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TweakeDoom v5.3 Full - Doom 3

A Mod for Doom 3


TweakeDoom v5.3 2d
  • Tweak v5.3 (Full) - by Dafama. (11-07-2k20) - Fixed all RoE files, now works perfect. - Updated shaders to the latest. - Updated A.I. scripts. - Fixed bugs.
The D3XP version of TweakeDoom has been fixed, now the weapon keys work fine and toggle to the key it should be.
TweakeDoom v5.2 Full 2mo Addition TweakeDoom v5.1 Full 2mo Addition TweakeDoom v5.03 update 2mo Addition TweakDoom v5.02 update 2y Improvement
Tweakedoom v5.3 by HaVoK3 (11-07-2k20)

- Now updated by Dafama -

Installation :

To install the mod, just extract the pk4 file in your Doom 3 "base" folder OR create a new folder in your Doom 3 (game, not the "base" folder) and put the file inside. By doing the second technique, you should be able to select or deselect the mod in the Doom 3 menu.


This mod tweaks many different aspects of Doom 3 game, not only this, also, increases difficulty making it a challenge to beat, the gameplay is much faster, more smooth, all weapons had been tweak for work smooth, fast and much more powerful than the original, the monsters are more powerful too and faster, also, even there is an optional .pk4 file that is disabled by default, its name is rename to end in .pk4 to enabled again, but, be warned, the monsters will KILL you if you are not the best marine !!!

There is gamex86.dll libraries for both v1.3.0 and v1.3.1 versions for each Doom 3 and Doom 3 v1.3.1 + ROE, so the game can be played on both, just rename the .zip to end .pk4 to enabled one version or rename .pk4 to end in .zip to disabled again the separate package like for example this if renamed to end in .pk4 would enabled the game for ROE if used the .cmd command that came for load the mod into ROE, if not, disabled again and load the mod into normal base Doom 3 with this file named ending in .zip and this zzz_game_zbloom_v131.pk4 enabled for Doom 3 base with v1.3.1 support, and so on, its easy, ok ?

Enjoy the new challenge, this mod is compatible with official maps and can work with other user made maps, too, so try it and play it, i do the same already !

At this time, still i am not able to get shadows on muzzleflashes on this mod, i don't know the reason why this mod resists to do that ?¿?

News :

v5.3    (Full) - by Dafama. (11-07-2k20)
    - Fixed all RoE files, now works perfect.
    - Updated shaders to the latest.
    - Updated A.I. scripts.
    - Fixed bugs.

v5.2    (Full) - by Dafama. (21-05-2k20)
    - Bettered the shaders, less oil effect.
    - Better particles fx on chaingun.
    - Fixed a lot of bugs.
    - Changed the key for toggle flashlights on and off, before was the reload key, now is _BUTTON5, bind a key to it.
    - Added OneReloadShotgunX to Twekedoom.
    - Fixed all D3XP files again, i hope there is no bug now.

v5.1    (Full) - by Dafama. (10-05-2k20)
    - Better Shaders.
    - Fixed bugs.
    - Added two optional double barrel shotgun for TweakeDoom mod, one is the default and the other is the "Perfected" style.
    - z Bloom is the bloom this mod uses now.

v5.03 (update) - by Dafama. (22-11-2k18)

-Added two files that where missing on previous update v5.02, containing the Vulcan and Protonyde optional weapons.

v5.02 (update) - by Dafama. (14-10-2k18)

-New shaders.
-Railgun is the default added weapon, but can be changed to the Vulcan or Protonyde, but not all at the same time.
-Reworked all weapons.
-D3XP version tested and fixed, works fine now !
-Many new features and changed i don't remember now.
-Lots of bug fixes.

v5.01 (update) - by Dafama. (26-02-2k18)

-Enhanced the SMC300 submachinegun.
-Fixed flashlight problems on some weapons.
-Bettered the raise sounds on most weapons.
-Removed the special fist.
-Removed the Vulcan and the Protonyde weapons.
-Now the grenades are BFG grenades !!!
-Fixed some small bugs.

v5.00 (update) - by Dafama. (01-04-2k17)

