F-Zero GX Unleashed (1.4)

A Mod for F-Zero GX

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F-Zero GX Unleashed (v 1.4)
  • Changed the tilt, front/back length values of the machines that change direction slightly when strafing so it no longer does that.
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Keep up against the fastest machines with your favorite character or machine!

This is a mod that re-balances the original machines so that they can keep up with the faster custom machines and Fat Shark. Newer players will enjoy the more powerful engine and boosters that match and can even exceed custom boosters, while more advanced players will be able to utilize advanced techniques, for example MTSing as fast as Quick Star-G4!

Featured Changes

  • All original machines now stand a chance against Black Bull, Fat Shark and custom machines in max speed styled play.
  • These buffs are also applied to the AI, meaning they are now faster and almost certainly more difficult to win against than before.
  • Less often used custom body parts have been given a buff to make them more viable picks.
  • A certain few custom body and booster parts are now Legendary Bodies/Boosters. Using them will make your machine go faster than ever before!
These changes does make GP mode generally more difficult. But at the same time it does make Story mode more forgiving, especially Chapter 7 Very Hard. However, with this mod making you go faster, your machine will be more on the verge of going out of control, so be careful.

The Legendary Custom Parts

The following body and booster parts have been supercharged
  • Galaxy Falcon: Similar to Speedy Dragon, but much heavier
  • Megalo Cruiser: A heavier version of Dread Hammer
  • Silver Sword: Based off of Aqua Goose. Easy to use, but weaker in terms of MTSing compared to the other Legendary Bodies
  • Punisher -4X: Well rounded booster, similar to Titan-G4
  • Hornet -FX: Best speed retention of the three.
  • Bazooka -YS: Boasts acceleration that slightly exceeds Fat Shark’s

Balance Philosophy

I wanted to speed up the machines without changing their unique handling too much. I wanted to emphasize their strengths and keep most of their weaker attributes. Based on that, I did not make many changes to the machine’s handling properties and their acceleration.

Most machines were made heavier since heavier machines simply are better in this game. Strafe is buffed a decent amount to several machines so MTS capable machines can perform meaningful MTSs and more easily perform off road shift boosts like all of the top tier machines can.

While machines that can perform advanced techniques are now heavier, MTS and shift boost better, how about the very light machines and other machines that aren’t too great with advanced techniques? Well, now their booster and/or max speed are faster than anything else in the base GX game.

Ease of use is also considered when rebalancing the machines. Generally, the harder it is to handle a machine, the faster they can potentially go. But some of the more difficult machines will require a lot of skill to utilize the techniques needed to go faster than the rest.

I don’t expect too much change in terms of which machines will be the fastest for max speed style time attack, though I am certain a certain Bull will be at the top more often. And perhaps a select few machines will finally get to claim a World Record for the first time...

More Details and Changelist

The first link contains some additional details, an update history and useful links related to this mod.

The second link shows a table of the stats for all of the machines and parts that I made if you want to see them all together




  • gx_unleashed_13_official.zip
  • gx_unleashed_14_update.zip (6 kb) Contains the 1.4 update that makes certain machines no longer change direction after strafing


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Special Thanks
Helped me greatly with getting started with using Cheat Engine for testing/balancing
Helped me figure out hex editing


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