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CH4OS LEG4CY (A CH4OS Tribute)

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


Version 0.4a
  • BugFix FIxed issue where Bayonetta would crash the game upon selecting her/starting a match.
  • Addition Lucina can now interrupt Up-B early or spam it (like in CH4OS 1.5)
Version 0.4
  • Adjustment Rage effect slightly increased (now at 1.225x max with 165% being the ceiling)
  • Addition Added Bizarre buffs to Bayonetta, Ike, Kirby, Lucina and Toon Link
  • Adjustment Gave some more buffs (to a lesser extent) to Donkey Kong (increased dashing speed), Falco, Fox, Ganondorf, Meta Knight (more jumps) and Sonic.
OP and Whacky, Unfair and Unbalanced! ...and Revenge!! (Now we're cooking)

This mod serves as a tribute for the original CH4OS: The Unblance Mod. As of now, certain characters are even more broken than ever before (and aims to buff some characters that were somewhat underpowered in CH4OS 1.0 and above. This mod will be great for those who liked the original CH4OS mod (especially if you thought v0.5 and 1.0 were nuts) and for those who would like to troll their friends. You can use and load this mod by itself (vanilla Sm4sh) but I recommend that you use it in conjunction with CH4OS 1.0 (US version) if you have it. EU users can download the mod as a whole (this mod combined with CH4OS 1.0) as of v0.2 onwards. If there are any questions or requests, feel free to comment below or PM me.

Join the CH4OTIC REVENGE Alliance!

Credit goes to: Bagelboyy, It's Just Charlie, PikaArc and all other original developers of CH4OS. For this concept...

Current version: v0.4(a)
See Alternate File Sources  for download as the main download links for v0.1 are no longer available because they are outdated. 

- This is an EU region mod (However, I've included an unpacked version of this mod so you can use LordDakor's region converter for those who live in the US. UPDATE - There are plans to make a full US version (Getting help from LordDakor and the Revenge crew).

- This is a fan based mod which uses the concept of CH4OS but to a greater extent to break game balance. I am NOT affiliated with Bagelboyy. UPDATE - CH4OS modder Its-Just-Charlie has agreed to do some helping out this mod. This mod will be merged with CH4OS 1.0 as Charlie suggested. UPDATE II - Charlie and the Revenge crew are apart of the CH4OS LEG4CY dev team and the mod is becoming official.

- Do not ask me/us to nerf characters as it defeats the purpose of this mod.

- This mod uses the files that were extracted and recycled from CH4OS 1.0 and re-edited by myself using Sm4shCommand and Sm4shexplorer to make them broken. UPDATE: This mod now uses the graphic design, UI etc. of CH4OS 1.0 since they have merged. There are future plans to include more skins and custom music. This can be considered the sequel/replacement to Bagelboyy's original CH4OS mod.  


- Bagelboyy will NOT appreciate it if I gave direct download or archive links to his original CH4OS mods on here (and DO NOT ask for me to post them on here, though he 100% doesn't care about CH4OS). Consider it a plus for those who have already downloaded CH4OS before it got taken down. If you don't have it but still really want the original CH4OS mods, PM me and I'll do my best to be of assistance. UPDATE: As said before, Charlie has suggested for me combine this mod with CH4OS 1.0 to get the full experience. Bagelboyy does not mind what Charlie+Revenge and I do with this mod since it is CH4OS based.