-Added the railgun to be toggable from the plasmagun.
-The SubMachinegun that replaces the flashlight, now uses pistol ammo bullets.
-Now, the Protonyde and Vulcan weapons uses shells ammo.
-The pistol weapon now is green color.
-The BFG has a green part visible in the dark, even.
-New fire sounds for plasma weapon (optional).
-New fx that spreads blood from body parts when hit !
-Lowered a little bit the volume for the pistol fire sound.
-Glasses are fixed, at last !
-Soda machines now look even better !
-Better looking planet Mars on the main menu.
-Flashlight for the shotgun returned.
-SMC300 have now a clip size of 90 bullets.
-Plasmagun have now a clip size of 50 bolts again.

v4.99 (full) - by Dafama. (10-03-2k17)

-Updated shaders.
-Now every ammo has its own sound (IDO).
-Updated & Fixed some models.
-Now, the Railgun has its own gui on a green color.
-Fixed zombie commando squishes sounds.
-Added new (Q3) sound for the grenade explosions.
-Each weapon has its own skin, color, gui and sound !
-Added a green point to the chaingun.
-Fixed small generic bugs.

v4.98 (update) - by Dafama. (29-03-2k15)

-NEW Soda machines with brighter colors !
-Machinegun smooth skin, not like before, the GUI looks better too.
-Lowered the fire sounds for the machinegun, too noisy !
-Added brilliant skins for the BFG, Plasmagun and Chaingun (barrel only).
-Fixed ZCommando_CGun muzzleflash fire.
-Max. ammo for CGun increassed, max. ammo for MGun decreassed.
-Mancubus and Revenants now make muzzleflashes when firing at anything !
-Fixed GUI's colors for different weapons.
-Changed clipsize for machinegun to 75 and smc300 to 50.
-SMC300 does not gib anymore.

v4.97 (update) - by Dafama. (22-03-2k15)

-Changed some decals colours for the extra weapons like Protonyde or Vulcan.
-Updated NewAI, small bug removed, bettered the Wraith demon.
-Added sound flesh on all weapons damage definition, more realistic.
-Fixed .DDS files not working in DDS graphic mode.
-Fixed too much recoil on both BFG and RocketLauncher weapons.

v4.96 (update) - by Dafama. (12-8-2k14)

-Updated NewAI, zombies gib in 20 seconds and demons dodge and jump more and not just on pain, unlike before.
-Updated weapons guis.
-Updated monster_demon_wraith for to be more aggressive.

v4.95 (internal update) - by Dafama. (21-1-2k14)

-Better calibration of machineguns, plasmaguns and chainguns.
-The two machineguns now use a better mounted flashlight.
-NewAI added to the mod.

v4.9 (update) - by Dafama. (14-7-2k13)

-Enhanced plasmagun fire light.
-Now plasmagun firerate is slower now, it was too fast before and made the game a no challenge, but velocity at the fireballs fly had been increassed to compensate.
-Fixed protonyde firing.
-Fixed vulcan firing.
-both protonyde and vulcan weapons now eject shotgun shells, they are big weapons that inflic big damage.
-SMC300 is faster but do more spread than machinegun that isn't as fast, but do less spread and have big clip.
-SMC300 substitutes the flashlight, so there is no other way to access it than to click the flashlight button.
-Fixed and enhanced the physics for handgrenade, now is very realistic bouncing.
-Added effect for soulcube idle anim.
-Railgun fixed and does better lights fx on the place that where hit by the weapon.
-Removed mounted flashlight from shotgun and pistol weapons.
-Revenant rockets inflicts more damage now, before where underpowered.

v4.8 (update) - by Dafama. (13-6-2k13)

-Increassed damage on machinegun, chaingun, plasmagun and shotgun, they where all underpowered.
-Made the lights for pistol, machinegun and shotgun more smaller.
-Increassed radius of plasmagun light.
-Added brilliant textures to all weapons models.
-Fixed double barrel shotgun on ROE.
-Fixed GUI title for this mod on ROE.
-Bettered debris for pistol, machinegun, chaingun and shotgun weapons.
-Fixed and added up to 3 fire clipsize to the railgun weapon.
-GUIs with some differences for each weapon, so they not look the same exact.

v4.7 (update) - by Dafama. (24-4-2k13)

