Ultimate HD Blue Shift mod

A Mod for Half-Life: Blue Shift

After all hard work, I finished, finally.
I had to delay the release date because I had
several problems with my PC, but now everything is okay.

Ultimate HD mod is finished, and this is the last HD mod for
Blue Shift from me, so, feel free to try it out and enjoy your
Blue Shift gameplay with lots of HD textures and models.

There might be some missing textures in game, if you find them,
post a screenshot and I'll try to fix that.

Installation is simple, export everything to the right folders,
For example, put 'detail' folder from 'gfx.rar' to gfx folder in
your Blue Shift root folder.

Once again, I apologize for delaying, have fun. :)
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    This is your first pack all well plus I expected more from this pack plus what I found were:

    models of hands are wrong in m4 skin

    poorly ported black mesa models

    trusty pack templates for blue shift (that pack has been abandoned since 2012 and has bugged skins)

    useless sounds

    white textures in half life.wad (when details are off)
    and sounds that have not been replaced

    when you are launching the pack for opposing force please put quality models and no bugs.
     Details textures its perfect.


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Key Authors
Mod idea, Textures
Other Authors
Trusty Crowbar
Models, Sounds
Weapon models, Sounds
Special Thanks
For making Blue Shift


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