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A Mod for Sonic R

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Sonic Redux  is the first extensive hack of the not-exactly-popular Sonic R. The goal of Redux is to be a "Sonic R 2" of sorts, with new planned characters and courses with a focus on making sure the game is balanced and fun.

System Requirements
Any Windows 95+ system with a 3D accelerator card. If you attempt to run this using software rendering, it will crash and burn as I've made no attempt to maintain support for that.
Newer Windows systems (anything made in the last 10+ years) will REQUIRE D3DWindower (included) to get the controls functional. Minor graphical artifacts in the HUD may be visible due to the ancient version of Direct3D this uses.
Mac and Linux users will need to use WINE. The game runs flawlessly on WINE. Note, however, that controllers may be counted twice, making multiplayer a pain.
Older systems may experience slowdown. To circumvent this, press F9 to enable frameskip or F1 to lower the draw distance.

The version of Sonic R I've used as my base (the 1998 version) works fine on Windows 7 and below, but refuses to run on Windows 10 because it doesn't support the old version of DirectX it uses. I was not aware of this and I'm not sure how to fix it.

My best suggestion would be to find a Windows 7 or XP machine (but you must install the 3D acceleration support from the Guest Additions (on VirtualBox)), or a Linux/Mac machine with WINE installed.

Widescreen HD support
Now you can play Sonic R in native 1080p, if you wish. (Note that this will most likely require running the game full-screen, which may complicate video capture software)
Change your aspect ratio from fullscreen to widescreen using the F11 and F12 keys, or the "Window Size" option in the game settings.
Note that widescreen is not compatible with 3 and 4 player modes, and the game will pillarbox the display to prevent severe graphical issues.

Altered default controls
By default, the controls will be:

Player 1
W - Move forwards
D - Brake/reverse
A/D - Turn left/right
Q/E - Drift left/right
J - Jump (all characters!) / accept (in menus)
K - Move forwards (in game) / back (in menus)
L - Action (character specific) (listed as "camera" in options)
Enter - Start/Pause

Player 2
Up - Move Forwards
Down - Brake/reverse
Left/Right - Turn left/right
,/. Drift left/right
Z - Jump (all characters!) / accept (in menus)
X - Move forwards (in game) / back (in menus)
/ - Action (character specific) (listed as "camera" in options)
Numpad Enter - Start/Pause

F1/F2: Draw Distance Up/Down
F3: Map On/Off
F9: 15 FPS frameskip On/Off
F11/F12: Aspect ratio

Note that some keyboards (without n-key rollover) may have difficulty with this configuration, especially when running forwards, turning, and drifting at the same time. If you encounter this issue, change your controls in the options menu or use a controller.

New characters
This entry is a demo of the new characters to be introduced, along with reworked versions of some of the original characters. Included are:

- Sonic The Hedgehog: The fearless hedgehog, always up for some competition. By pressing Action while running he can roll into a ball and zoom down hills at breakneck speed. Holding Action from a standstill will charge up his Super Sonic Spindash, launching him from 0 to super sonic speeds in no time at all.
- Miles "Tails" Prower: Sonic's best pal, he can fly through the air for a short period of time by pressing Jump again while in mid-air. He will slowly descend, but if you hold Action he will rise instead.
- Knuckles the Echidna: Guardian of the Master Emerald, he can glide through the air by pressing Jump again while in mid-air, slowly descending until he lands.
- Amy Rose: Sonic's not-so-secret admirer, she can jump and then press Action to swing her hammer to bounce herself forwards and upwards to make tricky jumps, get speed, or even bounce across water! (If the bar is filled all the way to the right, you'll go forwards when bouncing. If it's more towards the left, you'll go higher.)
- Fang the Sniper: Lead member of the mercenary group Team Hooligan, he can use his cork gun by pressing Action to stop others dead in their tracks and cause them to drop 20 rings.
- Metal Sonic: Dr. Robotnik's most menacing threat. Use the Action button to switch from fast (albeit nearly unsteerable) to tightly-controlled (albeit quite slow).
- Blaze the Cat: Princess from another dimension, she can use her Boost (replenished by collecting rings and completing a lap) by pressing Action to speed past others.
- Silver the Hedgehog: Hailing from the distant future, he can soar through the air and conserve speed he gains on hills by pressing Action to turn on his Psychic Hover ability.

Minor annoyance fixes
- Draw distance drastically increased
- Time Attack Normal/Reverse modes now includes rings
- All character unlocks disabled. (Sonic Tokens are always collectible and challenge races still function.)
- CD no longer required
- Removal of D3D/DirectDraw selection screen.
- You can walk backwards!
- You'll never get stuck in a loop, as your speed no longer changes while in a loop. (You can still fail to enter a loop, though.)

A whole bunch of technical stuff
All character models are loaded into malloc'd memory, meaning they can be of whatever size they need to be.
- Character models loaded programatically from numbered directories instead of hardcoded paths
- Character attributes (acceleration, jump height, etc.) also loaded from character directory
- Tons of debug info written to console
- New text-drawing routine based on function used during credits sequence
- Nack's bullet movement (borrowed from Eggman's missiles) has been completely rewritten to use the FPU instead of barely-functional integer math
- Custom sound effects! (Right now only used for the ring loss sound when Nack's bullet hits a player with rings)

The game won't respond to my keyboard!
This is a known problem with Sonic R that I've yet to figure out how to fix. (I assume that it has something to do with computers today being so fast that DirectInput is initialized before the game window appears.) To get around this, run the game through D3DWindower (included), DxWnd (, or WINE on mac OS and Linux. (WINE users can run the game in Windowed mode by altering the WINE settings to run SONICR.EXE in "Virtual Desktop" mode.)
If you open the game in full screen with unresponsive controls, use Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the task manager and kill the program.

The models have holes in them/the arms aren't attached properly/aren't shaded!
I'm aware. Blame time constraints and technical limitations. I haven't made any new animations or pre-computed lighting files (most of them reuse Sonic's), and I'm still working out the kinks in the model exporter.

There's no music!
I didn't include music. By default, Sonic R uses audio streamed from the CD. As the CD has been disabled, this won't work. I also haven't added any other way to play music, so you'll have to provide your own.

How do I quit?
Press Alt+F4 or select the "Exit to Windows" option in the options menu.

The AI seems really, really stupid!
Yes. The AI was never meant to play as these characters using these physics, so they will often fly off the tracks and ram into walls. They're still somewhat competitive (especially if you have the Catch-Up option enabled), but they're not great by any means.
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