-First of all, this is only an update, it requires the full v4.6 to be installed first, then install this update over it overwritting everything and youre done. :D
-Updated ZSec and Turret for use the same fire sounds as the player new machinegun sounds.
-Updated and enabled rbloom library to work on both v1.3.0 and v1.3.1.
-Added last shell eject on shotgun weapon after 'cric crac' ! ;D
-Now Fat zombies give the Vulcan weapon, too !
-Now backpacks give all new weapons on D3 base and on ROE gives also the double shotgun.
-Fixed melee range on both Maggots and Wraiths, was too low.
-Fixed doom_events.script, the rbloom library doesn't like getidealweapon, so i commented out.
-In the D3 base version i have need to remove the flashlight to be able to add the Vulcan weapon because there's a limitation of 15 weapons, but on ROE i keep both.
-New music for both main menú and in game menú.
-New cool look for the main menú turning planet Mars render model.
-New loading screen while loading generic maps without a custom one.
-Fixed GUI Chaingun weapon.
-Made all new weapons now be forced to auto reload (because all are killer weapons with low clip sizes).
-Made Vulcan and Protonyde go faster.
-Fixed again all new weapons ammo & clip sizes.
-Chaingun spins faster now.
-Updated D3XP (ROE) .pk4 because in the end, when you get used to this mod, is better to use the smc300 mounted flashlight than the flashlight, so from now, ROE uses the same system and the flashlight gets removed too.

v4.6 - by Dafama. (18-4-2k13)

-Fixed scary Pinky, now can enter inside normal doors.
-Fixed Zsec Shotgun, the damage for the shotgun was set to "", now is set to "3" (default).
-Added Bloom library for ROE also, with support for both v1.3.0 and v1.3.1
-Fixed all Chaingun and BFG based weapons, fixed particles ending in .ptr to the correct .prt.
-Fixed ammo clip size and available check in some weapons.
-Added a mounted smaller flashlight to Machinegun, Smc300 and Shotgun, can be toggled by Reload key.
-Both weapons mounted flashlights and flashlight are toggled off by default.
-Enabled Empty animation on pistol weapon.
-Added small flashlight to Pistol too, can be toggled with Reload key, like the shotgun and machinegun.
-Small enhancement on Plasmagun and Railgun weapons
-Fixed D3XP compatibility add-on .pk4 file mod.
-Fixed GUIs for weapons.
-Made weapons exchange more accessible and faster now.
-Fixed pistol bug using wrong muzzleflash.
-Enabled Empty animation support for the BFG weapon.
-Changed the machinegun fire sounds, because i am tired of so weak default sounds enhanced or not, now it has the much powerful sounds from Bloom mod.
-Also changed the chaingun fire sounds from another more powerful sounds from Bloom mod.
-Changed offset for all new guns.
-Fixed low ammo on all new guns.
-Fixed hand grenade weapon to automatically throw after start a map, now is need to press fire button again, but is faster and if pressed long, it throws the grenade far.
-Bettered the fists for be able to make a double punch if also is pressed the fire button after the weapon key.
-Enabled Vulcan weapon.
-Fixed sounds for Vulcan, Protonyde, SMC300 and RailGun.
-Added support for D3XP on base mode too !
-Fixed Nerve bug on Grabber weapon, now when the GUI is blue, it makes light.
-Added kind of muzzleflash to flashlight, try to hit a zombie, its scary ! ;D
-Addapted both hand grenade and fists timing.

v4.5 - by Dafama. (12-10-2k9)

-Updated shaders.
-Fixed materials, particles and fx.
-Fixed sounds and shakes.
-Enhanced and fixed weapons.
-Auto Grenade with the press of a key, thanks to TRSGM for the idea.
-Auto Fists, also inspired by TRSGM DentonMod3 auto-grenade weapon.
-Fixed & Enhanced optional patches.
-Player starts with the pistol because Fists are auto.
-Increased Cacodemon turn rate a little from 150 to 180, much better now.
-Removed unused Radar code (yet) from Plasmagun weapon.
-There may be Monsters and Zombies per level, now !

v4.4 - by Dafama. (6-8-2k9)

