AI Myth Mod

A Mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge


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  • Addition AI and graphic enhanced. Play and feel it.
Update V. 1.01 7mo
Tired of Weak AI? Try this mod!

In AI Myth Mod, The longer AI stay, the stronger they are.

This mod is designed to play against AI. But also nice used against players.

We don't chance much or add new shiny unit in this mod because we love it Classic, baby.

Requirement : RA2 Yuri 1.001 Offical patch is fine

New Unit that buildable by Human player are
-Hind Transport for Soviet (3 Infantry Can shoot from Inside)
-Psi-Corps trooper for Russia (Their psi-research was still working)

This mods enhance many things to balance the game, such as..
- Nations of the world now united and have special abilities, just read on loading screen!
- AI are highly enhanced and can build strange buildings, units, and war animal.
- Robot Tank now can be trained (Thanks Steve Jobs, Computer get smarter now!)
- Grand cannon now shoot Powerful Laser instead of laggish outdated ball (No more friendlyfire!)
- Many base defences can gain experience
- Mastermind can deploy and release wave that kill any unit (No more overload issue)
- Terrorist is now in Disguise and armed with Ivan bomb (Closer to real world's)
- Chrono Ivan now throws bomb (He like his new shiny teleport machine away from enemy's stinky foot)
- Missiles from fighters are now deadly
- Initiate now know how to heal himself with mind power(Thanks to new-aggies!) Just deploy them!
- Garrisonable Structure's HP are now enhanced
- And many more

Update!! V. 1.01
-Say goodbye to Easy, Medium, and Brutal AI! The game now have 3 AIs: General Coward, General Rapid, and General Supreme! Every of them are BRUTAL,so sorry for noobs.
-Add some damaging animation when structure get fired with bullets, laser, or electrics weapon.
-After I made Soviet Battle Bunker extremely tough in previous version, It now having reasonable level of toughness(but still tough as hell).
-Battle Fortress and Chrono Legionaire now immune to mind control
-Tank Destroyer's weapon now upgraded!
-Veteran Desolator now leak radiation upon death
-Rocketeer now did not crash upon death (He instead go straight to heaven)
-Warfactory toughness now upgraded (It's warfactory not cheesecake factory you know)
-Floating disk now get smarter and shoot at base defences instead of draining. Why drain Prism tower when 3 shot will take it down?
-Graphic - Debris animation now difference for each type of vehicles
-Each Nation's AI now customized to be more unique. (Try play with each of them and you'll see)


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