No Stamina Consumption Mod

A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)


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  • Amendment uploaded the file for one of my other mods by accident
Wrong File 4mo
  • Amendment Forgot to include the GameROMPlayer.sbactorpack file in the zip for users who want to add the file to their own packs
Reupload 4mo
This mod aims to completely remove Stamina Consumption in Breath of the Wild. There isn't much to say regarding its features everything is pretty straightforward. 

This is a Beta release and has been tested but I will need help finding things that still use stamina if any at all that I may have missed

All sources of Stamina EXCEPT for the 1handed weapons and spears, seems to no longer consume stamina in my testing. I do not know why these 2 specific sources still consume stamina but I will be looking into it further.

NOTE *** EDIT* Previously I had thought this mod accidentally removed the 2nd-3rd charge attacks for 1handed weapons and spears, but turns out just charges to the final level instantly so it doesn't look like they activated at all but in fact they do.

This mod is not compatible by default with ANY other mod that changes the TitleBG.pack
, I have supplied the file in the zip for those who know how to replace the appropriate file inside the TitleBG. Currently this mod is NOT compatible with (for example) Zelda or Linkle mods (I will be uploading Linkle's Version, provided I get permission from the mods creator at some point) As of yet I have no plans on making a version of this for the Zelda mod as I do not use it myself. Any potential bugs not related to the consumption of stamina, due to a user's mixture of this mod and another are not my responsibility and are solely caused by the user's actions. This mod is not technically designed to work with other mods ie, BruhLookAtThis's NoExtremeElementDamage mod as it is known to cause issues.

I should also note, Any mod that replaces GameROMPlayer.sbactorpack inside of a TitleBG.pack file cannot work with any of my mods without the proper knowledge of editing these game files.

I will try to find the time to upload a version of this with my own Removed Ability Cooldown's mod, but I may not have much time the next few days to do that.

Special Thanks goes to Leoetlino (on the BotW Modding Hub Discord) for pointing me in the direction to find the files needed to make this mod possible.

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