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Training Modpack

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


Version 3.4
  • Feature Save states! Hold GRAB and press Down on the DPad to save your state, or hold GRAB and press UP on the DPad to return to a saved state. INCREDIBLY useful, especially when used in conjunction with everything else the modpack has to offer.
  • Improvement Jigglypuff now has no endlag on rest, so Puff mains can better practice rest setups without having to wait for rest to end. Only works when hitbox visualizations are ON.
  • Refactor Refactored my code so it's way easier to work with :D
The download (that includes the US Packed FULL and TrainingModeOnly versions as well as the Unpacked versions for all console types) is found by scrolling down below the description.

If you'd like the EU PACKED VERSION:
If you'd like the JP PACKED VERSION:
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Version 3.3
  • Feature Added random teching! CPUs will randomly either tech (and choose between tech in place, roll forward, or backward) or miss their tech (and subsequently randomly choose to get up, attack, or roll forward or backward). All options will be immediately followed by shield so as to accurately gauge punishes as well.
  • Feature Added spamming options! Choose basically ANY move for the CPU to spam as often as possible with side taunt when on this toggle. Very useful for practicing against moves or options. Only special characteristic is that roll chooses a random direction.
  • Feature Added a DI toggle that is random between DI in, DI away, and no DI. Good for practicing ladders or combos like Pikachu's upthrow thunder.
  • Addition Added airdodging to the ledge jump from the random ledge getup toggle.
  • BugFix Fixed ledge jump not appearing in the random ledge getup toggle.
  • BugFix Fixed rage affecting projectiles in training mode.
  • Improvement Added infinite monados for Shulk in training mode.
The download (that includes the US Packed FULL and TrainingModeOnly versions as well as the Unpacked versions for all console types) is found by scrolling down below the description.

If you'd like the EU (for European/PAL consoles) PACKED VERSION:

If you'd like the JP (for Japanese consoles) PACKED VERSION:
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This is the Smash 4 Training Modpack!

Video Guide

Here is a video guide made by Game5 Smash for version 3.3 (old version)! Very helpful to see him go through all the options with a good understanding of each feature and their use.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Choose which version of the modpack you want. Default is the full modpack, and TrainingModeOnly is training-mode-only.
  2. Both the packed and unpacked versions are available as labeled.
    • If you choose a packed version of the default or training-mode-only versions:SDCafiine 1.0: Place the patch folder inside SD:/titleid/SDCafiine >1.1: Place the patch folder inside SD:/sdcafiine/titleid/content/The title id can be found by searching on Google, and varies by region.
    • If you choose an unpacked version: Place the contents of the fighter folder into Sm4shExplorer along with whatever other unpacked mods you like and build.

Description of the Modpack

This works in-game, which means you can practice with it in matches, in training, and while watching replays! However, please check if this version is the full pack that does work everywhere or the "TRAININGMODEONLY" version that only has the effects functioning in Training Mode. Rage is now active in Training Mode for both versions!

The original work was started by Meshima on Gamebanana, and I have sought to finish it by applying the mods to all characters!

Toggle Breakdown

Save States

One of the most useful features now implemented is save states:

To save your current state (both characters' positions and percents), hold GRAB and press DOWN on the DPAD. A star will flash on both characters if you've done it right. Note that it will not work while shielding.

To return to the saved state, hold GRAB and press UP on the DPAD.

If it does not properly return you to the proper state, simply try the input once more.

Now, let's note everything about the toggle functionality.
There is a toggle for each taunt; upon taunting, note the color overlay and text printed above the character to know the current functionality.
Please note that taunts are CANCELLABLE into any move, to make the toggling process much simpler.

Up taunt:

  • WHITE: NO MODS. All mods are off. Plays as vanilla 1.1.7 smash.
  • RED: FULL MODS. Full mods. All hitboxes and overlays are active; other taunts can be used for other actions.
  • GREEN: HITBOX VISUALIZATION OFF. Moves look like they do in vanilla smash; side taunt is able to toggle DI, down taunt can toggle mash actions, and the only overlays are for hitstun.
  • BLUE: INPUT DISPLAY. Non-hitbox visualization mods work, and the input display is active. This is default for the mod such that it will work during replays.
    Buttons are shown when pressed: BLUE: Shield; RED: Special; GREEN: Attack; ORANGE: Jump; PURPLE: Grab.


