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A Mod for Sonic Adventure DX (2004)


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  • Lmaoooo, forgot to mention the changes I made to the Boss Battles for this mod. Yikes. Just to let you know: they're all Sonic Forces Boss themes.
  • Also, just to clarify the DC-High Res textures mod. Silentwalker510 is another name that I use, but not on this site. That's a mod I downloaded and fixed, as it never had index.txt, which resulted in the textures not displaying.
  • And yes, I also forgot to update the version of the mod. Regardless of it STILL saying 5.2x, it's actually 5.3x*
Quick Notes 1mo
  • Oh my days. It's about time. v5.3x contains PVMX file compression for all textures. This also reduces the size of the mod by around 40-odd megabytes.
  • This is the final release of Modern SADX, as I'm done with SADX modding, and I'm shifting towards SA2.
  • Thank you to all that downloaded this mod! I highly appreciate the fact that people actually liked this mod. Anyways, just look out for future updates on Modern SA2: CE.
  • I honestly have no idea how to solve this crash. Really sorry guys. And yes, this has always been present since I started adding more textures and sounds to the mod (I believe around v2 or v3). This is also one of the biggest reasons why I’ve moved to SA2 modding; we don’t get this kinda bs happening.
Modern SADX v5.3x RELEASED! 1mo
This ambitious mod pack aims to modernise Sonic Adventure DX.

Character textures have been updated to make the game look and feel like a modern Sonic title. Music and SFX have also been updated. Music and SFX from the modern titles have been imported in the highest quality possible! Even the smallest of detail has been refined and renewed. Some environmental sounds have been updated too! (Most noticeably the wind SFX in Speed Highway and Skydeck, and the sea SFX in Station Square) 

Just a quick disclaimer, the sonic.exe file is basically my version of it, which restores the speed of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Sonic's animations and actions have been changed to look more stylish, and so that you can lightspeed dash by jumping and pressing Interaction/Jump Cancel button. 

Also, in the mod manager, put this mod under the DC conversion mod*
And place HD GUI 2 under it by around 5 spaces to avoid any conflict between the mods.
This mod does NOT come bundled with the sadx-onion-blur mod* (thanks @HamStar for pointing me in the right direction!)


WARNING- WILL TrIgGeR the nostalgic side of the fan base*

Music changes

Emerald Coast 1- End of the Summer (Sonic Runners)
Emerald Coast 2- Go Quickly (Sonic Runners)
Windy Valley 1- Windy Hill Act 1 (Sonic Lost World)
Windy Valley 3- Spring Emotions (Sonic Runners)
Casinopolis 1- Casino Forest (Modern Remix from Sonic Forces) credit:
Icecap 1- Cool Edge - Day (Sonic Unleashed)
Icecap 2- Cool Edge - Night (Sonic Unleashed)
Icecap 3- Green Forest (Sonic Adventure 2)
Twinkle Park 1-Starlight Carnival Act 1 (Sonic Colours)
Twinkle Park 2- Luminous Forest (Sonic Forces)
Speed Highway 1- Arsenal Pyramid 1 (Sonic Forces)
Speed Highway 2- Goin' Down (Sonic Generations, cut shorter due to Sonic's new speed)
Speed Highway 3- Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed)
Red Mountain 1- Westopolis (Sonic Forces Remix for Episode Shadow)
Red Mountain 2- Egg Gate (Sonic Forces)
Lost World 1- Network Terminal 1 (Sonic Forces)
Lost World 2- Network Terminal 2 (Sonic Forces)
Final Egg 1- Eggmanland Day (Sonic Unleashed)
Final Egg 2- Eggmanland Night (Sonic Unleashed)
Adventure Fields
Station Square- Spagonia Day and Night (Sonic Unleashed)
Mystic Ruins- Empire City Night Hub (Sonic Unleashed)
Egg Carrier- Eggmanland Entrance Hub (Sonic Unleashed)
Mini Games
Sky Chase- Tornado Defence - 1st Battle (Sonic Unleashed)
Sand Hill- Lost Valley (Sonic Forces)
Twinkle Circuit- Special Stage (Sonic Generations 3DS)
Speed Up- Fist Bump for Null Space (Sonic Forces, just an edit)
Invincible- Invincibility (Sonic Generations)
Timer- Drowning (Sonic Colours)
Continue- Will You Continue? (Sonic Generations)
Mission Clear- Town Mission complete (Sonic '06)
Strain- Sonic Lost World Opening Cutscene
The Past- Wisp's Homeworld (Sonic Colours)
Good-bye!- Yacker's Goodbye (Sonic Colours)
Sadness- The Light of Hope (Sonic Forces)
Unbound- My Dear Friend (Sonic Unleashed)
Start screen- Sonic Runners start theme (Beyond the Speed of Sound edit)
Title 1 (main menu theme)- Ambition (Sonic Runners), from Version 2.0
Options- Collection Room (Door Into Summer) (Sonic Generations)
Trial- Mission (Balloon Park) (Sonic Generations)
Character Select- Options Menu (Sonic Generations, but this is basically the Team Select song from Heroes remixed for Generations)
Sonic- Sonic Appears (Sonic '06)
E102 Gamma- Throw it All Away (Sonic Adventure 2, with less ear rape)
Eggman- Eggman's theme (Sonic '06)
Tikal- Death Egg Robot Phase 2 (Sonic Forces)
Super Sonic- Fist Bump (Instrumental) (Sonic Forces, with added Chaos Emerald sound effects to mimic the modern title's sfx for Super Sonic)

Everyone else's theme hasn't changed, but the audio encoding has been updated to the latest WMA format at 48000Hz, highest kpbs- WMA 10. So you'll be hearing higher quality old songs. And it sounds C L E A N.
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Basically, don't even think about re-uploading this mod, claiming it's yours. Just don't. It's a really stupid move tbh.

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