Rainbow Six: Vegas Patch v1.02

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Including various fixes and tweaks for Rainbow Six: Vegas, this is the v1.01 patch for the game. It also includes support for the Xbox 360 controller on PC. Rainbow Six: Vegas v1.02 Patch Contents Overview ======== * Fixed a crash when player is kicked from server. * Fixed a crash when fetching online matches (quick and custom search). * Fixed a crash/freeze that occurred after many games have been played. * Fixed a problem when switching from Online to LAN mode. * Fixed the freeze issue after the Unreal logo related to the Language for non-Unicode programs setting. * Throwing a grenade on a player using a turret will now apply damage. * Removed Eye Adaptation. * Radar jammer now jams all players. * Fixed map rotation issue on dedicated servers. * Fixed the choppy Ubisoft logo animation when the game starts. * Reduced lag with in-game videos on certain computers. * Many Tutorial-related inaccuracies have been corrected. * Fixed a dedicated server crash related to equipement. * Fixed the cursor being stuck in desktop sub-rect after an ALT-TAB. * Version number will now be displayed to the user in the main menu. * Fixed a bug while observing a game where while using the joystick, the A button was not displayed properly. * Fixed controller problem where wrong button was assigned to exit turrets. * Fixed the missing grenades and ammo when going from Realistic to Normal mode. Supports the Xbox 360 controller - Various rare single player ingame crashes have been fixed - Better support the use of alt-tab while in game - Reduced the memory consumption of the game - Multiplayer difficulty level is now accurate and can be selected accordingly - Player will now get a kill attributed to his kill list when defender or terrorist dies of damage over time ( incendiary grenade ) - Improved quick search and custom search utility for all game modes - Improve the chat system to ensure chat box is not always visible - Enabled changing display resolution of the game - Corrected some localisation issues to display correct message in correct language for various menus - Display navigational information correctly while in observer mode - Corrected some menu interface display error - Respawning while in chat menu will not cause chat window to overlap the game window



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