Side taunt:

  • WHITE: NORMAL DI. DI works as it does in vanilla smash.
  • BLACK: CARDINAL DIRECTIONS. Set the DI to a stick angle (shown by an arrow when the taunt is performed). Cycles through all 8 (away, in, down, up, and the combinations)
  • MAGENTA: RANDOM DI; RANDOM DI IN/AWAY; RANDOM DI IN/AWAY/NO DI. Forced on all characters. In one of the cardinal directions above, followed by random only between in and away, followed by random only between in, away, and no DI.

Down taunt:

  • CYAN: BUFFER AIRDODGE. When in hitstun, characters will airdodge at the first possible frame. Also will shield out of forced getup.
  • PURPLE: BUFFER ATTACK. When in hitstun, characters will attack at the first possible frame. Choose an aerial or special with the side taunt when this taunt is active..
  • GREEN: BUFFER JUMP. Right when hitstun ends, characters will jump at the first possible frame.
  • RED: SPAM OPTION. Characters will continually spam a given option whenever they can. Choose the option with side taunt when this taunt is active. Choose from airdodge, jump, aerials, specials, normals, spotdodge, and rolls (roll randomly left/right).
  • PURPLE: RANDOM TECH. Characters will randomly tech roll left or right, in place, or miss a tech. Upon missing a tech, they will randomly get up, attack, or roll left or right. They will immediately shield after every one of these.
  • BLUE: RANDOM LEDGE OPTIONS. Upon reaching the ledge, characters will perform one of the four ledge options (jump, attack, roll, normal) at random, and shield or airdodge upon getup.
  • ORANGE 1: DAMAGE +10. When this toggle is active, side taunt will increment the opponent's percentage by 10. Use this to practice combos with rage! Note that when active, all characters will show their decimal of percentage when idling.Also lock your own percent with up taunt when this toggle is active. The character who locks their percent will spawn at the locked percent until unlocked with the same uptaunt.
  • ORANGE 2: DAMAGE +1. Same as above, but with increments of 1.
  • TURQUOISE: INFINITE SHIELDS. Turns off shield regeneration and degeneration. Forces CPUs to hold shield.
  • RED: HOLD SHIELD. Forces CPUs to hold shield.


  1. Down and side taunt will not work in Vanilla mode.
  2. Up taunt will not work in the training-mode-only version if you are in vanilla smash. (This way you will always be playing vanilla smash no matter what outside of training mode).
  3. This means that only the training-mode-only version is truly wifi-safe; the full version will cause a desync if someone turns on infinite shields and shields, for example.
  4. Weapons are not shown in the training-mode-only version, and are untoggleable in the full version.

The key for hitstun overlays is as follows:

  • GREEN: Uncancellable hitstun; hit your opponent when they are green, and it's a completely true combo.
  • CYAN: Airdodge-cancellable hitstun; during this time, the opponent can airdodge. This is when airdodge 50-50s start.
  • MAGENTA: Attack and airdodge-cancellable hitstun; still hitstun, but cancellable both by attacks and airdodges.

Next, let's get acquainted with what all the colors and everything mean:


  • Yellow->Red: Normal hitboxes. Yellow means very low damage, orange and colors in between mean damage increasing as the color gets redder, and any hitbox that does 15 or more damage is completely red. This helps with visualizing sour and sweetspots.
  • Magenta: Spike hitboxes. Pretty straightforward. Note that some multihit moves have spike-like hitboxes just for linking purposes, so they may never spike. (Check out Pikachu's fair, it's beautiful!! ZSS upsmash is another example.)
  • White: Windboxes. Check out Ganon's uptilt.
  • Cyan: Detectors for grabs (like Falcon/Ganon up b, Diddy side b) or hitboxes (like Peach side b).
  • Green: Grabs. Standing, dash, and pivot.
  • Blue SuperScopeBullet: Partial intangibility. See Sheik/Peach/Mac/Mario/.... upsmash, DK's tilts.

Overlays: (for states)

  • Blue: Intangibility. Very important for ledge getups and escape options (rolls, spotdodge, airdodge, missed tech options, and jablock getup. Footstool combos!)
  • Green: Frames where the player is not active but vulnerable. This is when you can punish! This applies for the two-frame on the ledge as well as landing lag from aerials. Now included is the endlag on all normals!
  • Purple: Armor. Either heavy or super.
  • Red: Counter frames. (not all counters are currently shown)

Hitbox Visualization Bone Issues

One VERY important thing to note about this modpack is that NOT ALL MOVES are visualized in this mod. This is due to a bug that unfortunately seems to be unfixable as of now, which has to do with stretched bones. The game attaches hitboxes to "bones" on the character models, and when animations stretch the bones, the hitboxes stretch as well, giving a false impression of their actual size. These hitboxes were not visualized, and therefore those moves appear as in vanilla 1.1.6. Below is a general overview of which characters are affected; a full list is in a README included in the download.

