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Individual Character Assets

A Mod for Sonic Mania


Individual Character Assets v1.2
  • Addition Custom text for Special Stage results per characters !
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Individual Character Assets v1.1
  • Frozen sprites from "Press Garden Zone Act 2" added !
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(Or "ICA" for short)

This mod allows various assets related to the characters to be organized within specific character sheets.

What does it means ? Or "Why" ?
As some people who made "character mods" saw, some icons are mixed in the same files, all Signposts gfx are in the same "object2.gif" for example.

Now, what if someone wants to mix two different characters mods, they only have to merge files, right ? Altho, apparently, some users either have troubles with it (palette issues and the likes), which is the reason why I made this mod.

This mod aim to take every assets related to the character and put them in distinct sheets inside Data/Sprites/Players, making it convinient for both modders (to edit them in one go) and users (who won't have to attempt to merge files if they want two different characters mod)

The assets supported so far :
  • Name tag (Result screen, Special Stage result screen and "Super" name )
  • Save Select icon and shadow (for the solo characters only)
  • Life icon (Save Select file, HUD and Item box) as well as the "Continue" sprite
  • Level Select character icon
  • Signpost
  • Bonus Stage sprites
  • Studiopolis Zone 1's "burst out of a TV" sprites
  • Press Garden Zone 2's frozen sprites

Extra things because why not : 
  • Name tags are extended to have Knux's width, for longer names
  • Save Select character icon are extended to 50x50 px (Sonic's size) for Tails & Knux
  • Color table extended to use Sonic Mania's global palette (much easier for editing)
  • Custom "Special Stage" result screen text




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