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Tactical Nuclear Warhead V2.0
Developed by: Sacr3

    Added some new effects, an instant flash. Made the smoke pillar thinner and the dustcloud above larger. This is hard on computers for there are a lot of particle effects. Recommended for maps with only 1 Artillery Cannon. Due to the limitations of the BF2 engine only so many particle effects will be emitted depending on the video options, or the amount of particles present before detonation. This will result in loss of effects; missing particle effects, making the nuke look incomplete.

    Again, I started all this off the basic file that Satnav supplied to the community, so I would like to thank him for giving me the initiative to build this weapon.

    Made for Developers, If they would want to include a nuke in their converstion.

    Enjoy :)


To Install:

Backup ServerArchives.con and ClientArchives.con

Drag and drop all the contents inside "Nuclear" into your bf2/mods folder.

Join a map, apply for commander, and drop some nukes.

To Uninstall:

Delete "Nuke_Client"  and "Nuke_Server"

Grab your backed up "ServerArchives" and "ClientArchives" and drop them into bf2/mods Folder, overwrite the files present.

GB Submitter's Note_______________

This effect can be applied anywhere!  I personally have a scud launcher firing nukes.  Just use this effect and edit the weapon projectile to be large area of effect and with high damage! 

I recommend using this in limited quantity per map to prevent the 'effect glitch' mentioned by the author.  Have your vehicle/weapon fire nukes at a slow rate so no more than one is rendering at a single time.



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