  • Hitbox and Fighter Common SFX has reverted to using Smash 4's instead of how CH4OS used Melee's.
  • Shields deplete even slower when held like in Smash 64 (7.8 to 3.75 depletion per sec.)
  • Brawl's hitstun canceling returns! (Air dodge on frame 13, Aerial on Frame 25)
  • Chain-grabbing is back!
  • NEW! Rage Effect slightly increased - (1.15x to 1.225x max multiplier, 150% to 165% max ceiling)
  • PLANNED for v0.5 - Adding Custom Music
  • PLANNED IN FUTURE - Adding More Skins
  • *v0.4a UPDATE* - It turns out it was her param file that was causing the issues all along, not her moveset files. Thus, it is indeed possible to edit Bayo's moveset hassle free.
  • Bayonetta is beyond that pre-patch nightmare she was.
  • D-air's late lit deals 30 damage.
  • Bullet projectiles deal more damage.
  • All Smashes buffed.
  • Up Throw is an insta-kill (888 damage)
  • Dash attack does more damage.
  • Up Smash is stronger and does more damage.
  • F-Smash now deals extreme damage (when fully or even semi charged, it is most likely going to kill at 0%, also because I thought it was a little too underpowered in CH4OS).
  • Down Throw is once again an insta-kill (like in CH4OS 0.5)
Captain Falcon: 
  • Jab/Gentleman does ludicrous amounts of damage (As in CH4OS)
  • All tilts, smashes and aerials deal about the same damage and power as the vanilla "knee". (As in CH4OS)
  • F-air/"Knee" damage (40 to 44), and is most likely to kill at 0%.
  • Everything else should be the same as in CH4OS 1.0
  • Down B Limit charge is instant (as in CH4OS 1.0)
  • Finishing Touch deals 999 damage (and insta-kills of course)
  • All aerials buffed.
  • Up-air is spammable and can kill way earlier.
Diddy Kong:
  • F-Tilt issues has been fixed and can now hit opponents and paralyze them. It is still turbo.
  • Aerials buffed even more and are lagless.
  • The F-air still ain't fair.
  • Up-air is just plain broken.
  • Banana limit increased to 10
Donkey Kong:
  • Da Dong has been buffed!!!
  • NEW! Dashing speed increased (6 to 7, now having twice the speed of Sonic)
  • Use Spinning Kong while in knockback/hitstun to completely negate momentum like in Brawl.
  • Dash attack has even more knockback than before, sending people flying forward and can kill below 50%.
  • Up Tilt has more base knockback (40 to 45, 50) and is now turbo.
  • F-Smash deals more damage and knockback. (20, 19 damage to 23, 24) (91 growth to 94/97)
  • Up-Smash uses Brawl's knockback formula (30 base, 83 growth to 40 base, 93 growth) and it is even crazier with rage.
  • D-Smash sweetspot no longer buries and now has normal hitbox properties but with increased knockback from vanilla Sm4sh (88 to 100 growth). The sourspot still buries and can spike/likely insta-kill airborne people. It is also spammable.
  • All aerials deals more damage and have less ending lag.
  • Ding dong is more broken than ever (due to DK having 4 jumps).
  • F-air always spikes and is spammable (as in CH4OS).
  • Fully charged Giant Punch deals 50 damage.
  • Headbutt is faster and causes stun (as in CH4OS)
  • Grounded Spinning Kong is stronger and has super armour for it's entire duration. Also has less ending lag.
  • NEW! Aerial Spinning Kong gains more horizontal distance.
  • Hand Slap deals more damage and has significantly increased range.
Dr. Mario:
  • All Smashes buffed
  • Dr. Tornado's last hit will have ridiculous knockback, hitstun and hitlag. It is still a nightmare of paralyzes.
  • Falco uses his Sm4sh voice clips instead of Melee's
  • Fire Bird is a nightmare of fire and the last hit is an insta-kill.
  • NEW! Has 4 Jumps
  • NEW! - "Lasers" are Falcon Punch hitboxes.
  • NEW! - Fire Bird gains way more recovery distance.
  • NEW! - Aerials deal even more damage than before.
  • Up Smash has even more knockback than before (can kill as early as 20%). It is still spammable.
  • Fire Fox is an insta-kill once again (as in CH4OS 0.5)
  • NEW! - Fire Fox gains more recovery distance.
  • NEW! - Has 4 Jumps
  • Oh God....
  • Pretty much a hybrid of CH4OS 0.5 and 1.0 Ganon.
  • Still uses walking and running animations from Melee (as in CH4OS)
  • Dash attack is stronger and has invincibility frames.
  • All smashes deal more damage.
  • Up Smash is lagless
  • F-air deals more damage and knockback (can kill at 40-50%)
  • NEW! F-air has reduced hitlag.
  • D-air deals 999 damage and of course insta-kills (as in CH4OS 0.5)
  • Warlock Punch uses the Obliviate effect once again. Aerial version now deals 666 damage instead of normal.
  • Flame Choke is a GUARANTEED insta-kill again and can insta-kill others close enough to it (Yes, the Obliviate effect is used).
  • NEW! Wizard's Foot deals even more damage and the aerial version spikes. 
  • All Tilts and Smashes buffed.
  • F-air is buffed and a semi-spike (I'm sorry...)
  • Up-air is "helicopter man"
  • Eruption takes less time to charge
  • Fully charged Eruption is an insta-kill.
  • Aerial Quick Draw = Weee!
  • Counter is insanely buffed (8x multiplier)
  • B-air deals more damage (25 to 28) is even more disjointed and the hitbox covers approximately one third the length of FD. (Forgive me)
  • The Puff has really been buffed...
  • Despite what Kirby already had in CH4OS, I felt he is somewhat underpowered... Good news, more buffs!
  • Up Tilt and Dash attack buffed.
  • All Aerials are Ganon's vanilla Warlock Punch hitboxes (As in CH4OS)
  • All Smashes buffed and interruptible
