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Duct Tape BFG v2.0a - Doom 3 BFG

A Mod for Doom 3


Duct Tape BFG v2.0a 3mo
  • Improvement v2.0a- Revissed & Bettered all weapons.
Duct Tape BFG v2.0 3mo BugFix Duct Tape BFG v1.9c 3mo BugFix Duct Tape BFG v1.9b 2y Adjustment Duct Tape BFG v1.9a 2y BugFix
Duct Tape D3 BFG NoObEvEr v2.0a by Nighty

Update & Fix by Dafama (16-05-2k20)

Hello all !

Thank for playing with Duct Tape BFG NoObEvEr, modification for Doom 3 BFG


1 : Just copy the ductape folder contained into the .zip file in your Doom3 BFG directory.

2 : Have nice fun !!!!



v2.0a- Revissed & Bettered all weapons.

v2.0 - Fixed many bugs on the lights.

v1.9c- Removed the special reload(); script and leave it the default instead.

v1.9b    - Lowered damage from many player weapons, was waaay too high !!!
    - Made the Sentry more compatible with all maps, even better !

v1.9a    - Fixed an stupid bug in the Sentry that makes them to activate alone and kill every enemys around !!!

v1.9    - New BFG version !!!
    - Added better Sentry.
    - Flashlights can be turned on and off with reload key.
    - Fixed some bugs.

v1.8    - Increassed clip size for chaingun and plasmagun.
    - Added a much better hot effect on the plasmagun.
    - Changed player machinegun fire sound, like a suppression gun, much better now.

v1.7    - Fixed monster_base.script on D3_NEW_AI scripts present into Duct Tape
mod since v1.6.
        - Fixed grenade explosion sound, much better now !
        - Fixed plasmagun fire sound, this is a bug from Id present in the game, but
        now is fixed.
        - Fixed dryfire and reload on most weapons, they no longer stop the fire sound
        , now they play in another channel, so they not stop fire sound anymore.
        - Fixed spread on many weapons.
        - Made Shotgun_Double as completely optional, just rename to end in .pk4 to enable
        or to .zip to disable the file dbshotgun4d3.pk4

v1.6    - Changed flashlights color to a white one but using same wrakelight effect.
        - Fixed cgun stupid bug !
        - Balanced all weapons power, they are all more powerfull but not, too much.
        - Added NEW A.I. for test, check it, try it, use it !!!
        - Added NEW zombie gibbing system, now all gets clean and optimized.
        - Added BETTER Wraith, now is more powerfull and if invisible when die, it
        makes sure to appear first, cool !
        - NEW CGUN, Plasma and BFG weapons GUIs real time reloading, just try it !
        - Added NEW Double Shotgun optinal, it is into the .pk4 file named as
        dbshotgun4d3.pk4 ready for use or rename it to end in
        to disable, oh and remember to disable this same .pk4 file also when using
        this mod in d3xp (RoE) mode.
        - Optimized the ballistic weapons, removed the tracer effect but not the
        tracer sound, so this weapons fire much faster now and inflict more damage.
        - Rocket launcher now really adds and remove one rocket at a time and is
        perfectly visible.
        - Added two maps from SDK, tests/testmap_vehicle and tests/testmap_vehicle2,
        you can try it by open the console in game and type map location/nameofthemap.

v1.5    - Fixed weapons mounted flashlights positions and sizes.
        - Replaced flashlight with a more realistic ones.
        - Fixed flashlights and muzzleflashes colors and sizes.
        - Now all sounds are separated in another optional .pk4 file.
        - The lite version had been eliminated, cause there's no need for it anymore.
        - Weapons tweaked for better.
        - Added no ammo animation to BFG and pistol.
        - Added custom muzzlesmoke and trail for the BFG.
        - Removed bugs.

v1.4 - Flashlight state is always Off if weapons are On and the reverse.
     - Optimized smoke muzzle for all bullet based weapons.
     - Enhanced brass eject.
     - Fixed muzzleflashes, was used "flash" instead of "barrel".

v1.3a - Added now start all weapons with mounted flashlights set to ON by default.
     - Fixed muzzleflashes, now really are like in F.E.A.R., even the colour !
     - Activated no ammo, empty fire to pistol weapon.
     - Optimized all weapons and fixed bugs.

v1.3 - Enhanced muzzleflashes to the best, using fx with shadows a la F.E.A.R. !!!
     - Reduced radius for flashlights.
     - Updated & enhanced all weapons scripts.
     - Now all weapons mounted flashlights can be turned on & off with easy just by pressing reload key inside the flashlight item.
     - Optimized chaingun firing is threaded now and includes Predator style non stop rounding barrel !

v1.2 - Fixed muzzleflash FX bugs, thanks to Billy Perrier for the feedback. :D
     - Added also a lite version for people that just want a flashlight attached to all weapons but no extra features like faster fire rate, more spread or new sounds.

v1.1 - New updated version by Dafama.
     - Added independant muzzleflash to all weapons.
     - Fixed flicker on all mounted flashlights.
     - Updated materials and lights.
     - All weapon mounted flashlights casts shadows.
     - Flashlight on hand have increassed long radius.

v1.0 - Original first release by Nighty.
     - Add a flashlight on all fire weapons, 2 X more powerfull then the standard hand flashlight.
     - Any weapons are modified, the rate of fire, the power, The spread of shotgun, all is more realistic (not more easy, but more realistic).
     - All sound of weapons is modified by more realistic sound.
     - The dead body, stay on the floor.


Why ? :

All series of doom are greats, and the maps of Doom 1 & 2 are liminous,  the fun is always in rendez-vous no ?
Why not in Doom 3 ?


Delete the pak105.pk4 for remove the mod.


Please visit the website of the original creator of basic duct tape Mod :

And my website :


Have nice life everybody



  • 3mo insert_drive_file requires Doom 3 BFG only !
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