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A Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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As we all know, Zelda has been rather infamous for being one of the least viable fighters in the Super Smash Bros. series. As such, I decided to work on her moveset so that she can excel better on offense. Adjustments include the following...
  1. Standard Attack: Start-up lag has been significantly reduced, enabling the attack's hitboxes to become active on frame 3. It's basically Zelda's quickest attack now, and the hitboxes have received knockback adjustments, with the final hit receiving stronger knockback growth. KOs Mario on Omega form stage centers at around 230% damage if all 3 hits connect.
  2. F-tilt: Start-up lag and ending lag have been reduced. Additionally, the attack no longer has any sourspots, and has a slightly stronger KBG, despite seeing a small base knockback nerf. KOs Mario on Omega form stage centers at around 133% damage.
  3. U-tilt: Along with an ending lag decrease, this attack has become more potent at making KOs, dealing 9% damage, and has a stronger BKB. KBG has been nerfed a bit, however, but it does KO Mario at around 147% damage.
  4. D-tilt: This attack has received a good number of adjustments. Not only does it have less ending lag, but Zelda can now spam this attack more frequently. In a way, it now operates in a similar manner as Ness's d-tilt, but Zelda can't spam her kicks as quickly as Ness. Also, the kick's hitbox now has a 50% trip rate, a 0 degree knockback angle, and has much less KBG, which enables Zelda to take better advantage of the trip rate. And while Ness's d-tilt can't get past Bowser's tough guy traits, Zelda's d-tilt still deals strong enough knockback to make Bowser flinch, even when he acquires a Super Mushroom. The main downside with these adjustments, however, is that the attack now lacks KO potential, as it doesn't start KOing Mario on Omega form stage centers until he has over 750% damage (over 775% if Mario trips).
  5. Dash Attack: Knockback adjustments have been made, with all hitboxes using a 60 degree knockback angle. The clean sweetspot's BKB is now stronger, but the KBG is slightly weaker as a drawback. The clean sourspot and late hit both receive stronger KBG, but are still less potent at making KOs than the clean sweetspot. The clean sweetspot can KO Mario at around 129% damage.
  6. F-smash: The attack now does a better job at trapping fighters with the first four hits, all thanks to a new Autolink Angle. Additionally, each of the four hits deal 2% damage. The final hit does deal slightly less damage than before (dealing 12% damage), but its BKB is a bit stronger, and the KBG receives a big boost, giving this attack very good KO potency. KOs Mario on Omega form stage centers at around 85% damage if all 5 hits connect.
  7. U-smash: The attack now does a better job at trapping fighters, and it delivers a lot more hits as well, with each hit dealing 1% damage. The final hit has a better BKB value, but the KBG has been decreased to 200. Up to 14 hits can be dealt, with the attacking KOing Mario at around 95% damage if all 14 hits connect. Ending lag is reduced as well.
  8. D-smash: The attack now deals 15% damage for both hits, and their knockback has been adjusted as well. The attack's KO potency has been improved further with a stronger BKB value, but the KBG is slightly weaker. Both hitboxes KO Mario on Omega form stage centers at around 114% damage.
  9. N-air: The attack now does a much better job at trapping fighters, thanks to a better hitbox, and a significant nerf to the fixed knockback value, which has been set to 20, instead of the original 75. It also deals up to 9 hits, but overall damage dealt is consequently lower than before, as the first 8 hits each deal only 1% damage, while the final hit deals 5% damage, adding up to 13% damage, instead of the original 15% damage. On the other hand, the final hit now has much stronger KBG, enabling the whole attack to make KOs better. KOs Mario on Battlefield's center platform at around 163% damage if all 9 hits connect, and Mario is at the very center of the stage. Lastly, the attack has much less ending lag.
  10. F-air & B-air: The forward and backward variants of the Lightning Kick have received a good deal of adjustments. Both kicks now have the exact same start-up lag and ending lag, with the hitboxes becoming active on frame 6, and the whole animation lasting for 49 frames. The sweetspot hitbox is now a bit larger, and lasts for 2 frames. Additionally, the sweetspot has a much stronger BKB, while the KBG has been toned down a bit. The sourspots are still very weak, but they now deal 5% damage, and have a better BKB, but their KBG is consequently weaker. The sweetspot KOs Mario on Omega form stage centers at around 90% damage, while the sourspots make the KO at around 552% damage. On a side note, the sweetspot is capable of dealing high shield damage.
  11. U-air: Ending lag has been reduced. The attack also has a stronger BKB, but the KBG has been reduced slightly. KOs Mario at around 97% damage if he's on Battlefield's center platform. Lastly, the attack deals decent shield damage.
  12. D-air: The attack's clean sweetspot has become a lot more potent as a meteor smash, dealing 18% damage, and its KO power almost rivals Ganondorf's d-air. The sourspot and late sweetspot are still treated as weak meteor smashes, dealing up to 6% damage, but their BKB is better than before, while their KBG is weaker. Clean sweetspot can KO Mario on the ground at around 122% damage, while the sourspot and late sweetspot makes the KO at around 599% damage. The clean sweetspot is also capable of dealing decent shield damage.