  • Hammer Flip charges instantly.
  • The Hammer itself is pretty much an insta-kill (deals 64 damage)
  • Stone HP set to 100.
Little Mac:
  • Little Mac is still an air fighter but buffed even more... I am sorry...
  • All Aerials have bigger hitboxes and longer durations.
  • D-air is stronger than Ganon's vanilla D-air
  • All Smashes buffed
  • KO meter will fill instantly after taking or dealing damage. (As in CH4OS 0.5)
  • Jolt Haymaker now gains insane vertical and horizontal momentum. Handle with care.
  • Aerial Rising Uppercut is designed to troll the player because I thought it would be funny. Try it out if you dare and don't say I didn't warn you. ;)
  • Lucario now has insane Aura physics; the floor being at vanilla max aura (0%) and the ceiling being ch4otic max, max aura (50%).
  • When at max, max aura, the majority of his moves are pretty much insta-kill.
  • All Tilts, aerials and smashes deal more damage and knockback.
  • Many attacks have different hitbox effects
  • Grab range increased
  • Back Throw spikes
  • Counter is an insta-kill
  • Down Throw does 50 damage (and can kill at 0%)
  • Super/Fire Jump Punch gains more vertical distance.
  • Aerials buffed more.
  • Up-Tilt has fixed knockback and ZERO knockback growth. It is still spammable as hell.
  • F-air is now interruptible
  • Up Smash has more knockback
  • Super Jump Punch gains more vertical recovery distance. Almost goes as high as Super Jump (Custom 1)
  • Fireballs travel faster and stay out longer.
  • F.L.U.D.D. fully charges instantly
  • F.L.U.D.D. has enough pushback to insta-kill.
  • D-air now deals 40 damage.
  • Grab range is full screen (Though you still have to be facing the person and the stage is obstacle free)
  • Counter buffed beyond insanity (dealing 8x damage, min 8 to 16, max 50 to 999)
  • Up Throw kills at 0%
Meta Knight:
  • Oh boy, here we go...
  • MK is in a tier on his own once again just like the good old days... wink, wink...
  • Most sword based attacks should have transcendent priority now.
  • Dashing speed increased
  • NEW! Increased number of jumps 
  • MK can cancel hitstun early with air-dodge, aerials etc. like in Brawl... hehe...
  • Rapid Jab deals 11 damage each (as in CH4OS)
  • F-Tilt 3 has a hitbox size of 100
  • Up and D-tilts are spammable.
  • F-Smash has similar hitbox properties to Ganon's vanilla Warlock Punch.
  • Up Smash kills at 0%
  • Down Smash it spammable. Back hit deals 40 damage.
  • All aerials deal much more damage and are now more spammy than ever before. Up air especially.
  • N-air now comes out frame 2 has the same properties as Falcon's "knee" hitbox.
  • F-air and D-air spikes (as in CH4OS)
  • Up air itself now comes out on frame 1, interruptible as early as frame 2 (if you can even mash that fast), deals more damage and vertical knockback.
  • B-air has increased knockback.
  • Mach Tornado deals more damage, bigger hitboxes and has decreased cool down. Also makes him invincible.
  • Mach Tornado's params now match that of Brawl's
  • Drill Rush deals more damage and now has a higher rebounding jump at the end.
  • Grounded Shuttle Loop's 2nd hit is an insta-kill.
  • Dimensional Cape's "Hold B" attack deals 999 damage and of course insta-kills
  • Up Throw is an insta-kill (and deals 999 damage).
  • Up Taunt is well...   ...interesting...
  • Down Taunt gives items (face right for Heart Container, face left for Warp Star.
  • Basically Brawl Meta Knight on steroids
  • Enjoy your opponent's salt.
  • Great Scott! What in tarnation have I done to Meta Knight?
Mr. Game & Watch:
  • Up Tilt buffed
  • Dash attack buffed and sends people straight forward.
  • B-air last hit buffed and sends people forwards
  • Judge is always a "9" (as in CH4OS)
  • Judge's 9 deals 999 damage, cause why not? Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!
  • Back Throw is an insta-kill and send people forwards (which totally makes sense...)
  • Back throw's angle will be corrected and send people backwards. 
  • Forward smash buffed.
  • D-Tilt does more damage and is still a nightmare of spam.
  • Up-air kills at around 40-50% at mid height. It also has a bigger hitbox and is sped up.
  • F-air does way more damage. F-air CANNOT be edited without causing the game to crash.
  • D-air has been sped up & is lagless, deals 60 damage, has absurd hitboxes and pretty much an insta-kill. 
  • D-Throw into Up air is most likely an instakill. 
  • Gyro limit increased to 100
  • Virtually unlimited Robo Burner fuel
  • Everything else should be the same as CH4OS 1.0
Rosalina & Luma:
  • Luma respawns immediately after getting killed.
  • Luma's HP doubled (50 to 100)
  • Monado effects last for 64 seconds and has no cooldown afterwards.
  • Monado Effects are multipltied by 10. Inspired by this video: ( Credit goes to Vishera Games for this concept. Handle with care as the Monado downgrades are also multiplied for the worse too.
  • Dash animation's startup is an insta-kill (like in CH4OS 0.5)
  • Still 2 fast 4u
  • NEW! D-Tilt spikes.
  • NEW! Aerials buffed even more.
  • 500 Up-B Spring Jumps.
  • Up Throw is an insta-kill
  • D-Throw does 50 damage
Toon Link:
  • All standard, tilts, aerials and smashes are buffed.
  • Arrows deal way more damage and travel faster (111 fully charged)
  • All aerials buffed to insanity, B-air especially.
  • Eggs are insta-kill; they explode, spike and deal 100 damage. In other words they are pretty much mini nukes.

