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F-Zero GX Unleashed (2.0)

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F-Zero GX Unleashed 2.0 Update
  • Feature Custom parts have been redone so all of the parts are viable. Cockpits are now true to their letter grade, and Body parts have more varied handling style
  • Feature You can replace the staff ghosts with updated ones, using the buffed machines from this update.
  • Feature For experienced players, there's also the Grandmaster staff ghosts that put their skills to the ultimate test!
  • Feature There are staff ghosts for the 4 story mode courses as well!
  • Feature There's some new music included anyone wanting to change it up a bit
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F-Zero GX Unleashed (v 1.4)
  • Changed the tilt, front/back length values of the machines that change direction slightly when strafing so it no longer does that.
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Keep up against the fastest machines with your favorite character or machine!

This is a mod that re-balances the original machines so that they can keep up with the faster custom machines and Fat Shark. Newer players will enjoy the more powerful engine and boosters that match and can even exceed custom boosters, while more advanced players will be able to utilize advanced techniques, for example MTSing as fast as Quick Star-G4!

Featured Changes

  • All original machines now stand a chance against Black Bull, Fat Shark and custom machines in max speed styled play.
  • These buffs are also applied to the AI, meaning they are now faster and almost certainly more difficult to win against than before.
  • Less often used custom body parts have been given a buff to make them more viable picks.
  • A certain few custom body and booster parts are now Legendary Bodies/Boosters. Using them will make your machine go faster than ever before!
These changes does make GP mode generally more difficult. But at the same time it does make Story mode more forgiving, especially Chapter 7 Very Hard. However, with this mod making you go faster, your machine will be more on the verge of going out of control, so be careful.

2.0 Update Features

Rebalanced and Revamped Custom Parts!

All booster parts are now viable and can keep up with Titan-G4 and Thunderbolt-V2. Many body parts now use advanced techniques well while others have their own unique strengths. Cockpit parts no longer have a massive influence on how well a machine turns or strafes. Instead how well a custom machine turns and strafes mainly depends on the body part. And the cockpits are now true to their letter grade (finally!). You can now fine tune your custom machine to something that perfectly suits your preferences with your cockpit selection without losing out on performance!

Also the Legendary Bodies have been given an upgrade, making them even more absurd, perhaps too good to handle. Also Rage Knight replaces Galaxy Falcon as the lightweight Legendary Body.

The Legendary Custom Parts

The following body and booster parts have been supercharged
  • Rage Knight: Similar to Speedy Dragon, but much heavier
  • Megalo Cruiser: Heavy, grippy, and can now truly HARDBANGER
  • Silver Sword: Easy to use, but weaker in terms of MTSing compared to the other Legendary Bodies
  • Punisher -4X: Well rounded booster, similar to Titan-G4
  • Hornet -FX: Best speed retention of the three.
  • Bazooka -YS: Boasts acceleration that slightly exceeds Fat Shark’s

Redone Staff Ghosts and Grandmaster Staff Ghosts!

Staff Ghosts have been updated, they now race with the Unleashed version of the machines, giving players who previously have beaten the staff ghosts in GX a new challenge to overcome. These staff ghosts do not use any techniques at all except for quick turning. The difficulty of them should at most only slightly exceed the toughest staff ghosts from the base GX game.

The Grandmaster Staff Ghosts in comparison will challenge even highly skilled veterans who are ranked highly in the F-Zero Central ladders. You know you have become very good at this game if you manage to beat one of these ghosts.

For those who prefer playing the game without using side attacks, on the courses where the Grandmaster Staff Ghost uses side attacks, there’s a version of it that doesn’t use side attacks.

Story Mode Courses Included!

You can create a second version of the mod that includes the story mode courses, staffed with their own Staff Ghosts as well! Here’s the list of the story mode courses and the course they replace
  1. Chapter 3 (Split Oval: High Stakes Jumps) replaces Split Oval
  2. Chapter 7 (Mute City: Championship Circuit) replaces Serial Gaps
  3. Chapter 8 (Underworld: Emperor’s Trial) replaces Trident
  4. Chapter 9 (Phantom Road: Dimension’s Edge) replaces Slim-Line Slits

Original Machine Buffs, Adjustments and a few Nerfs (For the last time)

Most of the machines have been changed in someway. Here’s a summary of such changes:

  • Some machines have had their Strafe Turn buffed, which improves turning in the air
  • Many machines have their Body stat buffed, making them more resilient
  • The machines with the shortest boost durations now have a slightly longer duration, although it is still short compared to the rest of the machines.
  • Night Thunder, Wild Boar and Black Bull’s strafe were nerfed slightly. Night Thunder’s boost strength was slightly nerfed as well.
  • Blue Falcon and Fire Stingray can now MTS chain more easily.
  • More light machines have a good MTS now. Some light machines now have much better grip.
This is truly the final time I will adjust the original machine stats. Apologies for any annoyances I caused from me not nailing the balance right away.

New Music!

The Main Menu music has been changed up. There are a few other places where the music has changed. I’ll leave those other songs a surprise for you guys. Play the mod and you’ll come across them.

Main Menu Song

Balance Philosophy

I wanted to speed up the machines without changing their unique handling too much. I wanted to emphasize their strengths and keep most of their weaker attributes. Based on that, I did not make many changes to the machine’s handling properties and their acceleration.

Most machines were made heavier since heavier machines simply are better in this game. Strafe is buffed a decent amount to several machines so MTS capable machines can perform meaningful MTSs and more easily perform off road shift boosts like all of the top tier machines can.

While machines that can perform advanced techniques are now heavier, MTS and shift boost better, how about the very light machines and other machines that aren’t too great with advanced techniques? Well, now their booster and/or max speed are faster than anything else in the base GX game.

Ease of use is also considered when rebalancing the machines. Generally, the harder it is to handle a machine, the faster they can potentially go. But some of the more difficult machines will require a lot of skill to utilize the techniques needed to go faster than the rest.

I don’t expect too much change in terms of which machines will be the fastest for max speed style time attack, though I am certain a certain Bull will be at the top more often. And perhaps a select few machines will finally get to claim a World Record for the first time...

More Details and Changelist

The following link takes you to a library of GX Unleashed resources. It has the 2.0 Change List, the spreadsheet with all of the machine and parts stats, times and videos of the staff ghosts, a more detailed overview of this mod and update and more.
GX Unleashed Resource and Documentation Hub



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    Hi there, I have a problem with this mod: When I rebuild the ISO, I end up with a camera that goes completely AWOL in Dolphin (Using the normal version), any idea as to why this happens? I did make sure I only copied 1 set of Staff Ghosts and 1 cardata.lz file, and I did not copy any of the music


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Key Authors
AKC12 Joined 10mo ago
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Special Thanks
Helped me greatly with getting started with using Cheat Engine for testing/balancing
Helped me figure out hex editing
He figured out how to replace the staff ghosts with your own ghost and helped me with that


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AKC12 Joined 10mo ago
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