  13. Grab: Zelda's stationary grab now has less start-up lag, with the grab hitbox now being active on frame 7. The dash grab and turn grab, however, still have longer start-up. Fortunately, all grab variants now have their grab hitboxes lasting for 4 frames, instead of 2.
  14. F-throw: Start-up lag and ending lag are shorter, and the throw deals stronger knockback as well. KOs Mario near stage edges at some point after 105% damage.
  15. B-throw: The throw now deals 12% damage, and has less start-up lag and ending lag. KOs Mario near stage edges at some point after 105% damage.
  16. U-throw: Ending lag has been reduced. The throw also receives a stronger BKB value, increasing its KO potency, while also having a 90 degree knockback angle. KOs Mario at around 142% damage (tied with my u-throw buff for Palutena).
  17. D-throw: Start-up lag and ending lag are shorter than before. The throw now deals up to 10 hits, adding up to 11% damage, and the knockback angle is now set so that the grabbed fighter is thrown in front of Zelda, instead of behind her. However, this throw KOs later than all the other throws, not being able to KO Mario until he has around 307% damage. Despite this drawback, however, the d-throw can still be used to perform follow-ups at low damage, which can even include using the f-air if the target is big enough.
  18. Nayru's Love: The attack now deals up to 6 hits, with the first five hits dealing fixed knockback. The final hit's BKB is stronger, and no longer has sourspots. Start-up lag and ending lag are also shorter. KOs Mario on Omega form stage centers at some point after 235% damage. Also deals some shield damage.
  19. Din's Fire, Din's Flare, & Din's Blaze: The explosion that Zelda creates now deals mostly vertical knockback. A sourspot hitbox is still present, but it now deals much better knockback, so even if you don't get the sweetspot, the sourspot's knockback will still be on the manageable side. The sweetspot's knockback has also been adjusted a bit by having a stronger BKB. The explosion can no longer clang with other attacks, but it can still be reflected or absorbed. Din's Fire and Din's Flare can both KO Mario at 93% damage if the sweetspot deals 14% damage. Din's Blaze can KO Mario at 68% damage if the sweetspot deals 18% damage.
  20. Farore's Wind: Knockback values have been adjusted, and there are no more sourspot hits. The attack is capable of KOing Mario on Omega form stage center at around 85% damage if the proper hitboxes connect. The hitbox that comes after reappearing can deal decent shield damage, and uses the Sakurai Angle.
  21. Nayru's Rejection: The attack's ending lag has been reduced. The hitboxes also receive some adjustments in that it's the final hit that flips fighters around, and there are no more windboxes. The attack deals up to 5 hits, adding up to 8% damage, but since the knockback is always fixed, it can't make KOs in any way. Despite this, the attack's effects can prove to be nasty for any fighter who has a poor recovery, which is especially true for Little Mac. All hits deal some degree of shield damage.
  22. Farore's Squall: The attack still can't deal any damage, but its flinchless windbox can push fighters better than before. When Zelda starts to teleport, the windbox transitions over to a hitbox that can send fighters flying a good distance. In fact, tiny fighters can end up being KO'd by this hitbox if they're not careful. On a side note, this move's hitboxes are now unblockable.
  23. Nayru's Passion: To compensate for this attack's inability to reflect projectiles, Zelda now gains a super armor duration when she starts spinning, and it ends once the explosion hitbox is turned off. The windbox has been adjusted so that the Autolink Angle is used for aerial targets, while a different angle is used for ground targets. The explosion now deals 18% damage, and has stronger BKB and KBG as well. As a result, this attack has the most KO potential of all of the Nayru's Love variations, KOing Mario on Omega form stage centers at some point after 100% damage. The explosion also deals high shield damage.
  24. Farore's Windfall: This attack still deals less damage overall than Farore's Wind, but the hitbox that activates when Zelda reappears is considerably more potent with its meteor smash capabilities. In fact, the attack can KO Mario at around 102% damage if all 2 hits connect, all thanks to the second hit dealing 10% damage, and offering a higher BKB, along with a much stronger KBG. The second hit also deals good shield damage.
  25. Light Arrow: This Final Smash has been strengthened with its damage output and knockback. Now, the attack deals up to 60% damage, and has massive BKB and KBG that can KO even a metal Bowser who has been made giant-size by the Lightning item. And even when it deals lower damage, the high knockback ensures that under normal circumstances, fighters will get KO'd.
I did not modify the Phantom's moveset in any way, since I have read that for some unknown reason, editing its moveset will cause the game to crash if it gets reflected.

Anyway, these adjustments should help make Zelda feel a bit more viable than before. Some moves may still be situational though.

Note: This hack does not affect Zelda's mechanics or attributes.


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    The Phantom-reflection crash occurs when you edit 'fighter_param_vl_zelda.bin', and there is a fix-script available for it. There is a similar problem with 'fighter_param_vl_bayonetta.bin' and a few other param files in the game.

    Regardless, these are certainly interesting changes, and it looks like you put a lot of thought into them. One change you might want to consider is removing the unpopular helpless state after mid-air Din's Fire, which can be done through MSC editing (or technically through ACMD, though not as properly).
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