-Optional NEW latest zBloom .dll library coming in both v1.3.0 and v1.3.1 patched form.
-Fixed optional .pk4s packs of weapons on Patches folder into the tweakedoom folder mod.
-Fixed Id software small bugs on BFG & CGUN weapons related to .ptr that it should be .prt
and that it is by now.
-Removed old glprogs folder and replaced by my newest Cool shaders, also they are placed in
an optional way, so it can be enabled or disabled just by renaming or moving its .pk4 file.
-Fixed muzzleflashes and bettered them to look more spectacular (F.E.A.R. style), also they
cast shadows from now.
-Fixed lights/flashlight.tga small artifacts.
-Decreased and quicked up all bullet explosion effects lights on all weapons for optimization
-Added more smoke effects attached to big projectiles like BFG, Plasmagun, Rocketlauncher,
Handgrenade and Soulcube.
-Small optimization to Rocketlauncher script.
-Added better cursor GUI.
-Bettered sounds on Hell1 level.
-Added a couple of good sounds from various mods to an already good ones on this mod, anyway,
no one have been replaced.
-Increased Mancubus turn rate a little bit from 120 to 160, more efficient.
-Increased flashlight radius a little.
-Increased melee distance on fists, flashlight and chainsaw to be more realistic respectively
to each one.
-Added optimized faster version of doom_util.script.
-Now, all extra custom weapons added by this mod (Railgun, Smc300, Protonyde) and optionally
Vulcan weapon are loaded and active.
-Zombie Fat & Fat2 drops all this new custom weapons when he dies, so the player will have
access to all them from the first levels (that allow weapons) of Doom 3 !
-Fixed Armor Security small bug, now it only gives armor, not also health !
-Fixed Zsec_Machinegun and specially ZCommando_CGun muzzleflashes being too low, they both
have its light radius increased as it should be.
-No Soulcube on Nightmare, Machinegun available on it instead.
-Now Fists, Flashlight, Chainsaw, Soulcube and PDA items, all can be toggled by now.

v4.2 <--> v4.3 - by Dafama.

-This was an internal version/revision with mostly fixes many bugs.
-And take contact with the feel & style of this mod, so i do not break it later on.

v4.1 - by HaVoK3.

-This is the first update from v4.0 to v4.1 by HaVok3.
-The Railgun Returns... tweaked.
-New graphicals tweaks.
-Stronger Player.
-More Difficult Game.
-More Weapon Equilibration to preserve Gameplay.
-Corrected Many Bugs.
-Sorry to be so late !

v4.0 - by HaVoK3.

-Full latest v4.0 of this great mod.

Details :

Technical :

-Lighter Def Files (Deleted useless things like lines or spaces).
By doing this, I've noticed a little Loading time boost. Maybe Useless on some computers, but it works on mine and on few other computers I've tested.

Weaponry :

-The Pistol deals a little bit more damage and have a 18 bullets clip
-The Shotgun spread cone is bigger (to be more realistic, more Spas12...) and a bit stronger
-The Machinegun is a little bit faster
-The Chaingun spread cone is a little bit bigger and stronger
-The Grenade explosion radius is smaller
-The PlasmaGun is a little bit faster but weaker
-The Rocket Launcher explosion radius is smaller but it's stronger
-The BFG explosion radius a little bit smaller
-The SMC300 is a bit faster but weaker and have a 50 bullets clip
-The Protonyde is a lot stronger, have a bigger spread cone and uses 16 Belt Ammo per shot
-The Railgun is stronger but slower (between the 2 shots) and uses 16 Plasma Cells per shot

Graphics :

-The Weapons that uses bullets displays short lights effects when hitting any surfaces (wall, ceiling, enemies, actors...):

    The Pistol
    The Shotgun (I know, this weapons doesn't use bullets but shells. It does the effect too.)
    The Machinegun
    The Chaingun (I've put a patch that removes this effect which needs strong Graphics Cards)
    The SMC300 (There's a patch too, the SMC300 eats more resources than any weapon in this MOD, so...)
    The Protonyde (The light is displayed in a short time, so it doesn't affects too much the performance)

-The Grenade and Rocket Launcher have a bigger Light effect (proper to them)
-The BFG exploding light effect is a lot bigger and tweaked to display a White Light on the Corpses (near to the explosion)
-The Railgun explosion effect is a lot bigger and have a Rocket Launcher mtr (I've forgot the real name, sorry) explosion effect and the gun's head smokes a little bit after a shot. (See by yourself if you didn't understand... I'm proud of myself)
-The Weapons that uses bullets makes sparks when hitting a surface (and not an actor)
The Weapons (BFG) or Things (like lava, fire) that uses the Heat Hazes are Tweaked to be a little bit more Realistic (bigger, more hazes)
-A better light render (the light are optimized, in glprogs files and in a autoexec.cfg file)