More changes coming soon... hopefully...

Installation: (ignore v0.2 & onwards EU users)

For those who want to combine this mod with CH4OS 1.0. If you have CH4OS 1.0 (EU version), copy and paste it to where you normally keep your mods on your SD card. Next, simply download this mod and locate the patch folder and copy it (don't go into it). Paste it in the exact location to where you pasted CH4OS (in content, but again, do not go into it's patch folder). You computer may ask you "Replace "#" files in destination and click OK. Load it on your Wii U and enjoy! 

v0.2 & onwards (for US users): There is no US packed version of this mod. Instead, download the unpacked version and use LordDakor's region converter and follow his directions (sm4sh explorer needed). Once converted, combine this with CH4OS 1.0 US version using the previous directions above. However, there are future plans to release a full fledged US version.


  • v0.4a FIX Unpacked Addon only 2d old 8 DLs 21 mb
  • v0.3 Unpacked Addon only 13d old 45 DLs 20 mb

Alternate File Sources


Bring back some of the older features CH4OS had for us and break 'em even more
Add Custom Music and More Skins (Help Wanted)


  • 4d
    why does bayo crash my game on 0.4
  • 11d
    wow no credit...    JK I didn't do much to help the mod I was just a main helper so I didn't need any credit but thanks for helping us
  • 12d
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    y'know what

    as much as i resent ch4os for all it's worth now, do what you want

    it's pretty much clear that people are gonna like things that you make even if you end up despising it yourself, and i see no reason to try and stop it, if people like my mess of a mod, then so be it, i'm not gonna try and stop you

    i'm assuming you don't have the files for 1.5 considering you don't seem to mention it or show anything that was in it, and i can supply you with the files for 1.5 should you need them
    A Disgrace to Humanity
  • 12dEdited 12d
    "cough cough"
    ᴰᶦᵈᶰ'ᵗ ˢᵉᶰᵈ ᵉᶰᵒᵘᵍʰ ᵗʰᵃᶰᵏˢ
    210/10 "would download again" if i had any storage left on my sd which i don't which leads me into complaining with the fact that i have a small sd card for my wii u implying i can't afford one which says i don't have the best income in life which is also saying i don't do enough in life to earn enough
    That guy who makes FNAF cancer
  • 13d
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    About MK, I know he can have more than 6 jumps. He has 12 in TR4SH.
  • 29d
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    Break time!
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    Well... uh, prepare Bagel's wrath.
    He will not come with mercy.

    But still, thanks for credit. I loved making this mod, and it's a shame he didn't.
    Out for Revenge.
  • 29d
    ty for no credit ... i made the EU Vers ... of chaos .-.
  • 30d
    can u replicate the same grab stats for pacman that he had in ch4os 1.0 because it comes with an bug that i really think is funny 
    That guy who makes FNAF cancer
  • 30dEdited 30d
    hello, i got two things to say
    1. thank god it's eu
    2. please tell me this be comin to the 3ds

    (edit: ima download dis tomorrow and try it out
    i can't wait
    That guy who makes FNAF cancer


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