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Devang's San Andreas 2017 Pack [Data Files]

A Mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

All rare vehicles spawn in traffic / Tougher gunfights

This is a collection of modded data (.dat) files geared towards longtime players of GTA: San Andreas who are looking for a challenge in future playthroughs. The main highlights of this collection are tougher gunfights and enhanced vehicle spawning in regular traffic.

Here is a breakdown of what the respective files do:


This file maxes out any stat (Stamina, Vehicle Skills, Weapon Skills) etc by doing the action just one. Firing one pistol bullet for example, will maximize the Pistol Skill stat. The only exceptions are Muscle, Fat, and Gambling. Muscle will maximize after a few minutes of physical activity. Gambling and Fat systems are not modified.


Adds additional colours for certain vehicles. Most vehicles have atleast eight colours, which seems to be the maximum colours supported per vehicle. Variant vehicles such as the Beater Glendale and Rancher Lure have their two-tone colour schemes inverted to distinguish them from base models.

cargrp.dat [Requires vehicles.ide]

This is one of the two main files in this modification. Adds various rare vehicles to normal traffic. Care has been taken to place the new vehicles in logical traffic groups. Certain vehicles have been moved or removed from their old groups. All groups are limited to a maximum of 25 vehicles, which seems to be the maximum allowed. All groups are ordered alphabetically or counter-alphabetically to ensure all vehicles spawn somewhere or the other. Gangs also have added vehicles to their list of gang vehicles.

The specific changes can be verified by opening the file with NotePad. The entire changelog significantly inflates this description. Here's a short-list of rare vehicles and where they will spawn.

  • Rich Areas - Euros, Hotring Racer, Monster Truck and Phoenix.
  • Rich Areas Transitional ('Servants') - Rancher Lure, NRG-500, Monster Truck, Hotring Racer and Bloodring Banger.
  • Average Areas Transitional ('Prostitutes') - Buccaneer, Manana and Tampa.
  • Poor Areas - Romero Hearse.
  • Poor Areas Transitional ('Criminals') - Oceanic and Tornado.
  • Industrial Areas - Berkley's Van, Bulldozer and Dumper.
  • Business Areas - FBI Truck.
  • Airports - SWAT Van.
  • Airport Runways - Baggage, Forklift, Sweeper and Tug.
  • Clubbers - Bloodring Banger, Hotknife, Hotring Racer B, NRG-500, Patriot and Phoenix.
  • Entertainers (Las Venturas only) - Same as Clubbers, except Hotring Racer A instead of B.
  • Beaches and Parks - Bandito, Dune Truck, Hotdog, Monster B (Beaches) / Monster A (Parks), Mr Whoopee, Quad Bike and Sandking.
  • Golfers - Kart and Mower.
  • Rural Areas - Hotdog, Hotknife, Monster Truck A, Sandking and Berkley's Van.
  • Desert Areas - Bandito, Dune Truck, Monster Truck B, Mr. Whoopee, Patriot and Quad Bike.

Following is the list of gang cars:

  • Ballas - admiral, bravura, buffalo, coach, freeway, huntley, majestic, nebula, pcj600, pizzaboy, pony, primo, rdtrain, stafford, stretch, tahoma, utility, washing, yosemite.
  • Grove Street Families - bf400, bike, burrito, bus, cadrona, feltzer, flatbed, greenwoo, intruder, landstal, merit, patriot, petro, picador, savanna, sentinel, towtruck, voodoo, wayfarer.
  • Los Santos Vagos - bandito, bloodra, bobcat, duneride, elegant, esperant, hermes, hotrinb, monsterb, mrwhoop, oceanic, phoenix, rancher, rumpo, sanchez, tornado, vincent, willard, windsor.
  • Varrios Los Aztecas - banshee, bfinject, boxville, broadway, glendale, hermes, hotknife, hotrina, hustler, mesa, monstera, mtbike, premier, quad, remingtn, rnchlure, sandking, slamvan, yankee.
  • San Fierro Rifa - blade, blistac, camper, club, comet, dft30, emperor, faggio, fortune, journey, linerun, mule, packer, regina, sabre, sadler, stallion, sunrise, topfun.
  • Da Nang Boys - benson, bmx, buccanee, cement, clover, dozer, forklift, hotdog, manana, monster, moonbeam, peren, previon, romero, solair, tampa, trash, virgo, walton.
  • Triads - alpha, bullet, cheetah, elegy, euros, fcr900, flash, hotring, infernus, jester, newsvan, nrg500, securica, stratum, sultan, supergt, turismo, uranus, zr350.


Fixed the cost of Bloodring Banger to $25000 from $500 (Glendale is $20000 for reference). Certain heavy vehicles capped to 110 Km/h have their speed increased by +10 Km/h (120 Km/h).


