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A Mod for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero


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  • Improvement Added missing Counter-Strike Online maps and overhauled its mission pack; quality improvements to the Deleted Scenes pack and many bug fixes; see additional notes for change log

Version 1.00  (2018-04-25)
- Added de_mirage_cso, de_skyscraper_cso, de_wintershelter_cso, dm_bunnyyard_cso, dm_farero_cso and dm_parking_cso to Counter-Strike Online map pack
- Added de_vostokxmas_cso as an optional map to Counter-Strike Online map pack
- Added Terrorist player model variants to the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes mission pack based on Ritual player models
- Added Phoenix Connexion variant to Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Beta mission packs that looks more like the player model in the original Counter-Strike
- Added DrugLord player model to Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes mission pack replacing Jujigun
- Added unique SEAL Team 6 player model variant to the Counter-Strike Beta mission pack with a blue outfit like the beta outfit
- Added optional enhancement to show the scenario/game mode for each scenario in the Tour of Duty
- Removed Durah Cell faction from Counter-Strike Beta mission pack; the same model is used as a variant in the Deleted Scenes mission pack
- Removed de_mirage from Counter-Strike Beta mission pack; cs_prison is used in its places
- Redid the Counter-Strike Online mission pack by splitting it into separate Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist mission packs
- Made all player models have brightness adjustments more in line with that of the actual CZ player model textures compared to their Deleted Scenes counterparts
- Fixed the Akunin player model utilizing the wrong AK47 animations
- Fixed the SWAT player model utilizing an older helmet texture
- Fixed Counter-Strike Online player model UV mapping errors in defuse kit and bomb
- Fixed Singapore Armed Forces player model defuse kit covering other packs that are part of the model by removing these if a defuse kit is bought
- Fixed all UV mapping issues in models decompiled by Half-Life MDL Decompiler caused by a bug in the decompiler
- Replaced the map thumbnails for cs_miami_cz, de_truth_cz and de_vostok_cz with their official thumbnails
- Replaced some Counter-Strike Online map thumbnails with higher quality counterparts
- Various improvments to detail texture files
- Various improvments to bot navigation files
- Improvements to the enhanced map descriptions

Version 1.00 7mo

Classic and cut Counter-Strike maps tuned for Condition Zero

This is a pack that includes four mission packs that cover maps that were included in the Counter-Strike Beta, in Counter-Strike between version 1.0 and 1.5, maps that were cut from Condition Zero during its development and finally maps from Counter-Strike Online.


All maps included in the pack have hand tuned bot navigation files, overviews and detail texture support included.

Counter-Strike Beta Map Pack
The Counter-Strike Beta map pack includes the maps as_forest, as_riverside, cs_alley, cs_bunker, cs_desert, cs_docks, cs_facility, cs_hideout, cs_iraq, cs_mansion, cs_prison, cs_ship, cs_shoothouse, cs_station, cs_tire, cs_wpndepot, cs_zoption, de_fang, de_jeepathon2k, de_railroad, es_frantic, es_jail and es_trinity.

The mission pack takes you through all the maps excluding the escape type maps and cs_mansion and de_jeepathon2k. One can choose not to install cs_mansion and de_jeepathon2k by unticking "Optional Maps" during installation.

Furthermore, the mission pack also uses some alternate player models that look more similar to the original Counter-Strike models.

Counter-Strike Map Pack
The Counter-Strike map pack includes the maps as_highrise, as_tundra, cs_arabstreets, cs_thunder, de_foption, de_rotterdam, de_storm2 and de_vegas.

In addition, the mission pack takes you through all Counter-Strike 1.6 maps that didn't get updated for Condition Zero.

Furthermore, the mission pack also uses some alternate player models that look more similar to the original Counter-Strike models.

You can also choose to install the training room maps which were included in the retail version of Counter-Strike. It can be started directly from the main menu, though only in Counter-Strike 1.6.

Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Map Pack
The cut maps portion from Condition Zero, appropriately titled Deleted Scenes covers the following maps:
as_destown_cz, cs_arcticbiolab_cz, cs_miami_cz, cs_penal_cz, de_aztec2_cz, de_canal_cz, de_cityofsin_cz, de_comrade_cz, de_quarry_cz, de_quarry2_cz, de_rubble_cz, de_sienna_cz, de_turth_cz and de_vostok_cz.

The mission pack (where you play as a terrorist) takes you through all the included maps plus de_sienna_cz, de_truth_cz and de_vostok_cz as these maps were not used in the official mission pack (since they were released after the game itself).

It also introduces the Akunin (based on Yakuza) and the Kidotai factions from Counter-Strike Xbox. The Drug Lord faction mentioned in an early preview and the SWAT faction is also included.

Alternate terrorist models looking more like the ones revealed by Ritual Entertainment on the official Condition Zero website are also used. Finally, the special Easter Egg model from Counter-Strike Xbox is also included when playing at higher difficulties.

Counter-Strike Online Map Pack
The Counter-Strike Online portion has all the maps from this game included:
awp_greesia_cso, awp_ruin_cso, cs_camouflage_cso, cs_camouflage2_cso, de_angelcity_cso, de_dazzling_cso, de_dazzlingprtw_cso, de_dazzlingxmas_cso, de_dust0_cso, de_dust2chny_cso, de_mirage_cso, de_rats_cso, de_rex_cso, de_santorini_cso, de_skyscraper_cso, de_toscana_czo, de_turkey_cso, de_vegas_cso, de_wintershelter_cso, de_vostokxmas_cso, dm_ae_cso, dm_aechny_cso, dm_bunnyyard_cso, dm_checkmate_cso, dm_darksnow_cso, dm_dust2_cso, dm_dust2chny_cso, dm_farero_cso, dm_gallery_cso, dm_industry_cso, dm_industry2_cso, dm_kart_cso, dm_parking_cso, dm_port_cso, dm_suzhou_cso, dm_tunnel_cso, dm_union_cso, dm_warehouse_cso, fy_iceworld_cso, ka_champ_cso, ka_moonlight_cso and sg_trainfactory_cso.

One can choose not to install seasonal/promotional maps by unticking "Optional Maps" during installation.

The mission pack actually consists of two separate mission packs where you play as a counter-terrorist and terrorist respectively. These packs combined take you through all the included maps excluding the seasonal maps.

The mission pack also introduces the Asian Red Army (based on Japanese Red Army), National Liberation Campaign (based on Euskadi Ta Askatasuna), Red Beret Condottiere (based on Red Brigades) and Vigilante Corps (based on Irish Republican Army) terrorist forces, and the Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion, Taiwanese Thunder Squad, Japanese Special Assault Team, People's Liberation Army Special Operations Forces and Singapore Armed Forces counter-terrorist forces.

The installer also includes the possibility of installing some bug fixes and enhancements to the game.

Enjoy and report any possible bugs or post suggestions/comments!
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  • Hello, I tried to install this via the installer, but all I get is a bunch of missing textures on the tour of duty screen. The mission pack names aren't even showing up right. Can you please help? Thanks in advance.
    Gaming Guy
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    Still not sure why you only change the knife and the usp-s there is a whole bunch of nicer looking skins in condition zero deleted scenes which would look better in normal cz or even 1.6 surely there was someone who uploaded that pack already in the past here or somewhere else.
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    Ring-A-Ding Rampage
    Glad you submitted this here. After Steam Forums got shut down, links for this on became harder to find.
    I'mma deck you in the schnoz. avatar
    I'mma deck you in the schnoz.
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  • From the looks of it, it sounds nice. But I cannot install it to confirm that.
    I use NON-STEAM and it requires STEAM. Maybe make it Non-Steam too. That way more can enjoy it too.
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