Characters that are essentially perfect (35):
  • All characters not listed below
  • Samus (no neutral b)
  • Wii Fit Trainer (no neutral b)
  • Bayonetta (second witch twist doesn't show up in TRAININGMODEONLY version for normal play)

Characters with some fixable bugs (1):
  • Duck Hunt (Neutral B and Side B)

Characters with very few stretched bone issues (15):
  • Bowser Jr. (ftilt, dtilt)
  • Wario (tilts, upair)
  • Diddy Kong (jab 1 and 2, dtilt, fair, bair)
  • Mr. Game And Watch (dtilt)
  • Meta Knight (dash attack)
  • Fox (dtilt, shine)
  • Falco (dtilt)
  • Charizard (jab 1 and 2, fair, bair, upair)
  • R.O.B. (uptilt)
  • Ness (jab 1 and 2, ftilt, dtilt, nair)
  • Captain Falcon (jab 1 and 2)
  • Villager (jab 1 and 2)
  • Pac-Man (jabs, ftilt, fair, bair, upair)
  • Sonic (jab 2, dtilt, uptilt, fsmash)
  • Lucas (jabs, fair)

Characters with major stretched bone issues (7):
  • Mario (jabs, tilts, fair, bair, upair)
  • Yoshi (tilts, upair, grab)
  • Rosalina (just Luma: jab 3, tilts, aerials except upair)
  • Kirby (tilts, fsmash, upsmash, upair)
  • Jigglypuff (tilts, smashes, upair)
  • Dr. Mario (jabs, tilts, fair, bair, upair)
  • Mii Brawler (dtilt, ftilt, fsmash, bair, upair, fair)

Please enjoy! Follow me @jugeeya on Twitter for updates on this, and please join the Discord server if you would like to report a bug or request a feature:


  • CURRENT VERSION 2mo old 883 DLs 49 mb
  • Archive for versions after and including v3.0. 2mo old 21 DLs 236 mb
  • Archive for versions after and including v2.0, up to v3.0. 2mo old 17 DLs 468 mb


Fix characters with fixable bugs
Attempt to fix bone issue
Find out how to add throwable items


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  • 19d
    Meta Knight T poses when spam option is set to jab. He will always re-enter a t pose unless you change his attack while he is in hitstun. I did not test ko's. Shulk's neutral B makes the screen shake and he is fully invulnerable when spam option is on for that move. No arts appear until you switch moves and then the symbol is invisible and activates immediately.
  • 1mo
    Does the training mode only variant of the modpack boots directly to training mode, or else no?
    Low Tier Is The New Top Tier
  • 2mo
    WuBoytH avatar
    WuBoytH Joined 2y ago
    373 points Ranked 12054th
    Is this compatible with StarrMax's Trail Extension mod? I love both this mod and that mod but unless I edit things myself it looks like I can't use them at the same time...
  • 4mo
    Is it possible to have a default setting e.g. no visualisation of hitboxes as default? 

    Also projectiles keep their hitbox visualisation when I set it to vanilla.  I noticed this for Ness and Link. Can this be turned off?

    Great job, love the work done!


  • 5mo
    DuckOfBlubber avatar
    DuckOfBlubber Joined 2y ago
    209 points Ranked 18691st
    Can you add a function to turn off rage in training mode ? I want to practice a 50/50 within a certain percent range and I dont know the exact percent ranges when I have rage. If I kill the CPU the percent always resets to 0.
  • 5mo
    eviL_SSB avatar
    eviL_SSB Joined 5mo ago
    would it be possible to add buffer airdodge to the hold shield toggle? It would be very helpful for testing footstool combos. Honestly, it would be pretty cool to be able to stack dtaunt toggles in general
  • 5mo
    I think you just don't understand how much I love you for making this! x)

    Labbing is way easier now! :D


  • 5mo
    A feature I would like to see is being about to choose which option the cpu does from ledge.  Having a random option is nice,  but choosing the option would help a lot. 
    Also if there is  a way to get the cpu to do a recorded action,  that would be GODLIKE. 
  • 6mo
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    I think fox reflector may be causing desyncs in the training mode only pack. At least when I get hit by it.


    Trying to Prove Myself
  • 6mo
    RedYoshiKid avatar
    RedYoshiKid Joined 2y ago
    This used to happen to me online with many characters. Whenever they grabbed the ledge in the previous build of this mod, they d/c the match. It wasn't 100% of the time but it was always from a ledge grab when it happened. This was training mode only version.
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