Sound :

-New Pistol Shoot Sound
-The Railgun's Hum Sound Volume has been Raised
-The SMC300, Protonyde and Railgun have new sounds

Gameplay :

-The Monsters Melee Attacks are tougher
-The Monsters are stronger (hits harder, deals more damage, more resistant)
-The Pinky is a lot more resistant and headhsots are less effective (his head is very big)
-The Wraith is now harder to kill (silent teleport, moving more)
-The Cyberdemon is now vulnerable to other weapons (like the "real" cyberdemon) and have a bigger health 12000 (6 Soul Cube attacks)
-The Bosses Health are a lot bigger
-Headshots are more effective (some Bosses included)
-Re-Ajusted Mass for monsters (For a better Physics Animation)

New FX :

-Added Screen Shakes when fire a weapon (the punch, flashlight, soulcube and pistol aren't concerned)
-Added new effects on few weapon :

    The Grenade's Explosion Effect have been tweaked since Tweakedoom 3
    The Plasmagun's Plasma Balls Impacts have now image distorsions (rounded)
    The BFG fire effect have a complete image distorsion
    The Railgun Explosion Effects have modified (Fire-Plasma Like) and a image Distorsion (Heat Effect)

There is a Second Pack, for those who finds that the Protonyde is not very fun to play. In the Second Pack, you'll find a replacement for the Protonyde, the Vulcan.

To Get the new weapons, you'll have to type some commands in the console (better bind them no ?) :

    give weapon_smc300
    give weapon_protonyde
    give weapon_vulcan
    give weapon_railgun


-The New Textures only works on Doom3 High Settings (Option Menu)
-When I've added the screen shakes at fire (sndshd files), the game estimates them as bugs but aren't. Don't worry, the console display them only once.

To Apply the Second Pack, just extract it in the same place you installed Tweakedoom4.
For the Dynamic Lights Disabler Patch, just extract the .pk4 files you want to use in the same folder where you installed Tweakedoom4.

PS : I'm sorry to make this MOD so late, I had some... Hard Disk Problem's (For those who really cares *again*, I had to throw away my old HD, and to rebuild a new Tweakedoom MOD).

By doing this mod, I wanted to include many weapons. But everytime that I try a new one, I think that it won't be fun, or it's useless or... well, I only keeped one "new-new" weapon, the Vulcan.

List of weapon I did, but didn't include (if someone wan't me to make Weapon Packs, I can, just ask for it) :

-Tripod Launcher :
    some kind of multi-rocket launcher, use like mines because the rocket are slow

    Big F*cking RailGun... the name said everything

-Berserk Hands :
    One punch, one dead.. not really funny.

-Sniper Rifle :
    A ballistic copy of the Railgun

-Delirium :
    A gun that propulses the enemy. Uses the Mass props and does not damage. Wanated to include a big wave (image     distorsion) on impact... a Candy-Eye Weapon

-Flare-Grenade :
    Already created by other Modders but I found it useless for this Mod. I included light explosions when a bullet hits     a surface. Just spare some ammo for a little bit light...

-Rocket Jump :
    The Rocket Explosion Damage was set to 0 and whan the players "shoots his feet", he was propulsed very high...     Useless in Doom3 Levels.

-UltraBall :
    I used the Grenade Model to make some kind of High-Speed ball that travels straight, and explodes only after 3     seconds and not by contact. The Doom Marine throws it like a Normal Hand Grenade but the UltraBall Acts like a     rocket.

-Grenade Launcher :
    The name means all. Rocket Launcher Model and Grenades as Projectiles... Useless because the Hand Grenade is a     equivalent of this weapon.

Thanks to Maha-X for his amazing BLOOM .dll library that adds BLOOM and (kind of) HDR to Doom 3 !

If someone wants to contact me, there's my E-mail : (yup, stills Xaero007 for my mail...)

(For those who really care, I'm just Xaero007... changed the nickname)

Also i am Dafama and because now i work on this updates for this great mod, i want to share my email to everyone...:


  • 2d insert_drive_file requires Doom 3 v1.3.1 or higher !
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