Giving Kirby Some Love

A Mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Changing spot for updates
Also, it looks like I might have unintentionally tricked people into clicking this hoping for a skin because of the thumbnail. I guess that's what happens when you don't specifically say that something is a balance patch ' 3'
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A member in my Discord asked if I could give Kirby some love, so that's exactly what I did! If you would like to make a request on who I should give some love to next come join my Discord!

What I do when I give characters some love is look at them in a competitive sense, watch and analyze how good players optimize their characters, see why they loose, see why they win, and buff them accordingly. In this instance Kirby was who I analyzed. The main problems that I noticed when watching gameplay footage of people like K.I.D Goggles, Komota, Poyo, SuperGirlKels, and SmashG0D, is that Kirby's kit does not allow him very many tools to approach combined with the fact that he has the 3rd slowest air speed in the game. Other than that is how he struggles to get kills at later percents (his combo game only seems to work until around 60%). Since his approach options are limited this becomes even more apparent as he is forced to approach any character that can outspace him. Although he has a god-like combo game early percents it falls off quite steeply around the 60% mark due to his Forward Throw having a knockback growth of 125 which also makes the fact that he struggles to approach even worse.

Now, to fix this glaring issue, there were two options that I could take: Buff his air speed and make him have disjointed aerials, or Buff his air speed and make his legs intangible/invincible... I chose the latter.

After the approaching problem was minimized I got to work on more stuff that would improve his combo game allowing him to be a threat at any percent without disjointed moves.

Here are the Changes:


Air Speed: 0.8 -> 1.18
Up B changes


All aerials have invincibility as long as there is a hitbox out
     Nair: 10-34
     Fair: 10-26
     Bair: 6-14
     Up Air: 10-15
     Dair: 18-34
     Dair (Landing): 1-3
Nair autocancel (frames): 4 -> 8
Bair autocancel (frames): 2 -> 4

Dair (landing) damage: 2 -> 3

Fair FAF: 48 -> 52 (Had to increase it because you could carry tall characters off the horizontal blast zones)
Up Air FAF: 40 -> 30


Up Tilt Hitbox: 4 -> 4.5
     KBG: 116 -> 95
Up Tilt Hitbox (Late): 4 -> 4.5
     KBG: 110 -> 95
     Angle:  88 -> 100


Down Throw damage: 11 -> 14
     KBG: 180 -> 100
Forward Throw KBG: 125 -> 95


Final Cutter (Up B) changed to Upper Cutter

Upper Cutter Angle: 60/70/80 -> 60/65/70

This is it so far. I do have some other things on this mod that I am currently working on, such as Kirby's Aerial hammer spin with help from Zrksyd who created this. I was going to give Kirby his suicide Back Throw from Melee back, but I reconsidered it because the tools that he has right now are more then sufficient and giving a character too many options breaks them.




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