed Pack Small Update. 7d
Meta Knight's Back. And His "SchoolHouse" is Abandoned. Can you Get all Seven NoteBooks before Corrupted meta knight Catches you?

Wan't to know who the characters are? Ok!

Here you go!
Baldi - Corrupted Meta Knight
Playtime - Karen
Gotta Sweep -Ashed Sweep knight
Principal Of The Thing - Corrupted Sword knight
1st Prize - Damaged Javelin Knight
Arts & Crafters - Corrupted Blade knight
Its a bully - Dark Meta Knight

Its Based Of And inspired by Garfelf's guide and the secrets within'
Tell me If you see something that is wrong.

Well. I'll Give you The software('s) I used To make This mod >_< Gimp Unity assets bundle extractor Audacity Ok. Achievements time. Please Note you Have to comment if you have these Achievements.
(What Did You Expect?) (Tip : Find The Secret Death Screen)
(Escaped The Psycho) (Tip : Complete Story Mode )
(Portal Comes in) (Tip : Complete Story mode with The Secret ending)
(Not Bad Books) (Tip :Get 5 Notebooks in endless Mode)
(Thats A lot of Books!)  (Tip : Get 15 Books In Endless mode)
(No Time For Jumping Karen!) (Tip : Cut Karen's Jumping Rope)
(Breaking Down) (Tip  : Cut Damaged Javelin Knight's Wire's)
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