CS:Source, NoBlock and You!

A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

Metamod: Source, Sourcemod and the NoBlock plugin are intended to be used as part of a DEDICATED SERVER configuration.

However, when you run CS:Source solo (using the 'create server' option), your PC IS the server (called a 'listenserver) and valve has provided the file listenserver.cfg which loads at the beginning of a map/match so you can configure your game to your liking.

So you can use the NoBlock plugin clientside with your listenserver so that you and the bots can pass through each other and avoid many aggravations.

Unlike DEDICATED SERVER configurations, to use the NoBlock plugin clientside/listenserver (solo play) you have to add a line of code to your file \cstrike\gameinfo.txt (in addition to adding appropriate install/files for metamod: source, sourcemod and NoBlock plugin).

Only problem is that changing this file will prevent you from playing online. So, if playing online is important to you, there are two methods for dealing with this issue:

1. Create alternate versions of gameinfo.txt in your \cstrike folder by changing/using different extensions (.ALT, .ORIG, etc.) and then renaming the original version of the file according to your current config/usage. Example; When you want to play online, rename gameinfo.txt (original, unaltered version) to gameinfo.ORIG, then rename gameinfo.ALT (which has the added line of code) to gameinfo.txt then when you want to play solo, rename gameinfo.txt to gameinfo.ALT and rename gameinfo.ORIG to gameinfo.txt.

2. OR you can run a LAN SERVER (Dedicated Server configured to NOT accept connections from outside/internet) configured with NoBlock and keep your client files clean and ready for online play without having to change anything on your PC. This is fairly simple because you only need a free ethernet port on your WiFi/router, an appropriately lengthed Cat6 cable (for best results don't use wifi connection for a server) and an available PC. I use a small, five year-old Asus laptop. The server PC does not draw the game, so it doesn't need to have a Graphics/Video expansion card installed to work properly. Please see Valve Developer Community for instructions on installing and setting up Source Servers. The process is designed to be fairly simple so anyone can do it that has the information.


The only difference between a Source Internet server and a Source LAN Server is that the LAN server doesn't accept outside connections from the internet for online play. This option is configured, primarily, with the cvar command: sv_lan 1 (change to 0 to allow internet connections) but who will be able to connect and play on your server also involves other config options such as sv_pure 0/1 (controls whether clients must have pure version of game files) and, for internet/online servers, having all required ports forwarded "open" from your router.

The NoBlock plugin I use has options for teammates, grenades AND hostages (the plugin commands toggle solid/not solid).

The line of code needed by \cstrike\gameinfo.txt so that NoBlock will work in SOLO play is:  gamebin |gameinfo_path|addons/metamod/bin

Best to add after/under 'SearchPaths'. 

***NOTE***To ACTIVATE the NOBLOCK Plugin during gameplay, you must enter certain commands or add them to your config file (ie: listenserver.cfg for Solo play and server.cfg on your Dedicated Server). These commands are:

sm_noblock 1 //console command is !block //0 for solid teammates

sm_noblock_allow_block 0 //Whether players can toggle NoBlock by using !block command

sm_noblock_hostages 1 //hostages get stuck and in your way A LOT LESS //0 for solid hostages

sm_noblock_nades 1 //your grenades will no longer bounce off your teammates heads and hit you in the face //0 for solid grenades

Please see example files.

If the files I've provided here become outdated and stop working, please reference:

Metamod: Source: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Installing_metamod:sou...

Sourcemod: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Installing_sourcemod

***NOTE*** There are several NoBlock plugins available; the one I use hasn't changed for several years. So, if you have trouble finding and/or downloading the NoBlock plugin, YOU CAN PROBABLY STILL USE THESE NOBLOCK FILES even if you have to install new versions of metamod and sourcemod.

//End of File

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