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A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source


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  • Feature Forgot to mention that the AUG and MP5 clipin sounds do not match the animation I made the sounds to fit the messed up animations. Only cause the models animations are not touched :P
Quick note! 11mo
secondwind (c) weapon sounds 2018 - "alway's the weapon sound's"

All other sounds (c) Mr.Unknown 2018 - "doors, footsteps, pain & death, ambients etc...

Maybe some texture's and misc thing's are done by us secondwind & Mr.Unknown, if not then we'll put the credit's where needed to be as alway's. We don't rip other people's work, we don't embark are journey's that way!

Most of the other sound's were done by my "unknown" My only  helper he doesn't want to be known... Don't know why! 

So he's called "Mr.Unknown" I know who he is, but besides's that, we've always managed to get a project done, 

though it takes us some good time. We are going to be releasing a lot of thing's we've done over years on games. usually making mods and such for older games trying to bring them back to life, like a second chance... We are now putting all of work together and gonna see what the public think's... Thanks for any feedback appreciated.

---e-mail: ""---

Most ppl we couldn't get ahold of, so we'll put the credits where needed, and usually a link to them. 

This way they are known for their hard work. Had it not been for alot of these creators out there making what they did. I don't think we'd of started ourself's, so thank's again community! "fpsbanana"

Here a link to show you a preview of ingame footage:

"Clipodel" - HD World Pack

"Jotsch" - Re-Origin's Weapon's

"modderfreak" - Vgui Menu
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Robert W
All around guy...
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HD Textures/Normal Maps
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Weapon Re-Orgins
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