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Improved Hl2&Episodic Combat Difficulty.

A Mod for Half-Life 2


Final version
  • BugFix Reduced damage from gunship and antlion guard; increased damage/radius for hand/smg grenades;increased hunter health;other minor changes.
  • BugFix updated readme, fixed sk_npc_dmg_gunship; other minor changes.

This mod makes this game more challenging.

Well, this is it! Final Version. Now you can enjoy this mod on hard difficulty without annoying damage from gunship and instant kill from antlion guard. (But, striders in hl2 still overpowered, cuz, they don't have any CVars responsible for their damage. Anyway, episode one and two has much better balance and abilities for npc's than hl2
ever had). Now, this mod pretty balanced for any difficulty level. I made enough mistakes when I tried too much move away from the original balance, but, anyway I Am satisfied with the final results.]

This is not some kind of ultra-hard mode, it's rather an attempt to make the original balance more... balanced?

If you think that the game is too easy for you, I think this mod is perfect for you.
Note: this mod does not improve AI, enemies accuracy/reaction or something like this. Only damage/hp/ammo values, which are available through the developer console.

You can choose (in game) any difficulty level:

Easy - originally "old" medium level.
Medium - originally "old" hard level.
Hard - New hard mode - skill required (Don't worry, you are still able to oneshot combine soldier with 357).

Features and Major Changes:


New ammo/clip size for pistol,shotgun and ar2.
* (optimal) Shotgun (8/40).
* (optimal) Pistol (20/100).
* Reduced pulse-rifle energy balls number from 3 to 1.

* Number of pellets per shot from shotgun was reduced from 7 to 6 (for player and npc's).
* Pistol damage increased from 5 to 6.
* Damage for "optimal" shotgun reduced from 8 to 6 per pellet.
* Damage from grenades reduced from 150 to 120.
* Smg grenade radius reduced from 250 to 220.
* Increased crossbow damage from 100 to 120.
* Increased damage from airboat gun from 3 to 4.

* Healthkit/battery now give you only 20 hp/ap.
* Health/Suitcharger now give you only 60 hp/ap.


* Reduced number of rockets required to kill Strider on easy/medium difficulties from 5/7 to 3/5.

* Increased health regeneration delay for Alyx, Barney, Father Grigori, Vortigaunt (ep2) from 0.2 to 1.

* Damage from sniper increased from 20 to 30.

* Metro Cops now always have default (40) hp regardless of the game stages.


* Combine Soldier health increased from 50 to 60.
* Damage from grenade reduced from 75 to 60.

* Combine Elite health increased from 70 to 90.
* Damage from energy ball increased from 15 to 25.

* Increased Hunter health from 210 to 300.
(but, bullet/buckshot resistance reduced from 40/50 to 20/40).

* Increased Zombie health from 50 to 70.

* Increased Poison Zombie health from 175 to 200.

* Increased Antlion swipe damage from 5 to 10.
* Increased Antlion jump damage from 5 to 10.

* Reduced Antlion Worker burst damage from 50 to 30.

* Increased APC health from 750 to 1000.
* Increased damage from APC rockets from 15 to 25.


* Increased Gunship damage per hit from 3 to 5.

* Increased Helicopter health from 5600 to 10000.

* Increased Antlion Guard health from 500 to 1000.
* Increased Antlion Guard shove damage from 10 to 20.
* increased Antlion Guard charge damage from 20 to 40.


* Reduced Citizen health from 40 to 30.

* Reduced Vortigaunt health from 100 to 70.


Valve npc's weapons damage system (aka 3 damage per hit from smg1, ar2, pistol, etc...) did not change at all (because, it's works very well), but, the damage multiplier has been changed.

Updated difficulty system:

1 - easy. 2 - medium. 3 - hard.

1.00 = 100 %

Ammo pickups           
sk_ammo_qty_scale1  "1.00"  (valve - 1.2)
sk_ammo_qty_scale2  "1.00"  (valve - 1)
sk_ammo_qty_scale3  "1.00"  (valve - 0.6)

Damage from all sources (npcs, fall damage, etc...)
sk_dmg_take_scale1  "1.00" (valve - 0.5)
sk_dmg_take_scale2  "1.50" (valve - 1.0)
sk_dmg_take_scale3  "2.00" (valve - 1.5)

Damage to the npc's
sk_dmg_inflict_scale1  "1.25"
sk_dmg_inflict_scale2  "1.00"
sk_dmg_inflict_scale3  "0.75"


* Strider in hl2 is overpowered, 15 dmg per shot, but first shot actually does not cause damage; in episode 1&2 - 5 dmg per hit, but, with better accuracy and firing speed. Also, in the episode one, damage from strider depends on the player's health:
the less health - the less damage (from 5 to 2).

* Episodic combine soldiers has better accurace with pulse-rifle.

* Sniper in hl2 always make "base" damage to player, regardless of difficulty level.
When in episode 1&2 he make double shot plus additional damage depending on the difficulty level,
 "Base damage" + "base damage" x "damage multiplier" = "total damage". 

* Antlion Guard has damage resistance from bullets (-75%) and buckshot (-50%).

* Combine Soldiers and Zombies receive only x2 damage from headshot.
When Metrocop, Citizen, Alyx, Barney, Father Grigori receive x3 damage.

* Hunter receives additional damage (+15%) from 357 regardless of bullets resistance.(Crossbow bolts have the same damage penalty as bullets - only for hunter).

Well, thats all.

Have fun.                                                                                         P.S. Sorry for bad English.



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    Pretty good, but it does not go too far, maybe if it increases the damage of the smg in the npcs, and increases the accuracy of the ar2 in short and medium distances (in long only the npcs), but the real problem is the AI

    Sorry for my English


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