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A Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Falco has seen some hard times after Melee and Brawl. Fortunately, I took some time to try to make his moveset be more efficient than before. Falco's moveset changes include the following...
  1. Standard Attack: The first two hits now deal fixed knockback, and less ending lag, while the looping hit executes slightly faster. As for the final hit, its knockback growth is a bit stronger, and it can now clang with other attacks.
  2. F-tilt: The attack now deals up to 10% damage, and has a better base knockback value. It also has a 50% trip rate. KOs Mario on stage centers at around 177% damage.
  3. U-tilt: Knockback values have been altered, along with the knockback angle. Ending lag is also shorter. KOs Mario at around 153% damage if both hits connect.
  4. D-tilt: The attack no longer has any sourspots, and deals 12% damage. Knockback values have also been altered. KOs Mario at around 152% damage.
  5. Dash Attack: Damage and knockback values have been changed, along with the knockback angle. The clean hit can KO Mario at around 169% damage, while the late hit KOs Mario at around 232% damage.
  6. F-smash: The clean hit now deals 16% damage, and can clang with other attacks. The late hit deals 12% damage, but can't clang. KOs Mario on stage centers at 102% damage when clean, and 140% damage when late.
  7. U-smash: Knockback statistics have been altered, while maintaining the final damage output of 16%. The first hit now deals fixed knockback, and the knockback strength depends on how quickly Falco hits his target. KOs Mario at around 118% damage if he's on the ground.
  8. D-smash: No more sourspots, and the attack has a higher KBG value. It no longer has a trip rate, however, as the knockback angle prevents tripping from ever occurring. KOs Mario on stage centers at around 130% damage.
  9. N-air: The attack's four hits can now connect more easily, as the 3rd and 4th hits become active sooner. Attack deals up to 12% damage if all 4 hits connect. KOs Mario on stage centers at some point after 150% damage.
  10. F-air: The attack's frame duration has been altered, and enables Falco to deliver up to 7 hits. Deals up to 14% damage if all 7 hits connect, and it KOs Mario on stage centers at some point after 125% damage. The landing hitbox also receives changes to its knockback angle and BKB.
  11. B-air: While the KBG has been nerfed, the BKB is stronger to make up for it. While the clean hit still deals 13% damage, the late hit now deals 8% damage. KOs Mario on stage centers at 130% damage when clean, and 206% damage when late.
  12. U-air: The attack now executes faster, and deals 12% damage. Knockback values and the knockback angle has also been altered. KOs Mario at 130% damage if he's on the center Battlefield platform.
  13. D-air: The attack's start-up lag has been drastically reduced, and it now hits at around frame 4. It also operates differently in that instead of a single strong hit, it deals multiple weak hits, followed by a stronger hit that's also a meteor smash. The meteor smash hitbox is not as strong as that of the unedited d-air though. Deals up to 14% damage if all the hits connect. A landing hitbox has also been added, which deals 3% damage and decent knockback.
  14. F-throw: The punch before the throw deals 8% damage, while the throw deals 2% damage. Knockback values are also changed, enabling the attack to KO Mario on stage edges at some point after 160% damage.
  15. B-throw: Falco now throws fighters at a slightly higher angle than before, and the laser shot now deals 4% damage. KOs Mario on stage edges at some point after 120% damage if he also gets hit by the laser.
  16. U-throw: The throw now deals 6% damage, and has stronger knockback statistics. The laser deals 4% damage. KOs Mario at 172% damage if he also gets hit by the laser after the throw.
  17. D-throw: The laser now deals 4% damage, while the throw deals 2% damage. Fighters are sent flying at a lower angle, and Falco can now perform follow-ups more easily if his grabbed opponent has low damage. KOs the latest of all of Falco's throws, often not able to KO Mario until his current damage is over 235%, and he's positioned near stage edges.
  18. Blaster: The lasers now deal 4% damage, but are still only able to deal fixed knockback.
  19. Falco Phantasm: Knockback is now stronger for the ground attack, along with the aerial attack if it hits grounded fighters. The meteor smash hitbox also deals 7% damage, along with stronger knockback, but is less potent when compared to the d-air's meteor smash hitbox. The ground attack KOs Mario at 252% damage.
  20. Fire Bird (charge): While charging the attack, fighters will take multiple hits that deal 0.5% damage if they come too close to Falco. The charging animation can still be interrupted by most attacks, and some fighters can even bypass the charging hitbox with their grabs. The charging hitbox can deal up to 20 hits (almost the whole duration of the charging animation), adding up to 10% damage, but the knockback is fixed.