The prices of weapons and armour have been readjusted.

  • Pistol - Cost $500 / Ammunition 60 Rounds.
  • Silenced Pistol - Cost $1000 / Ammunition 60 Rounds.
  • Desert Eagle - Cost $2000 / Ammunition 60 Rounds.
  • Pump Shotgun - Cost $2000 / Ammunition 60 Rounds.
  • Sawn-off Shotgun - Cost $3000 / Ammunition 60 Rounds.
  • Spas-12 - Cost $4000 / Ammunition 60 Rounds.
  • Micro-Uzi - Cost $2000 / Ammunition 240 Rounds.
  • Tec-9 - Cost $2500 / Ammunition 240 Rounds.
  • MP5 - Cost $3000 / Ammunition 240 Rounds.
  • AK-47 - Cost $5000 / Ammunition 240 Rounds.
  • M4 - Cost $6000 / Ammunition 240 Rounds.
  • Country Rifle - Cost $3000 / Ammunition 60 Rounds.
  • Sniper Rifle - Cost $9000 / Ammunition 60 Rounds.
  • Grenade - Cost $1000 / 10 Grenades.
  • Satchel Charge - Cost $5000 / 5 Charges.
  • Armour - Cost $500 / 1 Unit.


This file is required to get the rare vehicles to spawn. This file mainly changes the 'Class' of the rare vehicles from 'Ignore' to 'Normal' in order to bypass the restrictions on them spawning normally in traffic. The pre-defined spawning frequencies have not been altered. Therefore, some rare cars with a frequency of 1/10 don't spawn as often in traffic. This includes the Hotring Racers and Bloodring Banger.


The damage and/or ammo count of various weapons have been re-balanced. The maximum and lock-on ranges of all weapons have been significantly increased. The increased range by itself makes gunfights rather hard. This makes taking over gang territories especially challenging. Dual Wielding is disabled.

  • Pistol - Range increased from 35 Units to 60 / Ammo Capacity increased from 17 to 18 / Damage increased from 25 HP to 30.
  • Silenced Pistol - Range increased from 35 to 60 / Ammo increased from 17 to 18 / Damage decreased from 40 to 25.
  • Desert Eagle - Range doubled from 35 to 70 / Damage decreased from 140 to 120.
  • Shotgun - Range increased from 40 to 70 / Damage increased from 10 to 15 per pellet [13 pellets / Total Damage increased from 130 to 195].
  • Sawn-off - Range increased from 35 to 60 / Damage doubled from 10 to 20 per pellet [13 pellets / Total Damage doubled from 130 to 260].
  • Spas-12 - Range increased from 40 to 70 / Ammo increased from 7 to 8 / Damage increased from 15 to 20 per pellet [8 pellets / Total Damage increased from 120 to 160].
  • Micro-Uzi - Range increased from 35 to 60 / Ammo decreased from 50 to 32 / Damage increased from 20 to 25.
  • Tec-9 - Range doubled from 35 to 70 / Ammo decreased from 50 to 36 / Damage increased from 20 to 25.
  • MP5 - Range increased from 45 to 80 / Damage increased from 25 to 30.
  • AK-47 - Range increased from 70 to 100 / Damage increased from 30 to 40.
  • M4 - Range increased from 90 to 120 / Ammo capacity decreased from 50 to 30 / Damage increased from 30 to 35.
  • Country Rifle - Range increased from 100 to 9999 / Damage increased from 75 to 100.
  • Sniper Rifle - Range increased from 100 to 9999 / Damage increased from 125 to 200.
  • Rocket Launchers - Range increased from 55 to 100.
  • Flame Thrower - Ammo increased from 50 to 75.
  • Minigun - Range increased from 75 to 9999 / Ammo increased from 500 to 750 / Damage increased from 140 to 150.

Other Recommended Mods

Some of the other mods that I recommend to go with this mod pack are:

Silent Patch -

Transfender Fix - (Use the Transfender in Los Santos for Motorcycles)

Spec-Highlight fixes - (Requires the IMG Tool - )

Saved Games

The saved games included are played on the data files included here as 'proof-of-concept'. Certain rare cars are saved in garages acquired via storyline (FBI Truck in Ganton, etc). This was also to playtest the difficulty of gunfights, to ensure it isn't too hard or impossible to do any missions. Certain missions (eg. Body Harvest) and tasks (Gang Warfare) do become much more difficult than before. No cheats, hacks or trainers were used in the making of these saves.


Here are the weapon.dat files for GTA III and GTA Vice City that are based on the weapon.dat file featured in this mod for San Andreas.


GTA Vice City -

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