  21. Fire Bird (attack): The main attack now traps fighters more easily, and deals up to 10 hits, adding up to 14% damage. KOs Mario at 147% damage if all 10 hits connect. Strangely, while I was testing this move, some fighters couldn't be fully trapped by the attack if it's used on the ground. But if Falco goes airborne, he can fully trap those fighters as well. Curiously, when I tested the ground attack against Marth and Lucina, even though Lucina is a Marth clone, she's surprisingly more vulnerable to the grounded Fire Bird than Marth, who somehow breaks free after taking 5 of the 10 hits.
  22. Reflector: The attack now deals 6% damage, and slightly better knockback. It's still not all that viable as a KO move, as it can't KO Mario on stage centers until he has 821% damage, but to compensate for that flaw, the trip rate is now set to 50%.
  23. Explosive Blaster: The energy blast can now deal minor damage before exploding, but it still can't cause flinching, and it can now be absorbed, especially by Ness's PSI Magnet and Rosalina's Gravitational Pull. The explosion itself is much more viable at making KOs, being about to KO Mario at some point after 185% damage if the explosion's 5 hits all connect.
  24. Falco Phase: While this move still can't deal any damage, its ending lag has been reduced drastically (it now ends sooner than the other variants of Falco Phantasm), making it much more efficient as a recovery move, and a way to escape pressure. Falco still loses all momentum if he ends this move in the air, but the ending lag reduction makes that flaw heavily redundant.
  25. Fast Fire Bird: The attack is still very weak in the damage department, dealing only 2% damage. However, its knockback is now stronger, enabling it to KO Mario at 221% damage.
  26. Accele-Reflector: The attack only deals 3% damage (0.5x Reflector's damage output), but it has a 100% trip rate to make up for it. The move can't KO at realistic damage percentages. In fact, it can't even KO Mario on stage ledges until his current damage is set to 988%.
  27. Burst Blaster: The lasers still can't cause flinching, but its damage output has been altered, dealing 3% damage at very close range, but as the laser travels farther from Falco, the damage output decreases to 2% (starting at frame 3), followed by 1% (starting at frame 6).
  28. Falco Charge: Falco now gains super armor while dashing, and it ends when he stops moving. Damage and knockback have also been altered, with the clean hit dealing 14% damage, and the late hit dealing 5% damage. Also, thanks to the super armor addition, the attack no longer clangs, enabling Falco to damage his opponent without any fear of being interrupted outside of grab moves. The clean hit KOs Mario on stage centers at 119% damage, but the late hit can't make the KO until Mario's current damage is set to 638%. On a side note, the clean hit can now deal high shield damage, but it's not able to shatter full shields.
  29. Distant Fire Bird (charge): While Falco still can't deal any damage while charging this move, he now gains super armor to compensate for the longer charge time. Only grab moves can interrupt this move, but opposing fighters need to be careful that they don't stay too close to Falco for too long, or else...
  30. Distant Fire Bird (attack frame 1): On the very first frame of this attack, Falco can deliver a highly powerful hit that deals 20% damage and high knockback. Falco also has super armor during the first frame, and the attack can't clang, so he can't be interrupted by any means outside of grab moves. KOs Mario as early as 53% damage (the strongest attack in Falco's arsenal), and it also deals massive shield damage that can shatter even full shields. It's not quite as mighty as Little Mac's KO Uppercut, or as damaging as a clean hit from Luigi's Super Jump Punch, but you still don't want to end up in the crossfire of this attack.
  31. Distant Fire Bird (attack frame 2+): Starting on frame 2, the attack portion of Distant Fire Bird becomes less powerful, and loses the super armor. The late hit deals 14% damage, much like with Fire Fox's clean hit, but it KOs a bit later than Fire Fox's clean hit, KOing Mario at 172% damage. The late hit can also clang, so it can't be stopped so easily by weaker attacks, such as Dr. Mario's Dr. Tornado. However, this attack's inability to deliver multiple hits does mean that it's unsafe to use against shields, but the late hit does deal decent shield damage itself.
  32. Reflector Void: The attack now deals 12% damage (2x Reflector's damage output), but the KBG had to be weakened to an extent. KOs Mario at 200% damage, so it's still more viable at making KOs than the other Reflector variants.
Now, I'd like to point out that unlike with my past set of moveset hacks, I did not modify Falco's Final Smash at all, since his Landmaster was designed to be less powerful on offense than Fox's Landmaster.

With that said, while I'm not a competitive player, these changes to Falco might help him be a much more viable fighter than before, and maybe even become a B-tier contender, if not A-tier.

Note: This hack does not affect Falco's mechanics or attributes.


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